Is This Love Or Just Confusion? (from the nasty 26th of September)

And here’s the longest list of confusion yet!

5, 18 down: Outer kiss wasted? An instrument of conflicted love (7, 8)

The answer is eternal triangle, so triangle = an instrument, but outer kiss wasted = eternal? What?

11 across: Heard a prompt snarl in 18-down (triangle) (5, 5)

Acute angle = in triangle, but the rest?

14, 29 across: Case for surgery field continues stunning turn-out! (9, 7)

I managed to guess based on cross clues that case for surgery = caesarean section, but I had no further explanation for it.

19, 10 across: Design principals dispatch documents (5, 4)

I’m wondering whether or not this one is a mistake, but before doing so, I thought I’d make sure I haven’t missed something. It seems to me here that dispatch document = order form, so design = order, but I can’t see how principals = form, although I would be willing to accept principles = form. Did DA make a boo-boo, or am I just confused?

22 across: Seeing that article about rock music covering the Wings release (8)

Is this where I lose all respect for DA? Has he really made reference to McCartney’s Wings? I don’t really know because I don’t have an explanation for how seeing that = inasmuch = article about rock music covering the Wings release.

24 across: Sweet baker once rejected some mutton rations (6)

Sweet baker = Arnott, but other than mutton containing a fair whack of Arnott, I ain’t got nuthin’.

27, 16 across: Computer coterie offering American fish, tail first (4, 5)

A computer coterie = user group, and American = US. After that, I need help.

2 down: Backstab as much as you like (1, 4)

A gogo = as much as you like, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how that could mean backstab.

21 across: Jam courier swallowed rum, cap off (6)

Jam = muddle, and rum cap off = um, but that’s all I’ve got.

8 thoughts on “Is This Love Or Just Confusion? (from the nasty 26th of September)

  1. Got most but not all; here are some opinions.
    A prompt = A CUE snarled in TRIANGLE = acute angle

    CASE for surgery = CEAS field = area = CONTINUES with the Turn (UE) out and Stunned = nsection

    THE with wings release = H; rock the MUSIC = I..SMUC and put the article about NA

    You’ll kick yourself: read MUTTONRATIONS backwards.

    User group is the US followed by a GROUPER with the tail back = ER Group.

    That’s about it!
    Friday is now only 12 hrs away!!

  2. GH, a thousand thank yous.

    It’s also good to see that I need not lower my estimation of DA: he wasn’t actually referring to McCartney’s Wings at all.

    And those like mutton rations always get me, and now I know that a grouper is a fish.

  3. 5, 18 down: Outer kiss wasted? An instrument of conflicted love (7, 8)
    Outer = external, kiss = x, outer kiss wasted = external minus x = ETERNAL

    11 across: Heard a prompt snarl in 18-down (triangle) (5, 5)
    Sound-alike for “a prompt” is a cue = ACU, as GH says, but also, snarl = tangle, so the full sound-alike works because “heard a prompt snarl” means “sound-alike for a cue tangle” = ACUTE ANGLE, direct clue = “in triangle”

    Now, a confession.

    Although I claimed (and still claim) to have solved this DA, nitpickers might point out that I had actually penned in different answers to the official ones for 19, 10 across and 2 down (namely GREEN FORM and A LOCO). And MUDDLE for 21 across was just a lucky guess.

  4. Given how hard this one was, the nitpickers can go jump.

    And today’s crossword is superb. One of his best.

  5. 21 across: I am like a dog with a bone regarding unexplained DA clues, and this one has been nagging at me.

    But I just got it while driving along Hampton Rd this arvo!

    I was in unfamiliar territory and some funny stuff was falling from the sky, forcing me to search for the long unused windscreen wiper knob. For those who don’t know, September was the driest month here in Melbourne since records began. And in the middle of all this excitement, the solution struck.

    Anyway, this is a good’un. If you will indulge me with a little tease, I will give a hint, then post the answer later (if no one gets it and if anyone is still interested, that is).

    It works because a synonym for courier is place on the outside of(“swallows”), not *rum* with cap off, but a *synonym for rum* (and a non-obvious one at that) with the cap off.


  6. Does rum = udl and rum cap off = dl, so that courier = mude somehow?

    I really don’t know.

  7. It works like this.

    courier = mule (often in the news these days in the drug running sense), rum = odd (as in strange, peculiar)

    So “rum, cap off” = dd, and so “courier swallowed rum, cap off” =
    “mu dd le” = MUDDLE.

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