DA’s Amber-Coloured Gold (from the 24th of October)

3 down: The rest of Barcelona change top for party (6)

This took a while, but the semantic switch makes for a nice clue indeed. Party = fiesta so that change top for party = siesta = the rest of Barcelona.

6 down: Within a schedule, skipper shows respect, perhaps, is in reach (10)

Ridiculously clever clue. Here, skipper = captain, skipper shows respect = tain (one doffs one’s cap to show respect) and schedule = table so that within a schedule, skipper shows respect, perhaps = attainable = is in reach.

7 down: Residents liable to be punished by thematic overindulgence? (6)

As mentioned in the report, RC conjured up livers as a synonym for residents so that residents = livers = liable to be punished by thematic overindulgence to reveal the theme.

22 across: How this themed group is made in group-speak (6)

Nice sounds-like clue, with group = brood so that group-speak = brewed = how this themed group is made.

2 thoughts on “DA’s Amber-Coloured Gold (from the 24th of October)

  1. Thanks for the explanations. I got 6 down without understanding how “tain” came about.

    Shows respect = doffs one’s cap = indicator for “take off the beginning letters” is nasty. I think DA has been doing more of this lately (or maybe I am only just noticing). For example, 17th October’s infinite = endless = indicator for “take off the end letters” was just as fiendish.

    I am starting to feel sorry for the complete cryptic novice (or merely a DA novice) trying his or her hand at a DA for the first time. The Wikipedia cryptic shorthand list (augmented by our own DA specialties list) is all very well, but these only cover straight substitutions of one word or abbreviation for another. Now we are starting to need a list of alternative names for the “how-to-rearrange-the-pieces” indicators as well, which is getting a little mind-boggling. Apart from anagram indicators, of course, since there have always been a myriad of possibilities for those.

    I am not sure a list of this kind would do any good in any case, as I get the feeling DA is quite capable of inventing new ones faster than we can document the old ones.

    On the other hand, I am not complaining. I find a special thrill in coming across a clever new phrase for a well-known indicator function. “Shows respect” and “infinite” are great!

  2. I only show people the NS on Thursdays when I’m teaching them what is the what on a cryptic crossword.

    Every now and again I might show them a DA to blow their minds, but never as a tool for teaching.

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