Nothing (17th of October)

I was caught up with the preparations and celebrations that came of my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday party over the weekend. I did manage to sneak peeks at the DA, but they were to no avail; my fleeting glances met with no solutions, and now I ask for absolution.

I’ve got no crossword to upload and I’ve got nothing to say, really, about Friday’s DA. If any of you have something to offer, please do, and I will have to live vicariously through your accounts. 

So DA will have to wait until the coming of this week’s end, when Friday’s crossword will surely make a more enduring mark on my doings, and RC might just be back in the cryptic circle after many months of absence.

11 thoughts on “Nothing (17th of October)

  1. Could someone please put me out of my misery and kindly supply the answers to 1D, 9A, 5A, 13A, 7D and 8D. I can’t lay my hands on a copy of Saturday’s edition of The Age at the moment.

    I was going to surrender yesterday with eight to go, but decided to resort to Google which enabled me to get 25A and 20D. The clue to 25A was “Publisher’s emblem half-snaps amid two vertical points (8)”.

    Enter “publisher’s emblem” into Google and the 5th link is The Free Online Dictionary and “colophon” pops out. It works like this: snaps = photos; half-snaps = pho; “two vertical points” = : = colon; amid is the containment indicator. I would have considered this for DA Gold, except that colophon was a word unknown to me. A DA teaching though.

    25A enabled me to get 20D. The clue was “Bum animated in square pants? (6)”. I presume the answer is “sponge” as in “SpongeBob SquarePants”, the animated character (sponge = bum). I don’t know where the Bob comes in or if it doesn’t, why not.

    I am also confused as to the logic behind the answer to 26A “McKew and I maintain a love retreat (6)” which is obviously Maxine as in Maxine McKew, the former ABC employee turned politician and who famously defeated former PM John Howard in his own seat last election. But as to how the clue works, I am at a loss.

    Thanks in eager anticipation of some enlightenment.

  2. First time entry, so hope the logic is up to other’s standards.
    I have 3 answers for you.
    13A = Gorbachev. He has a red mark on his head therefore ‘redhead’. Composer = BACH in “cockoo” (crazy) Grove = GOR….EV.
    7D = Peachick. Fledgling is a young bird. I get the PEAC from infinite (endless) truce, supported by detainee singularly = HICK(s) as in David Hicks the detainee at Guantanamo Bay.
    8D = Overview. As in summary. OVER = sick of, VIEW = what you see.

    I have pencilled in:
    5A = Nympho. NY = after big apple (New York) I have the P and O from other answers. She’s hot to trot could mean Nympho but I can’t get the logic of the MPHO.
    9A = Canadian. With the letters I had was able to narrow down the possible answers. Siding with America could mean bordering with the U.S.
    1D = Secure. It means safe, but I cant get to that from the clue.

    Let me know if the above helps and maybe confirm if the others are ok!

  3. My partner and I have just discovered this site, it’s great to find all you kindred spirits out there ….!

    NC, it’s good to have your explanation for 20D; it really had us stumped.

    We agree with your three explanations PC. Here are some ideas about the others.

    9A = Canadian: A possible explanation is CANA = “old Israel”, DIAN = “Princess” Diana cut short (“stops”)

    26A = Maxine: A + XIN = nix (“love”) backwards (“retreat”) inside ME = “I”

    1D = Secure: SINECURE = “cushy job”, take away IN (“in shed”)

    5A = Nympho is still a mystery, please help!

  4. Thanks PC and NB. Awesome responses!

    I have left my copy of the crossword at home today, but these solutions sound spot on. I will check them over when I get back tonight.

  5. Further thoughts on “Nympho” . Could be “miles per hour 0”, ie MPHO, = “inert”, after NY = Big Apple.

  6. Wow, this one looks like a doozy. I’m kinda glad I didn’t have the time to really get into it, although, by the looks of things, I wouldn’t have been capable to really get into it anyway.

    And welcome NB and PC. Your contributions have been most impressive already (as have yours NC, but that’s to be expected).

  7. A doozy indeed, AS. This DA is an out and out classic in my opinion. The solutions above are fantastic!

    Allow me to give the original clues so we can all experience again these great examples of DA’s art. I will restate the solutions provided by PC and NB.

    1D: Safe cushy job in shed (6)
    cushy job = sinecure; “in shed” means shed (i.e. remove) the letters “in”; hence s (in) ecure = SECURE = safe. I love this use of “shed”. I must try to remember it.

    5A: She’s hot to trot – yet inert after big apple? (6)
    inert = “mile per hour 0” = mpho (great get, NB!); big apple = New York = NY; hence mpho after NY = NYmpho = NYMPHO = “she’s hot to trot”. Another nicely prurient DA clue.

    9A: Princess stops old Israel national siding with America (8).
    Princess = Di; old Israel = Canaan (thanks, Wikipedia); stops is the containment indicator, used in the sense that a cork is a “stopper” and plugs a hole in something; Hence, cana Di an = CANADIAN = “national siding with America”. I might be wrong, but that is how I think it works. Wikipedia also tells me that Cana is the name of a town in Galilee mentioned in the Bible, but a town is not the whole of Israel, whereas Canaan is (more or less) the old name for this region. Also, a resident of Canaan (or “national”) would have been a Canaanite, not a Canaan (never mind the fact that our modern idea of nationality had no meaning in those days). On the other hand, a Canadian *is* a national (of Canada, which as PC rightly says borders or “sides” with the USA). Sorry to be so pedantic, but hey, aren’t we all pedants and connoisseurs when it comes to DA? I expect DA to get it absolutely right. If not there are always the Bullshit and Error categories :)

    13A: Old redhead composer in cuckoo grove (9).
    composer = bach; cuckoo is the anagram indicator, so cuckoo grove = gorev; in is the containment indicator; so, gor bach ev = GORBACHEV = “old red head” = old redhead. Wow.

    7D: Fledgling detainee singularly supported infinite truce (8).
    Detainee = Hicks; singularly means take off the “s” to get hick; truce = peace; infinite = endless (that is an amazing get, PC!) which indicates taking off the last letter of peace = peac; supported works as an indicator because this is a Down clue, and the part doing the supporting is on the bottom; so…peac hick = PEACHICK = fledgling. Unbelievable.

    8D: Sick of what you see in summary (8).
    Sick of = over (nice bit of DA slang); what you see = view; Hence over view = OVERVIEW = summary. Looks simple when you know how.

    Thanks for letting me get as much pleasure out of the clues I didn’t get as those I did!

  8. I’m gonna have to add those to the relevant categories, NC. They are certainly worthy of note.

    Top work peoples.

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