A Golden Perplexity from July 4th

15 down: Stone once white in pot counter (4, 5)

TC was rightly chuffed about his performing the necessary mental gymnastics that got him Bill Wyman to mean Stone once. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the rest of the clue out in support, and the best we could come up with was white = w, and pot = billy, leaving the rather odd counter = man.

One thought on “A Golden Perplexity from July 4th

  1. Counter = man probably refers to some kind of board game. But which one(s)?

    In games like draughts (Am. checkers) and chess the pieces are sometimes referred to as “men”. Actually, in draughts a piece is a “man” until it reaches the last rank when it becomes a “king”.

    However in these two games I don’t think I have ever heard of the pieces referred to as “counters”. In Monopoly I think the pieces are referred to as “tokens” not men. Maybe in Ludo the pieces can be referred to as either counters or men?

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