AS on Extended Leave

In two weeks as of today, I’ll be flying off to Indonesia for a six month job. That’s certainly good for me, but not so much for this blog, as the chances of my being able or willing to have a weekly crack at DA are pretty slim.

If anyone else, however, wants to keep things going and post weekly updates, let me know and I’ll make it possible.

4 thoughts on “AS on Extended Leave

  1. I’d be happy to, but I suspect it would be a bit tricky to arrange;
    enjoy your trip!

  2. D’oh! What will I do of a Sunday night when baffled by DA? Enjoy your trip though!

    I wonder if DA reads the praise received here? This week’s (themed) puzzle featured some neat intersecting letters including Z, Q and K.

  3. MF, it’s actually very easy to arrange in terms of getting you an account that can post entries.

    I can do it almost instantly and you can almost instantly have access to publish blog posts right here if you are interested.

    And haiku, I’m hoping DA reads this blog. And I’m hoping he’ll read the tremendous amount of praise I’m going to give him for this week’s themed crossword.

  4. Nifty indeed, although the Q was what helped me out with cracking the theme!

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