DA without the Saturday Age (from the 28th of November)

the friday problem

A shock of horrors, I can’t get my hands on a Saturday Age and I have three clues left undone in what has turned out to be a fantastic cryptic.

I fiddled with the cryptic on Friday, RC shared his insights at the party for TH’s LM on Saturday night, and, after a burst of activity on Sunday and a frustrating lack of activity on Monday, I was left with what is displayed above and without the Saturday Age’s Extra anywhere in sight.

So now I need the answers to those last three (which, clutching at straws, I figure might be mended, expand on and wear out). And if you can, let me know if my problematic three proved to be your problematic three too.

3 thoughts on “DA without the Saturday Age (from the 28th of November)

  1. I can help you out. I’m so excited because for the first time in ages I got the whole crossword out on Friday night.
    Your guesses are right.
    22 Down : Dream ends in M (M ended)
    24 Across: Ex Don accepts Pan (poor review)
    28 Across: Sport (meaning wear) outside =bugger, although I think ruin may have been more tasteful

    I like the visual of DA in a treetop in the rainforest – even though I don’t really know what he looks like.

  2. I didn’t have a copy of Saturday’s paper, but got it out (assuming mended is correct). As it happens mended, wear out and expand on were the last three that I got as well!

    old professor = ex-don. Poor review = “panned”. Hence expand on.

    bugger and “sport in the streets” both = wear out

    and mended = fixed. Struggling to work out “description of dream”, but was wondering if m-ended (as in “ending in m”) was sufficient. I suspect not …)

    First time I’ve got a full DA in a single weekend since the Muttiah Muralidaran puzzle!

  3. Thank you, thank you, and I must say that m-ended for dream is fantastic.

    The pan of expand on I missed as poor review, and I just didn’t think of sport as to wear something.

    And the Muralidaran crossword was an absolute classic. Unfortuntately, this blog started after that crossword came out so it’s not recorded here for posterity, but I still remember the direct part of that particular clue was “He turns majestically”, which I thought was cryptic gold.

    I also remember the brilliant Spoonerism: “wrong number” to give after some tweaking “nong’s rumba”.

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