A Themed AS Special

Already done with DA? No LR this Monday, so at a cryptic loss to start the week?

How about trying this themed AS?

Here is the printer-friendly version of the AS Special, which is in PDF format.

Feel free to regale, criticise or just plain ignore the crossword.

as-special-22-may-2016 (1)


NOTE: The answers to fifteen clues have a 23-across bent to them, including 23-across. Nevertheless, you should be able to solve the fifteen clues even without much familiarity with 23-across.

1. Moan and moan a whirlwind, or duel (4, 1, 4)
6. Until he answers, suppose that Albert leads (5)
9. Link info with insolent break (9)
10. About to redesign first Cheers menu (5)
11. Do damnations halve the take? (6)
12. Quiet concerning dead clergyman (7)
14. Australian city’s lecture theatre (4)
15. Poets for dancing in sodas (10)
18. Makes mayonnaise, say, to flagrantly misuse life (10)
20. Home states (4)
23. Portuguese neighbour drops a second, loses unexpectedly and takes critique to heart (7)
24. European organisation backed sound waterhole (6)
26. The faces of saucy erotica’s mad, bloody extract (5)
27. Face-value office purchasing shows frugality (9)
28. Axehead splits diners’ tables (5)
29. Gravity-like expanse’s energy sources (3, 6)

1. Complex computer’s principal form (9)
2. Fruit powder buff to be stripped of middling medal (7)
3. Pass wind through regular face cream leads to terrific effect (6)
4. Water as a priority (4)
5. Goes beyond six balls and gets out (10)
6. Hector had a nice large estate (8)
7. Syrian, Scandinavian and Brazilian women (7)
8. Alcohol ingredient envelops Georgia in a Roman farewell (5)
13. Time to annoy investigator tailing smug fungus finder (7, 3)
16. One doubled energy post zigzag, absolutely (5, 4)
17. Waves grandly to crazy suits holding Guy up (8)
19. Judges’ hesitation to inspire Lost in rewrite (7)
21. A throwback fish to reverse evolution’s fourth amphibian (7)
22. Sign in Hitchcock second after Stone (6)
23. Salt records mantra (5)
25. One revolutionary knight’s coloured band (4)

Here is the printer-friendly version of the AS Special, which is in PDF format.

Solutions are available here.

A Spanish Cryptic Crossword

In case you’re wondering, that last post featured a cryptic crossword I created in Spanish. I’ve been trying to find one in another language that followed the style that we know and love from the publications in the Anglophone world, but to no avail. So I decided I might as well make one even though Spanish is far from my native language. The wordplay is pretty simple — I don’t have the linguistic ability for anything too fancy — and I’m sure there are a few solecisms in there, but I figured it would be a fun exercise to create one anyway.

Curiously, I tried compiling a cryptic in Greek originally, but I ended up switching to Spanish — I found Greek clue writing to be too difficult even though I speak Greek better than I do Spanish. The declensions in Greek and the longer words in general made for a lot of failed attempts at creating the simplest of clues.

Una Novedad: Un Crucigrama Críptico en Castellano

No podía encontrar un crucigrama críptico en castellano por el Internet. Sí, hay algunos que son un tipo de crucigrama críptico, pero no están escritos en el estilo clásico que se usa en el mundo de habla inglés. Entonces, decidí que yo, aunque no soy hablante nativo de castellano, debo escribir uno, y aquí lo es.


1. Pintor y arquitecto: cero contra el segundo tenista (6, 5)
7. Un perro consuma 173 de los caracteres (3)
9. Una harina marcha suavemente (5)
10. Toma diez en Londres (3)
11. Botar ferozmente el personaje cómico (5)
12. Ur mezclado con el cónico imaginario (8)
13. Un choque: una serie contra Uma Thurman (6)
14. Enterar, es, en inglés, constituir (8)
16. ¿El río de dinero? (5)
19. Apunta: amarra lo negativo perforado (5)
21. La habilidad de conjurar Artemisa (8)
24. Esas peruanas muestran cincuenta monjes de Tibet (6)
25. ¡Payasada! O treinta malformados (8)
28. Unos ojos en el cielo ven a Ada entre los primeros rascacielos rojos (5)
29. Una parte del pájaro es responsable de una parte de la malaria (3)
30. La transformación fluvial, menos cincuenta y cinco partes, discurrí (5)
31. Tosta una sección de la salchicha (3)
32. La tranquilización de su cavazón fallado deja dos al dentro (11)

1. Un monje loco, purista, incomprendido por el norte (8)
2. Observar Pilar con otra cara (5)
3. Exhibir 10: perneo alegremente (7)
4. ¿Avisas novedades? (8)
5. ¿Doy dólares principalmente o no? (4)
6. Abollar gravemente lo que tiene que ver con el trabajo (7)
7. El pervertidor da cien purros singulares y revueltos a los tres torcedores principales (9)
8. Alimentan un arte corto, al revés y negativo (6)
15. Sábado, por ejemplo: detenido al termino. La dirección: hasta un país (9)
17. Una tribu del Amazonas ya consumó maimón (8)
18. Se hace en el mar anciano mezclado con el cuarto australiano adentro (8)
20. La intersección sortea arbitrariamente unos lugares de actuación (7)
22. Ubicada en el medio de una enfermedad es tu última enfermera (7)
23. El triunfo para la mujer de Van Morrison (6)
26. Descifré otra vez los dos primeros relicarios que preceden el de París, el número uno (5)
27. Acaso el aire transpirable sale perturbadamente, al hogar (4)

Las soluciones están aquí.

An AS Atypical for January, 2012

2012 is upon us — happy, happy days! — and should FriDAy or SaturDAy look too far away for your cryptic crossword fix, try this AS Atypical.

May this cryptic bring forth quizzical joy, but if not, sorry for my vainglorious cryptic assay.

Instructions: All cluing for what constructs this crossword’s inscription, which a star marks out, contains only wordplay and no synonym. In addition, said inscription is also a 26, 4-across.

A 1-across 15-down 12-across 14-down onto 28-down, 21-down 27-down.

1. Thomson, say (5) *
4. Go to 26-across
10. Gandhi outright in Asia (5)
11. Shock a soft colour codification (5)
12. Mark will not pass by dolt (3) *
13. Mag icon is about waxing and waning stars (12)
16. Grows biting salmon principally for rich noobs (8)
17. Usual bad guy’s dram of grog is uncustomarily drunk (4)
20. Boost orphan Cyrillic bard (4)
22. Brainy salutation on air at summit (8)
26, 4. A Mac program malting pi cracks this crossword in particular (12, 8)
29. Manx comic dog spawns non-purist sport format (1.1.1.)
30. Fabulous guardian missing nothing of fabulous ship drawn to land of opportunity (5)
31. Board approvals in Zurich (5)
32. Drink for drunks slurring photos (8)
33. Wow! Boudoir lubricant is disgusting (5)

1. Marx’s gift array drops what this crossword lacks (4)
2. Brings to trial “kind” Picts ripping noggins off (7)
3. Malaprop magician William Archibald humanly stocks gang to supply bigot (8)
5. Puck should aurally thrust (6)
6. Could zip-on clothing undo this crossword’s philosophical organisation? (6)
7. Band around back brings about Finn’s pursuit (7)
8. 100.9 on transistor initially for quaint hybrid (4)
9. Nick drops pill, scraps frolics (7)
14. Lo: marshals (5) *
15. U2 in sci-fi bomb starts in an unfamiliar way (5) *
18. Organic stuff mantra splits AC/DC from Californian Fanny (7)
19. Sri Lankan drink car to divvy lodgings baring hang out for yaks (8)
21. Bulgarian or Ukrainian or similar — kind of? (7) *
23. Curtin uproar shrouding disc brouhaha (7)
24. Spiny animal craniums in giant urns astonish nosy arborists (6)
25. Outstanding injunction against bowwow flip (4-2)
27. Adriatic’s most high officials’ fourth post shorn (4) *
28. Common, boring night sound (4) *


A Themed AS Special

Yes, it’s my first attempt at a themed crossword, a theme which should be of interest to pretty much all of you. So don’t waste a Wednesday on another DP when you can have yourself the rarest of beasts: a themed AS special.

Feel free to regale, criticise or just plain ignore the crossword.

All starred clues are a 15-across and do not feature a definition.

All hashed clues feature within their respective answers a particular 15-across that has silently and nonchalantly infiltrated many other 15-acrosses. As such, the sneaky 15-across within the hashed clues’ answers is left unclued.

1. 15-acrosssorca-51 (9) *
6. Weightless spirit quietly energetic for canine 23-across (2, 3)
9. Stentorian donut stunned first conjunction (7)
10. Capture last triumph, bauble of high birth (7)
11. Singular command from the same book (4)
12. Blared cryptically: holding Yellow Pages range or clean shaver (5, 5)
15. Make out crap rhyme (6)
16, 24. Undermine catch? (8, 4)
18. Offering endless wind instrument (8) #
20. ‘Luckless bastard’ said loudly (6)
23. Expecting Chéri’s essential part encapsulated by saying “Arthur — cut!“ (6-2-2)
24. See 16-across
27. Abbreviated approval to fish activated (7) *
29. Spirits everywhere thought to shorten cartoon style with belief system marker (7)
30. Destruction engulfs November scrape (3-2)
31. Precisely! The person turned her tone on (4, 5)

1. Red chief state (5) *
2. Not completely dead on arrival (7) *#
3. Sly affirmative to old city in addressee’s possession (4)
4. Point out daily is back to front (6) *
5. Transport 10-6 (clear dishes) (8)
6. Second-rate interferes with perfection (3) *
7. Irrational encompasses a 21-down hit (7) *
8. Organised talk near Flanders (9)
13. Sunbathe soundly (6) *
14. Loud porn-star glow (6)
15. Idiot generator produced exemplar Vulcan (9)
17. Figure out trigonometric function on time: about noon (6, 2)
19. 5-across (7) *#
21. Cover round-about (7) *
22. Get vomit to a bin (6)
25. Hack edges off American three-piece (5) *
26. Regularly lit as yellow in opening section (4)
28. Pop is one such expert (3)

Update: The clue for 11-across has changed since I first posted this crossword. As Rupert points out in the comments, the original clue for 11-across, which I had clued as Capture last triumph, bauble of high birth, is inaccurate.

Further update: The clue for 12-across has also changed since I first posted this crossword. RB pointed out that the original clue, Readable jumble holds ultimate love for clean shaver, had a mistaken anagram.