DH Wishes He Were DA

DH crosswords can be tough. That, however, is not because of any artistry on DH’s part. Instead, DH takes the ungracious option of resorting to obscure words, many of which are not particularly entertaining and almost never slang-related (DA and slang are happy and natural bedfellows.)

Today’s obscurities included:

  • Hosea: a minor Jewish prophet who I happened to be aware of because he was referred to in a previous cryptic I had done (which I believe was a DA);
  • Lethe: a river in Hades whose water when drunk makes the souls of the dead forget their lives on earth (OK, I grant this word is quality);
  • adyta: the innermost sanctuary of an ancient Greek temple;
  • eosin: a red fluorescent dye that is apparently a bromine derivative of fluorescein or one its salts or other derivates, whatever that means;
  • tocsin: an alarm bell or signal;
  • doge: the chief magistrate of Venice or Genoa.

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