The Bullshit (30th January)

19 across: Hungarian scorer’s tip for audience? (5)

And another hat-tip to Michael Fuller for explaining this one as well, which is exceptionally well-deserved considered this just isn’t a very tidy clue. What we’ve got here is: tip = list (a nautical term I had no idea about), which gives tip for audience (for audience is the aural indicator) = Liszt = Hungarian scorer’s.

What I just can’t abide is Hungarian scorer’s = Liszt. The unaccounted for possessive just makes the whole thing messy.

3 thoughts on “The Bullshit (30th January)

  1. Good point.

    It could also be a contraction of scorer has.

    Maybe I’ll call this clue only bull and not bullshit.

  2. I’m with haiku – the clue is difficult but ultimately fair.

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