MC DA is the Master

DA cryptic crossword the age with the MC and golden arches

(the highlighted clue required Saturday Age assistance)

What were you thinking when you read those instructions? How long did it take for you to understand them?

Initial progress was slow, wary, somewhat confused, but once McQueen and MC Hammer were sorted out, many of the answers tumbled out neatly while RC and I guffawed and praised this crossword of brilliance.

There’s an intersecting q, there’s an intersecting z, there’s an intersecting k; there’s a humorous theme; there’s the thematic clue that many clues make use of, which itself refers to another unthemed clue; there’s some darn clever wordplay.

Overall, fantastic, joyous, superb, and we shall be talking about it for years.

P.S.  And how many of you spent too long thinking quit in the themed clue must refer to scotch, as in I scotched the rumour?

5 thoughts on “MC DA is the Master

  1. I agree, devilishly clever! I managed to solve all but one clue – the easiest one there, as it turned out! 17 down GYPSUM. Doh!

  2. Once I worked out McGovern and McQueen, the theme dawned on me and I really enjoyed this one. But….

    My beef was with 1 across. Rumpole never took silk so the reference to a “Silken Leo” is misleading. And I still don’t understand how to get “Kern” from the rest of that clue.

  3. I love the feeling you get that starts when you first look at the crossword, and in this case think “What the??”, then gradually you whittle away at it until you achieve enlightenment ( “oh, I get it!”) and whittle away a bit more until eventually, be it late Friday evening, or sometime on Saturday you achieve completion and satisfaction.

    This crossword provided that feeling in spades. Thanks DA.

  4. Paisley, “kerning” is a technical term referring to the process of adjusting the space between letters in printed publications to improve the aesthetics and readability. “to adjust characters” instantly suggests “kern”; for me, it was 1A that gave away the theme, backed up by (Jimmy) McGovern for 21A Cracker creator’s rule.

  5. After my woeful efforts of the previous two weeks my ego had taken a battering, so I feel justified in bragging that I completed this one solo late Friday. I guess that with a themed crossword, if you cotton on to the theme reasonably quickly things sometimes just flow. My only major confusion was 24D. Thanks for the explanation!

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