DA and Me

Just a note to let you know that I’m off to Indonesia today.

You can follow me around on the interwebs if you like at do-gooder, otherwise I’ll see you when I get back.

And feel free to leave comments about this week’s DA right here — I’d really like to read about it when I’m in Jakarta!

3 thoughts on “DA and Me

  1. These ones left me confounded

    27a Mark left 7-downed, regarding a gift? (7) = Papered
    (nb 7-down was INDULGE)

    22a Regularly secure up broadcast, a hindrance for music inspector (10) = SCRUTINEER
    which I got because of inspector and the cross letters. the odd letters of ‘secure’ give scr

    11a Bid for love by Caesar possibly holding on (8,2) = PERSONAL AD
    I don’t get the second part of the clue….

    Three nice audios
    1d Weary journo must invoice (9) = HACKNEYED from need
    23a3d Proscribe so-called double mortgage for most (4,4) = BANK LOAN from ban clone
    19a Spirit of general hip-hopper audio (6) = GRAPPA

    A nice clue pair
    1a Meanwhile we ditch vile ratty place (7) = HAMELIN
    by removing the WE from MEANWHILE and anagram

    17a 1-across halfwit spoilt UK fop with $2500 (8) = DUMMKOPF
    Anagram of UKFOP + MMD (for 2500)

  2. 27A: I am only half confounded.
    7-downed = indulged = pampered
    Mark left 7-downed = papered (I don’t particularly like m for mark)
    I’m bamboozled by the rest of the clue – the best I can come up with is that a gift is often wrapped (guarded?) by paper. Yuk!

  3. 22A: I liked this one.
    Regularly secure up = SCRU
    broadcast = sounds like indicator
    a hindrance for music = tin ear = TINEER

    11A: I liked this one too!
    by = PER
    Caesar possibly = SALAD (as in caesar salad)
    Caesar possibly holding on = SONALAD

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