We’ve Got Lots of No Ideas (from the 12th of December edition)

9 across: How we pay less often after shop robber of yore (6, 4)


10 across: Rejecting famous Battersea? (4)

Not even a once over with Google helped with this one.

15 across: Again try — big edge nicked — appeal! (9)

I thought it might be appeal = tempt, big edge = tear, big edge nicked = reat, which gives big edge nicked — appeal! = reattempt = again try, but I’m unsure.

17 across: Bleak Dover captured retro spirit (5)

Retro spirit might be rum or ale backwards…

20 across: British trendoid called in resale on mobile (6, 6)

Might have something to do with mobile = ringer or mobile = ranger?

3 down: Brings up the rear? (6-6)


5 down: Registered a mariner strike (7)

Again, ???

13 down: Supplies for dreams? (10)

I can’t remember the last time I had less of a lead on a clue than for this one.

14 down: This sort of detective doesn’t run! (4-6)


8 down: Turkish delight minus six-pack? (5, 5)

We figured the answer was belly dance, just that we had no reason as to why.

1 across: Foot bone armoured at near end? (10)

No one could quite figure out a cogent reason for why the answer is metatarsal, but it does fit!

13 thoughts on “We’ve Got Lots of No Ideas (from the 12th of December edition)

  1. Happy New Year everyone!

    17 across: Bleak Dover captured retro spirit (5)
    VODKA (bleAK DOVer)

    13 down: Supplies for dreams? (10)
    For=pro, dreams=visions, PROVISIONS=supplies

    20 across: British trendoid called in resale on mobile (6, 6)
    called=rang, in=containment indicator, mobile=anagram indicator, resale on=anagram fodder. Hence SLOANE rangER = British trendoid

    1 across: Foot bone armoured at near end? (10)
    armoured=metal, at=at, end=arse, near end =ars, so
    METatarsAL = foot bone. But there doesn’t appear to be a containment indicator!?

  2. Thanks for the hand once again NC.

    Once again, I fall for DA hiding a clue in plain sight with 17 across. It is becoming a feature of my DA failures.

    I’d never heard of a sloane ranger, but looking it up in Wikipedia shows me it has am amusing etymology.


    I might have to put that in DA Teachings.

    With 1 across, could bone = metal so that armoured is the containment indicator and metatarsal = foot?

  3. Sorry AS I have been in a state of response deprivation since your trip to WA-hope I don’t start boring you but I love the way DA sets out his clues;

    9 across; “how we pay less often” = IN CASH after ‘”shop” = MART gives MARTIN CASH old time crim
    10 across; rejecting “batter” = LARA (Michael Lara the Windies superstar) turned around gives ARAL the famous Russian inland sea
    15 across; “big” = GREAT edge nicked (minus G) gives REAT + appeal = TEMPT gives REATTEMPT
    3 down; “brings up the rear” = TOILET TRAINS(DA seems to have become a bit scatalogical)
    5 down;”registered(cue for a “sounds like”) a mariner = A SALT sounds like ASSAULT = strike

  4. 10 across is impossible!

    I can’t believe I’m gonna have to start reading half-words in his clues now to solve them.


    Excellent work once again.

  5. I’ve got bogged down on the most recent DA (Jan 2-3), so I am having another look at this. And I just got 14 down: This sort of detective doesn’t run! (4-6): HARD BOILED!

  6. 8 down: Turkish delight minus six-pack? (5, 5)

    I think this must work because six-pack is slang for “firm abdominal muscles”, so if you don’t have them (“minus”) then your belly is “floppy” or can “dance”, hence = BELLY DANCE = Turkish delight. Maybe?

  7. 14 down is hilarious, and, if you’re theory is correct for 8 down, which I think it is, that’s hilarious too!

    I should get around to adding those to the Gold.

  8. Hi Trippers; I an some 3 months behind in my DA crosswords. I got out the Dec 12 cryptic OK, but I am stuck on the reasoning for 19 down. The answer I presume is Rinaldo. Ok, I get the last part ie lunkhead in a function is ‘l’ in a do,but can’t get the ‘rin’.Can anyone help? BH.

  9. The full clue was “Brazilian star a lunkhead during uninitiated press function”.

    Answer: Ronaldo (the Brazilian soccer star)
    Why?: You’ve done the ALDO. The rest goes like this:
    press = IRON, so uninitiated press = RON

  10. Some footnotes on this last clue. There are two soccer playing Ronaldos. The first one is the Brazilian who’s been around for at least ten years (played for Real Madrid and Inter Milan). The other is the Portuguese Christiano Ronaldo, who plays for Manchester United.

    Not to be confused with Rinaldo (the Handel opera). Interestingly (don’t tell DA), another Handel opera Orlando is an anagram of Ronaldo!

  11. PS Re 10A – an earlier comment referred to Michael Lara, the West Indies batsman. It should, of course, be Brian Lara.

  12. armour is made of metal
    therefore, to be armourED is to be WITHIN metal
    thus armoured contains both the word metal AND the containment indicator

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