20th June Perplexity

3 down: Thus turn out composer’s opening falsehoods (5)

The answer is myths. Ths is formed by removing the U of a U-turn, but the initial my? There is a composer by the name of Neil Myers, but this seems to obscure even by DA’s standards.

12, 13 across: Spooky patriarch to leave Seymour Centre, rounding shock on matriarchs (5, 6)

The answer is Gomez Addams. Go = leave, m = Seymour Centre and z = shock, but the rest?

2 thoughts on “20th June Perplexity

  1. 3 Down:composer’s = my (DA is speaking self referentially)

    12,13 across: rounding shock=’daze’ backwards=ezad, dams=matriarchs

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