The Gold (from the 28th of November)

16 down: …arboreal setter north of Cairns? (8)

This is DA at his most clever, with arboreal setter = daintree (da in tree) = north of cairns.

4 down: Ring New York Times for gem (4)

A nice little ring = o, New York = ny and times = x, which gives ring new york times = onyx = gem.

23 down: Mentioned planters of 13-down (rainforest) plants (6)

Nice audible clue with planters = seeders so that mentioned planters = cedars = rainforest plants.

7 down: Question audio problem in bric-a-brac stand (7)

Another nice audible clue (can you tell I generally like them?), this time with question = what, problem = knot and audio problem = not giving question audio problem = whatnot = in bric-a-brac stand.

11 across: Sort of fly to annoy kids’ inspector (6)

Do kids these days still watch Inspector Gadget? Do they know that ridiculously catchy theme music? Here we’ve got sort of fly = gad and to annoy = get (as in such-and-such is getting at me) giving sort of fly to annoy = gadget = kids’ inspector.

22 down: Fixed description of 1-across? (6)

Another example of fine DA invention! Here, description of dream = mended (or m-ended) = fixed.

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