DA Confusion (from the 16th of January)

22 down: Management spot vamp blowing kiss (5)

And in what must also be a first, there’s only one clue I can’t figure out. I figured management spot = admin, but I don’t even know where to begin for an explanation.

5 thoughts on “DA Confusion (from the 16th of January)

  1. “minx n. A girl or young woman who is considered pert, flirtatious, or impudent. Obsolete. A promiscuous woman” from answers.com

    So, spot = ad, vamp blowing kiss = minx (minus the x), hence spot vamp blowing kiss = ADMIN = management.

  2. One of my many confusions is 16A (TIBERIUS). I guessed that’s what it must be from the cross clues, but I have no idea why.

  3. Minx! But of course.

    The Tiberius clue is actually quite difficult.

    Tiberius = Emperor, liable to scrap odds = ibe, race beginning = r, case = suit, case of retirement = tius so that liable to scrap odds before race beginning in case of retirement = tiberius = emperor.

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