So Much Confusion (15th of August)

25 across: Relaxed dope beginning to rile short bloke (8)

Here, the answer is relaxed = informal. The rest, though, umm…

24 across: Pygmy race pelt famine site (6)

famine site = darfur, which means pelt = fur, but how does dar = pygmy race?

20 down: Lean Eastern director! (3, 3)

The exclamation mark means this is one of those where the direct clue is the entire clue, so lean Eastern director = ang lee, but although I can see the letters of lean within ang lee, I can’t explain why the g is there or the i.

9 across: Yonder mower sounded absurd (8)

Absurd = farcical, meaning that yonder = far, but how does cical = mower sounded? Is this really a contender for DA Bullshit?

2 down: Managed to cinch front evenly on little Bavarian dress (6)

A German co-worker gave me dirndl = little Bavarian dress, but even though he was able to help me out on that, I didn’t put it in because I had absolutely no idea how dirndl = managed to cinch front evenly.

4 down: Like nursing, like making new… (diode) (12)

The answer is reassembling. I can offer little more.

Update: NC has supplied the solution to 4 down in the comments, and it now takes its rightful place in DA Gold.

2 thoughts on “So Much Confusion (15th of August)

  1. 25A: This is one of the three AJ and I failed to solve.
    dope = info, beginning to rile = r, bloke = male, short bloke = mal
    Hence, dope beginning to rile short bloke = INFORMAL = relaxed

    24A: We got this out at Pushka, without completely knowing why.
    I think race = dart, pygmy race = dar, pelt = fur
    So, pygmy race pelt = DARFUR = famine site. At the time I had the horrifying thought that the dar had something to do with dark or darkie, but while no-one would accuse DA of being PC, I am sure he is no racist.

    20D: lean = angle, eastern = e. Hence lean eastern = anglee (ANG LEE) = director. I don’t think this is strictly speaking one of those “direct clue = whole clue” thingies (sometimes called & lit clues). But as is DA’s wont he cleverly echoes aspects of the answer in the body of the clue. Got this late Friday night.

    9A: yonder = far, mower = sickle, mower sounded = cical = FARCICAL = absurd. Nomination for DA Gold? Got this close to midnight.

    2D: managed = did (yes, really!), cinch = clasp or grab (yes, really!) is the containment indicator, front evenly = rn (evenly is the “take letters at regular intervals” indicator), little = l, on is just a link word,
    hence, managed to cinch front evenly = di rn d l = DIRNDL = little Bavarian dress. Another of the three clues JA and I missed. Dirndl. A new word for me. I know about lederhosen though, (but not intimately, I hasten to add).

    4D: This one is DA Gold, in my opinion. Got this Friday evening.
    Like = resembling, like = as, nursing= containment indicator,
    hence, like nursing like = re as sembling = REASSEMBLING = making new.

    Oh boy, oh boy. DA was on fire.

  2. You’re right about 4d, that’s gold!

    9A though is eclipsed by the syndrome clue, which was special.

    25A dope = info is one of those passive bits of information that I understand when I hear but is not in my active vocabulary.

    2D is ridiculously difficult — a complicated clue is always good, but a complicated clue with a curious word is a nightmare.

    Thanks for the explanations! They were much needed.

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