A Delayed Report and A Substitute

I haven’t yet had a good go at last Friday’s cryptic, and tomorrow’s public holiday for Melbourne Cup Day, at least in Melbourne, is shaping up as a good time to devote myself to DA.

But, in the meantime, here’s a little cryptic crossword I prepared earlier. It was my first attempt at creating a 15 x 15 cryptic, and, well, it was fun.

Here it is:

cryptic crossword by AS

6 thoughts on “A Delayed Report and A Substitute

  1. Very enjoyable crossword. Impressive effort, AS.

    I have one to go, which at this stage has me stumped, despite having the majority of the letters. If you would like some feedback, I would be happy to oblige. Perhaps after a week or so to let others have a go too.

    I detect a distinct DA influence, with the slang and sly humour (one induced a DA-ish groan), along with one or two more erudite clues.

    Of course, I was sucked in from the start by the 60s music clue. As I have confessed before here, that’s my era!

    Well done, again.

  2. It’s good to hear that you enjoyed it.

    Looking over it, I notice I was a little inelegant on a couple of clues, and I should have just copied the shape of an already existing crossword instead of trying to create my own, but I think it’s mostly OK.

    RC’s bete noir was 10 across; I’m wondering whether yours is the same.

    And keep up the Beefheart love.

  3. My bete noir was 12 across. And I think 28 across qualifies an AS Error. If the clue had been “Nike peg retail spins … ” everything would be fine :)

  4. Oops! I missed an ‘e’.

    Have you heard of the funk band ‘The Meters’?

  5. No, I have never heard of this band. And I call myself a 60s music devotee :(

    Presumably they have been reissued on CD? Are you a fan? Any recommendations for best album?

    And now I understand the clue. I had thought of “The Met”, and I was thinking about “arr”, “ar” or just “r” for the pirate’s cry. As we know, “to err is human, to arr is pirate” :)

  6. I think The Meters caught the tail end of the sixties, but they were predominantly a seventies band.

    They were a mostly instrumental funk band, and, undoubtedly, you’ve heard they’re music. They’ve been raided wholesale these days by R&B and hip hop groups, and are generally played as background music on various things.

    It’s probably best to get a Best of the Meters. Their albums did not really follow a theme and each song can be listened to in isolation without a drop in overall quality, so it’s best to just get their best stuff all together on one CD or collection.

    Have you seen the pirate’s keyboard?

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