DA Taken Down (from the 16th of January)

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Officially for the first time ever, I successfully completed the DA solo. By around 5pm on a slow working day, I had managed to break this DA and proclaim victory. A victory is a victory and should be celebrated, but, goddamn it, this DA was too easy.

The problem: far too many anagram clues. I don’t know if it is just my impression, but there seemed to be a higher preponderance of the anagram clue that I expect to see pepper the crosswords appearing every other day of the week. From DA, I expect more.

So yes, victory, sweet hollow victory!

9 thoughts on “DA Taken Down (from the 16th of January)

  1. Why is it that any time I do well on a DA, it is proclaimed to be too easy!
    It’s just not fair. ‘Zipper’ was my favourite clue

  2. I’d even go so far as to suggest that “exercise bicycle” is playing it fast and loose.

    For a start: no one calls them “exercise bicycles” – they are universally known as “exercise bikes”. This is because one) we love a good abbrev; and two) they only have one wheel. They are actually “exercise monocycles”.

    (There are probably two wheeled versions somewhere in the world, but “exercise bicycles” hidden in the basement at the Smithsonian or in the shed of Gyro Gearloose’s Russian cousin don’t count.)

  3. Yes, it had to have been easier than usual for me to come within 4 measly clues of getting it out. Still, it worked wonders for my self-esteem LOL. Loved ‘zipper’ too.

  4. I think that’s a great achievement, AS!

    I didn’t find this one easy at all. I still have 12 clues unsolved, but I am peeking at your solutions now…

  5. I finished this one solo too which was a big thrill. Then my mum rang to boast that she’d finished it solo as well. We usually have to compare our work over the phone to get anywhere near finishing it.
    I guess he has to lull us into a false sense of superiority every now and then…

  6. Tony, the exercise bicycle is pretty strange to my ears too, but, dammit, there’s a Wikipedia article that saves DA’s arse.

    NC, it’s not usually the case that I fare better than you on the DA. Are anagram clues the weakest link in your hefty DA-solving arsenal?

    Everyone else, let’s just enjoy the sweet success before DA does as he usually does and destroys us.

  7. Anagrams my weakness? Well, my 82 year old mother regularly beats me at Scrabble, so you might be right.

    “Wellbeing status” = “sweating bullets”. That’s fantastic. I don’t mind anagrams if they are that good.

  8. From today’s edition of The Age:

    About 48 hours remained before Labor caucus would meet. Mr Thornley made his fateful decision. Now he had to tell Mr Brumby.

    Mr Thornley said he was “sweating bullets” on the call, but the Premier took the news “extraordinarily graciously”.

    He continued home to Melbourne, where he was greeted less graciously by caucus. Labor MP and upper house president Bob Smith told Mr Thornley his behaviour was a “f—ing disgrace”.

    Evidence that the expression “sweating bullets” is alive and well in contemporary Melbourne. I think we get the message that Mr Thornley was quite nervous.

  9. I actually thought sweating bullets was the bowdlerised version of shitting bullets, the expression I was more familiar with.

    But as I note on the interwebs, there’s even a Megadeth song called Sweating Bullets.

    There’s also an expression “spitting bullets” it seems, which means one is saying what one says in rather a forceful way.

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