DA Confusion for the 19th of August, 2022

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

69 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 19th of August, 2022

  1. Morning all….or rather evening here in London
    Fois 6d, 16d, 25d, 18a
    But….no luck with 29a as yet ☹️
    Any hints would be warmly accepted

  2. What a beauty!
    Think pretty clever and very difficult.
    Some wordplays quite extreme in my view.
    FOI was 24D.
    LOI was 9D.
    Long slog starting in SW then SE then NE and finally NW.
    Still have 3 to complete all wordplays of which 1 is themed as only have 14 of those so far.
    Absolute pick for cleverest (so far) is 1D.

    melanie – really cannot help at this stage as too early.
    But can say 29A is quite gettable from wordplay as it was my third in.

  3. Now have all 15 themed clues.
    Did not know part of 13A, 18A, 8D.
    Still working on wordplays for 28A and 22D.

  4. Really struggled with this one, even though the theme (or the first part of it at least) came quite early. Longest I’ve taken for a while!

    FOI 22D, 24D. LOI 7D, 8D.

  5. All done bar 8D. So far I only have 14 of the 15 themed clues……..Aw shucks!

  6. Brond – 8D – as a start “rocks up” = 6,5,4.

    Will put themed clue list in other thread.

  7. Thanks DAJ. All done now.
    Chuckled at 1A.
    Still wondering about horse pong’s infusion….?.

  8. There have been some tough ones on the British websites in recent days, causing me to consider abandoning cryptic crosswords and taking up train spotting or stamp collecting, but this beauty from DA has restored my self esteem. It was challenging but thoroughly enjoyable, with a very clever theme that hit me as I solved 10a. Thereupon I visited a Wikipedia page that’s quite possibly a favourite of the people at the World Health Organisation. (That’s a hint, but my legal advisers have told me it’s cryptic enough for such an early hour.) There were quite a few that I’d not heard of.

    My only quibble today was the reduction of a word to its initial in 29a.

    I have a “Huh?” list of five, but I’m sure they’ll all hit me when I take a fresh look at them in an hour or two. It always happens.

    For those starting out, 6d is easy, also 24d. Enjoy!

  9. Brond – 29A – it is not “horse pong’s infusion”. It is “losing a horse” and “pong’s infusion”.

  10. Graham M, that single letter is valid in 29a. I think DA’s used it before. It might not be the first meaning that comes to mind, if you’ve led a sheltered life.

  11. The special instructions at the top got obscured in my copy. (Long story.) can anyone give them to me?

  12. Carol:

    NB: Remove a different piece of today’s 29-across before 15 clues can be solved.
    All other clues are normal.

  13. True, Gayle, I didn’t think of the other meaning. I must, as you say, lead a sheltered life!

  14. Enjoyed this. Have we had something like this before? Or was it a recent British crossword?
    Despite getting the theme early I found it very challenging, with a few yet to parse fully.
    FOI 10A. RHS slow. LOI 8D, nho.
    I don’t get the joke in 1A that Brond’s chuckled about, or 22D, but they can wait.

  15. Progressing slowly. The 29A abbreviation referred to by Graham H and Gayle is also common in the slightly more innocent context of a detailed racing form guide.

  16. Gayle – re 1A think it is the whole concept that is amusing.
    22D – I read as “feeling” = 1,2,3 “interest” = 4,5,6. (“for passenger” is just filler – and a little misleading I reckon).

  17. First pass 10a,12a,20a,26a,6d,16d,24d and as you can see I got the theme straight away without getting 29a which came quite late. LOI 22d. All understood and I found this fairly straightforward with no real quibbles.

  18. AG I obviously lead a sheltered life too. Never had a look at a racing form guide. :-)

  19. A pleasant stroll today ass early on I got the theme from 10A.
    Am I correct to have read the ellipses in 16D and 17D as meaning I had to borrow a letter from 16D to solve 17D?

  20. As stated above, DA has used that single-letter abbreviation in the past, but I prefer the conventional NATO word for this abbreviation.

    I really liked this clever effort from DA. It was even pleasant for once to see ellipses that are relevant. FOI were 12A, 30A, 24D and 25D. LOI was18A, simply because I’d forgotten that this ever existed.

  21. Finally got there but I don’t think I would have managed this one on paper. I needed the assurance of the online checking.
    I was clever but hard.

  22. Spoiler alert – please ignore my previous question – and DAJunkie’s response!

  23. That was pretty tough.
    Even after applying the note, some of those clues were still hard. Took me the best part of 2 hours.
    Didn’t think I’d get there but made in the end.

  24. Very enjoyable. FOI 23A, 6D, 8A, 24A. Still don’t have 12A or 9D, and have only identified 11 themed.
    Didn’t understand wordplay for a few – 13A, 27A,17D, 21D and 22D. Maybe themed?
    DAJunkie, are you still looking for wordplay for 28A? I thought it was just a double def.

  25. SB. Thanks but figured out 28A – a cryptic defn as I read. Thanks again.

  26. I believe that the whole 28A clue is the definition; there is no wordplay.

  27. The 2nd response here by Brond gave it away. If you are going to give a hint, wait until you are asked and then a gentle clue. Not the theme so early-spoiled it for me as I was happy plodding along.

  28. My entry to the theme was via 18A (in a different version of your experience, Jack, I surprised myself remembering it DID exist!) which gave me 1 for 19D. I tentatively pencilled in answers to it and then 30A and then those relevant letters in 19D jumped out at me. Mind you, how 29A provided the pieces had me stumped till the end, as I’d justified 1-5 with a word for ‘Side with’ plus ‘knight’, together losing ‘a’. I then couldn’t get NAG and BO to give me 6-10!!
    Some parsing help with 27A, 5D and 21D in due course, please. I do have, and understand the effect of, ‘the 15’.

  29. 27A needs to be read from 7 to 1. Fit = 7,6. number = 5,4. 26A is 3,2,1.

    5D is themed

    In 21D, on is 1,2. Time is 3. Show-off is 4-7 reversed (rolling)

  30. Found the theme clue immediately, and the rest was not only easy to get, if not parse, with some eye rolling at the contrivances
    Again, re last weeks discussion, he seems to have gone from ‘the ridiculous back to the sublime’ , attempts at cheekiness making is both unchallenging while also breaking conventions
    Don’t get me wrong, have been doing cryptic since uni days 46 years ago, in different country and different nuances
    My criticism is that it just doesn’t make it seem like an interesting thing to do to those who don’t yet do cryptics

  31. Thanks, Jack! Coupla ‘D’oh!s’, then, per usual (annoyingly!)
    Re 5D: as I obtusely said, I’ve got all the themed clues and understand how they are modified; it’s the parsing of 5D I then need, please.

  32. 5d, mine exposed is 1,2, soldier essentially is 3, qualified is an 8 letter word you remove soldier (American) from (soldier leaving) to give the rest

  33. Cokes, you have a point about attracting newer solvers. If DA threw in some more readily accessible clues/crosswords it might help to to expand the solving community. Trouble is that with DA you never know from one clue or crossword to the next what’s in store. If we don’t have a base, especially these days with the demise of the print media, the rest of us are going to be out there on our own. Although there are Trippers who are also setters, thankfully.

    It is surprising that with DA’s love for words, his own story of scrabble and cryptics early in his life, and his obvious passion, that he doesn’t seem to be motivated to encourage newer solvers. But then that’s not what he sets out to do. He compiles for a niche, us silly b……s.

  34. I reckon his ‘Fairfax’ colleagues provide good, graded pathways for newbies into ‘the pleasures’ and, when/if they’re ready and willing, to stick their toes into DA’s waters. My partner is getting a good, enjoyed, and developing involvement via Liam Runnells in The Saturday Paper

  35. To MPD@4:58:- Melanie clearly asked for a hint at 6:58. I gave a cryptic hint which did not divulge how the themed answers would be derived. If you don’t want your confusion sorted out don’t choose to read DA Trippers
    Happy Plodding!

  36. Thanks Brond
    I worked it out then I understood your hint!
    It didn’t give it away for me

  37. Is it late enough to get a hint for how 29a modifies the 15 clues? Thanks

  38. Johnno2,
    I think there’s such a gulf of trickery between DA and the rest, that you could solve a 1000 ‘Fairfax’ non-DAs and not necessarily be any closer to solving a DA. I know plenty of people who happily solve all the crosswords except DA because they can’t make the leap that’s needed. There’s no pathway to DA as the rest employ none of the tricks that DA uses. There’s a little deception, but not much. DS understands the importance of blending definition and wordplay, but his anagram indicators need work. LR is still learning and shows promise, but the rest present no challenge. The ‘Fairfax’ cryptics are not good learning crosswords as they aren’t well written: no-one could cut their teeth on them and progress to the UK dailies, for example.
    Some people will never solve DA, either as a matter of taste or solving ability.

  39. I’ve finished the puzzle and thought it was one of his best. Can anyone explain the wordplay part of 13A for me?

  40. Hello Grey. 13a is a homophone of “sill” (ledge) and “vesta”, a type of match of the fire-lighting variety (that I’d never heard of).

  41. Thanks Jack. I knew the answer. It was the wordplay I couldn’t figure. Thanks Graham M. I’ve never heard of that type of match either.

  42. Graham ,
    If you watch things like Bargain Hunt, yes I do feel that old, I’ve heard them talk about Vesta cases that were used to carry the matches. They often have a striking section to light them.

  43. I note, Margaret, that the word “old” in the clue probably indicates that the term may be archaic. (My only recollection of Vesta was the just-add-boiling-water meals we used to survive on when bushwalking half a century ago!)

  44. Re talk of other Fairfax/Nine setters. I thought DS was especially good today.

  45. Gayle, for some reason I couldn’t get the “kip” in DS and couldn’t stop thinking of the wooden paddle you play two up with. Maybe I’m doing too many crosswords.

    I do remember the old Swan Vestas. They were an iconic brand in the UK and were “the smoker’s match” and were referenced a lot in popular culture… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swan_Vesta

  46. Tim C, I thought I would check this site before I retire for a bit of kip.

    The person who invented those vestas sure was a bright spark!

  47. Once i got 29A I was still not clear as what it required me to do to the 15 clues, so I looked it up online in the urban dictionary to see what it might be refering to.
    Piece of advice DONT!
    I was both shocked and disgusted.

  48. Good grief. This is the closest I’ve come to binning a DA in a while. Struggling on and off all day and still only got 6D, 7D and 18A. Any kind soul want to point me towards some easy ones?

  49. Carol, there are 4 which are not themed in my first pass list on Friday (@12:14 pm) which I found easier. They are 26a (think of a 6 letter word for dobber), 6d which you’ve got, 16d (simple anagram) and 24d (look for an included word). That also tells you indirectly which are some of the themed clues and if you get 24d that gets you a way in to 29a.

  50. This was a marathon, pun intended, as other activities kept my solving time to a number of short sessions which seems to suit my neurons (one of the pleasures for me is to see the different approaches of fellow Trippers.
    FOI 18A Loi 28A
    Recognised themed pieces in 10A and 1D,(having a science background helped) which gave the first word of 29A. Couldn’t parse 2nd word until it came to me in my sleep and realised Sat am I had been on the right path of thinking names of knights rather than operating on the generic word. The definition also became obvious, I often get misled by DA.
    Agree that this week was very enjoyable
    I liked 15A
    Thanks Tom TimC @ 6:29pm on 19/8 for explaining 5D

  51. long time lurker, first time poster… can someone please explain how the second word of 29A relates to the NB? I have solved the grid but still don’t understand how i got from Greek s***d to Greek a******t. Thankyou

  52. I got the theme long before I got 29a anothermelanie and couldn’t find another word that made sense of the NB but it has to be that from the wordplay. In the end I just shrugged my shoulders and put it down to another DA quirk. The second word has a definition “a diverse or confused mixture” but I think it’s a stretch when you relate that to the NB. Happy for better minds than me to come up with a convincing explanation.

  53. I take it that it’s late enough to reveal , for knight think name of a Round Table knight aka Galahad where g is position 1 of first word remove a and h and remnant gives 7-10 of second word. Pong 2-6

  54. Follow up second word gives sense of various pieces/components which leads to letters of Greek alphabet that appear embedded in 15 clues

  55. I am new to cryptic. I am sure this is a basic question. We guessed cone as anagram of once but how is part of boxing a cone.

  56. 1A was one of the 15 clues thet the instruction at the top of the page refered to.
    boXIng becomes bong.
    So clue now reads
    Part of bong oce mismanaged

  57. Cathy, each of fifteen clues concealed a Vreek letter. In 1a, the letter is xi. So as KraDen said, you need to remove xi from the clue. Another example is 1d, from which you need to remove omega. And 15d from which you need to remove delta. And so on.

  58. For a long time I had the wrong answer to 20A in my grid. I interpreted “Bug archival supply?” as LOUSE (lo-use). It had a question mark, and it was DA, so I let it through.

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