Almost Movie-Themed, Almost Islamic-Themed (6th February)

Happyu movie-themed DA cryptic crossword

Today was my last day at work before heading to Indonesia and I needed amusement because I certainly didn’t have many work-related matters to attend to. Thankfully, DA lent a helping, and I managed to get a fair whack of it done before heading home. And when I got home, JC was soon after lending her assistance and DA was conquered, vanquished, taken out.

I don’t think this particular cryptic was too difficult. What, however, was most impressive were the number of obscure letters that peppered the crossword. I don’t think I’ve ever completed a crossword that has had two z‘s, two j‘s and a v as cross clues, and I must commend DA for his effort in pulling off a crossword with such extreme letters.

The semi-movie and semi-Islamic nature of the crossword was also much appreciated.

And I wonder: were 1 down, 11 across, 30 across and 21 down the last four clues that you completed before vanquishing this beast too?

Update: Oops, I’ve just realised I made a mistake: 15 down should read crustacea not crustacia. My mistake was borne of my not having an explanation for the clue. Please help me.

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