DA’s Confounding Exploits (from the 24th of October)

1 down: Family collected one semi-tropic herb for Americans (8)

Herb for Americans = cilantro, but exactly how everything else fits together is beyond me.

2 down: Feature a themed salute, doubled? (4)

I’m guessing feature = chin, but the rest I’m completely at a loss to explain.

21 down: Putting off shaking bub’s toy? (8)

I’m supposing shaking bub’s toy = rattling, but I can’t explain the other half of the clue.

24 across: Outright authority (4)

The answer, Bass, is a beer, but how outright authority = bass remains a mystery.

3 thoughts on “DA’s Confounding Exploits (from the 24th of October)

  1. OK, here are some thoughts from my partner and me on this week’s challenge.

    2dn Feature doubled = “chin-chin” seems to be a reference to what our Chambers dictionary refers to as a “toast”, although not used much now we think, and especially not in beer-drinking circles!

    21dn Putting off can mean “confusing” which is also a possible meaning of “rattling”.

    24ac. “Authority”, as in “authority figure” = “brass”; “outright” means take out the letter “r”. Hence, “bass”.

  2. Well that’s all sorted then!

    2 down is quite a goody now that I understand it.


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