Rough DA (14th of November edition)

1 across: So-called nerve shown by single alpine heroine (5)

I’m supposing alpine heroine = heidi even though I don’t know why, just like I don’t know why so-called nerve shown by single = heidi.

9 across: Love tie-clip reflection (3)

Here, love = nil. Other than that, I’ve got nothing.

10 across: 1000-kilo van has elastic arm (11)

Kalashnikov = arm, but the rest I can’t explain.

12 across: Leave senseless tenants astride a fence (6)

Leave senseless = deafen, which I suppose means tenants astride a fence = deafen makes little sense to me.

24 across: Help outspoken one proverbially pleased by cruel blow (6, 5)

Cruel blow = sucker punch, but I can’t work out the rest.

2 down: Unorganised assassin edges away, cracked (3-8)

I’m supposing ill-equipped = unorganised, but I can’t figure anything else out.

3 down: Two almost abandoned flash notion (7)

Does inkling = flash notion, or does inkling = notion? Either way, I can’t explain the rest.

8 down: Quiet about happening in itchy year? (7)

Here, itchy year = seventh (as in seven-year itch), but the rest beats me.

14 down: Rearrange a place for subconscious thought? (4, 6)

I’m supposing a place for subconscious thought = back burner, but rearrange = back burner? What?

19 down: Skied ball he’d altered (7)

Altered = morphed, so I’m supposing he’d = hed, but how does skied ball = morp?

23 down: Petty crim and illegal bookie meeting at four (4)

Petty crim = spiv and four = iv, but I don’t get illegal bookie = sp.

25 down: Mongrel PM can go (3)

Mongrel = cur, but I have nothing for PM can go = cur.

7 thoughts on “Rough DA (14th of November edition)

  1. PM = Curtin. Less can = tin gives you cur.

    Skied ball = “prom” backwards

    SP bookies (I think SP = set price were illegal for a long time in certain states

    quiet = “sh!” happening = “event”, hence seventh

    assassin = Killer. Lose the edges and you have ille. Cracked = quipped as in joke.

    Help out = succour. Spoken = sucker. Pleased as punch is a proverb.

    astriDE A FENce has “tenants” – you don’t see these often from DA

    nerve = hide, sounds like Heid, plus a single (1 = I)

    1000 = K plus the letters of kilo van has

    tie = link. Clip off the K and then reverse it to get nil

  2. … and could “abandoned flash” be wink = flash and abandoned = fling and the “two almost” require removing the first letters? Not sure about this though.

  3. Nice work, haiku, very nice work.

    And I very much like your explanation for inkling, so much so that I think it should be considered the definitive solution.

    The only explanation left is back burner.

    Any ideas?

    And I can’t believe I missed “deafen”.

  4. re 3 down: two almost is tw (minus o).Then “tw”abandoning “flash”or “twinkling” gives “inkling”

  5. 3 down: Maybe flash = twinkling; and two almost = tw; so two almost abandoned flash = tw abandoned (from) twinkling = inkling. But I’m not sure.

    14 down: Could rearrange = rear range? Rear = back, certainly. And if the thing over stove top burners is called a range hood, then maybe the burner is called a range? That’s my guess anyway.

    Got this one out Saturday evening solo, so I’m pretty pleased. It’s been a while between drinks.

  6. I mean of course that I took two whole days to get this DA out.

    The (tiny) Wikipedia article on SP bookmaking informs that SP stands for “starting price” but does actually mean set price or fixed odds.

  7. “Range” is indeed used for “oven”. And the “twinkling” explanation looks right as well.

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