Golden DA from the 25th of July Edition

1 down: Champion bowler in likely arena dismissed opener in fury (7)

One can truly appreciate the DA artistry in a clue such as this. Except for the last, all the important words in this clue have a meaning in cricket. Likely arena = mcg, fury = wrath, dismissed opener in fury = rath and champion bowler = mcgrath = likely arena dismissed opener in fury.

6 down: State how 18-across (actor) Turner embraced international approvals (9)

Actor Turner = Lana, the delightful international approvals = oui + si and state = Louisiana = actor Turner embraced international approvals.

15 across: Obviously brick veneer potentially sound (9)

Blatantly was all that fit given everything else that was around it, and that means obviously. What wasn’t so obvious is how the rest of the clue could be made to mean the same thing, and on Sunday we left perplexed. Since then, however, I’ve managed to figure out that brick veneer = b, potentially = latently, potentially sound = latantly and obviously = blatantly = brick veneer potentially sound.

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