DA in Health (12th of September edition)

the sunday da at orange

(the circled answers were either wrong or not attempted)

The dreaded lurgy was not so fearsome this week and the DA was attempted with TH on Sunday at our customary venue, Sicilian Orange. Unfortunately, TH had to leave a little early and we couldn’t devote so much time to the crossword’s dregs, but, having seen the answers to the unsolved clues, unsolved they would most probably have remained.

Overall, though, this was perhaps not the greatest of DAs on record: there were not so many clever aural clues and there was a seeming surfeit of ordinary anagram clues. Nevertheless, it was a DA, and I did end up learning something about poetry.

One of these days, I plan to actually force myself to enjoy poetry. Until then, it will remain a curiousity as meaningless to me as abstract expressionism.

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