DA AU (12th of September)

10 across: Kind of book detailing marital aid (5)

TH and I erred on this one, going for sexpo more in hope than anything else rather than dredging up from the boondocks of my ephemera-retaining memory the sexto that is the answer. And this baby gets a golden guernsey basically because of my prurience: marital aid = sextoy so that detailing marital aid = sexto = kind of book.

DA should be thankful I am prurient, though, otherwise the other clue I have esteemed worthy of golden status (it’s a teaching to boot!) would have been the only.

Do we expect too much of DA?

2 thoughts on “DA AU (12th of September)

  1. In the last 4 weeks of DA cryptics alone, we’ve had marital aid/sex toys, blow-up dolls (I love the direct clue “comfort for the prurient loner”), bondage/S&M, knocking shop/brothels…

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