The Golden (13th of February)

1 down: Nation to implant thyroid? (7)

Just a slight change in stress and you have en-gland, or the process of implanting thyroids so that implant thyroid = england = nation.

9 across: Bright pink (3)

Just a nice collection of words: bright = gay = pink.

28 across: Name honest bloke, mid-fifties (5)

Mid-fifties is an excellent cryptic reference to l-<blank>-l, and honest bloke = abe (as in Abraham Lincoln, or honest Abe) makes for honest bloke, mid-fifties = label = name.

13 down: Hardly 9-across (gay) foil (8, 3)

Quite amusing: hardly gay = straight man = foil.

22 across: Summer float stunned masterful Noel (4, 3)

Noel here means extract the letters l and e, and, combining that with the anagram indicator stunned, what we have is stunned masterful noel = surf mat = summer float.

Update: JF is right: 7-down should be in the Gold.

7 down: White-green light viewed on Iron Chef (3)

Without the cross clue, I don’t think this one would have been solved because all the important words are so well hidden. It goes: white = w and green light = ok so that white-green light = wok = viewed on Iron Chef.

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