DA’s Many Confusions (11th July)

5 down: Hypocrisy typical in tennis match (6, 9)

I got this out early but tentatively because I still can’t figure out how tennis match = double standards like hypocrisy = double standards.

18 across, 7 down: Baseball score impossible with… (4, 3)

I solved this one because of the cross clues, but again, I had no explanation for why impossible with = home run like baseball score = home run.

Update: This has been edited because from TH I’ve only just learnt that a “…” means refer to the next clue. All this time, I never thought the “…” meant anything at all, so the clue really should be Baseball score impossible with away game, and the solution home run becomes not that great a mystery.

8 down: Nun half-accepted goodness over mature, rational thinking (9)

I managed to arrive at syllogism = rational thinking, but the rest?

28 across: Non-wizard aboard 7-downs (runs) (8)

Only the answer in Saturday’s paper could convince me that smuggler had anything to do with the answer to this clue.

27 across: Address illegal bookie as per hearsay (6)

I figured address = speech, but the rest of it, I’m not so sure.

25 down: … latterly produced spleen (3)

All I can figure on is that spleen = ire.

Update: See my update above, for this clue becomes a thousand times easier when it’s read as eyrie latterly produced spleen.

9 thoughts on “DA’s Many Confusions (11th July)

  1. For 8-down:

    “nun” is “sister”, so “nun half” is “sis”.

    “Goodness!” is an exclamation, like “golly!”

    “Over” must be a backwards indicator, so “goodness over” must be “yllog”.

    “Accepted” is a containment indicator, so this gives “syllogis”.

    And “mature”=”m”?. Hmmm, that last bit seems a bit weak and un-DA-like.

    Oh well, that’s the best I can come up with and it took a fair bit of head-scratching, even after having the answer given to me. Phew……

  2. 5-down:

    “tennis match” =”doubles” & “typical” = “standard”, “in” is containment indicator

    hence “DOUBLE standardS”.

  3. By the way, m = mature I don’t think is so bad if you consider movie ratings.

    I’ll give that one to DA.

  4. Better late than never!
    27 across: Address illegal bookie as per hearsay (6)
    illegal bookie = SP
    as per = each, which sounds like (hearsay) EECH

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