DA in The Age, in Meanjin and on Radio National

AL sent me an email a couple of months ago concerning DA’s reading part of his self-penned essay about writing and living cryptics on the Radio National program, Lingua Franca. Then part of the essay was published in The Age, and it has since been published in full in Meanjin

Meanjin, however, costs a horrendously overpriced $25. I found that out the hard way when I brought a copy to the Chronicles bookstore counter to be purchased, thinking it would cost around $10. I bought it anyway, but not without a dose of bemusement.

Since it’s appearance in the print version of The Age, I’ve been trying to find it online so I could refer to it here. I’ve found no success so I assume the article hasn’t been published online. Nevertheless, the article is still available at on the Lingua Franca website, both in audio as read by DA himself and as a transcript.

Enjoy if you haven’t already.

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