The DA Teachings (from 15th August)

2 down: Managed to cinch front evenly on little Bavarian dress

A German co-worker helped me out on this one, but, even then, I still had no confidence putting the answer in because I couldn’t figure out an explanation. Thankfully, NC came to the rescue with an explanation, and we have here managed = did, front evenly = rn, managed to cinch front evenly = dirndl = little Bavarian dress.

Update: Oopsies! As NC pointed out in the comments, I forgot to account for the l. The explanation should be managed = did, front evently = rn, little = l (which is dodgy) so that we get managed to cinch front evenly little = dirndl = Bavarian dress.

22 down: Audio circuit magnifying glass

I knew this one circuit = loop and audio circuit = (sounds like) loop, but I had no idea that a loupe was a type of magnifying glass used primarily by jewellers and watchmakers, thus giving audio circuit = loupe = magnifying glass.

One thought on “The DA Teachings (from 15th August)

  1. I hope my explanation of 2 down is correct. It seems a bit convoluted, even for DA, but it is all I can think of.

    The definition is just “Bavarian dress”, leaving l=little.

    But l=little does not appear in the extensive Wikipedia cryptic shorthand list. Is “l” accepted shorthand for little? If so, why? Is “b” shorthand for big? And if the definition is “little Bavarian dress” where does the final “l” fit in? “Evenly” probably doesn’t mean just “regularly” as I thought. It probably means “take even letters, i.e. the 2nd, 4th, …”

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