DA Gold (which turns out to be a teaching from the 22nd of August)

Sadly, this one’s clearly the best of a shallow lot:

11 down: (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) 7-down 10-across’s own cat feller (3, 6)

Here, cat = tom, feller = sawyer and you get the rather humorous Samuel Langorne Clemens’s own = Tom Sawyer = cat feller. I thought this was going to be a candidate for DA Bullshit because the y seems to appear from nowhere, but yet again DA teaches me something new and online dictionaries again prove their worth — a sawyer is a person who saws.

3 thoughts on “DA Gold (which turns out to be a teaching from the 22nd of August)

  1. Well done to those who got this DA out or even came close.

    By mid-afternoon Friday I had about half completed (13 or 14 clues) which is better than average for me for that time, so I was feeling pretty pleased, especially since I had cottoned on to the ‘Mark Twain’ theme and got Huckleberry Finn & Tom Sawyer.

    But after that, nada.

    Sunday I googled Mark Twain’s pseudonym. But even with that considerable help I made no further progress, so I looked up the solution.

    Oh well. After my hubris of a couple of weeks ago, I had it coming I guess. But watch out next time DA!

  2. You picked a good time to not go so well, though.

    This one really really wasn’t one of his best, and it’s certainly clear that your abilities must rise as the quality of the crossword rises.

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