DA Confusion for the 15th of October, 2021

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

44 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 15th of October, 2021

  1. OK – done. I found quite a slog. And still don’t get all of 2D wordplay.
    FOI 6D.
    LOI 18A – and had never heard of before. Had to look it up to see if correct.
    Also never heard of 4A.
    12D wordplay tough / messy.
    And some others quite difficult IMO – 12A, 21A, 24A, 4D, 17D.
    My pick was 10A.
    Any hints for 2D wordplay appreciated.

  2. All done.

    I agree that the 2d wordplay seems a tad messy. If I’ve got it right.

  3. Finished, but not all parsed. LOI 18A. Initial instruction re 3D theme is pretty clunky. Why bother?

  4. Knew 18A , mostly from British crosswords. Same as the statesman. They must be useful for filling in grids. I didn’t know 4A either.

    FOsI 1 A and 1D. LOI 8D, mainly because I thought there was a ‘lift and separate’ indicator. The actual parsing is even worse though, IMO.

    Had a different network in mind for 20D which held me up in the SE . Also the def in 19D was a bit niche, or broad, depending on your point of view.

    Personal quibble with the movie star and the singer. I mean, they are, I suppose, but I avoid them both like the plague, which probably reflects how I’m feeling here in ‘quarantine’ . And now I’ve got a nasty earworm to boot.

    23A groanworthy. Liked 22D, 1A and 5D. Would have ticked 26A, only I think ‘quickly’ should be ‘shortly’.

    12A second last to parse, 12D still to go. Have tried writing it out laterally, but it’s giving nothing away.

    Took me ages to work out the indicator and hence wordplay in the missing 3D.

  5. Cute trick today! Went pretty smoothly though, done in a little under my normal time. Worked out 3D from the 9A clue and answer, confirmed with the instructions.

    FOI1A, 4A. LOI 3D, 4D. Other good starters might be 17D, 12A, 7D, 25D.

  6. After an hour had only solved seven, so abandoned ship today. Till next week …

  7. First rung gave me 10 answers. First ones 9a,3d,1a,13a and like AndrewT got 3d and then confirmed with the missing clue later. LOI 12d.
    Harder than it looked at first.

  8. Although I have completed it, I don’t get some of the wordplays.
    2D: Understand the anagram but how are letters 5,6 and 7 (and possibly 8) derived?
    8D: ? letters 5,6,7. Is “refit” meant to imply something needing repair or is there some other explanation.
    12D: Does “turn” give the first letter? Even if that’s so, can’t see the rest of the wordplay.

  9. Done, but once again only parsed/WOF’ed just over half of the clues; the rest I needed help with.

    FOI 7D f/b 1A/1D, LOI 14A.

    Easy starters are 11A, 1A/1D, 7D and possible 13A and 17D.

    Clues I can’t (fully) parse:
    – 23A: What is “Laggard’s author” doing here? Agree this clue is a groan moment.
    – 24A: Is “by” is the last 2 letters?
    – 26A: Agree with above that “shortly” is better than quickly; fun def though.

    – 4D: Not seeing what discontented is doing
    – 12 D: No idea tbh – a complete WOF from crossers
    – 17D: “turnout” is having me scratch my head; WOF’ed the answer after confirming starting letter from 17A and, if I’m right, wordplay for 1 + (2,3) letters is fine.
    – 19D: No idea, help please!

    Other comments:
    – Can’t believe I didn’t get 18A; international heritage should have made that an instant write-in
    – “to give out” is rather difficult imo for 5D; not sure if there is a better alternative though
    – Helps to know the supermarket for 4A but I, too, have never heard of the official term, though wordplay is fair enough
    – Re: 3D, I agree with Brond that it would just be better to clue it normally. I, too, had the experience of solving 3D after getting crossers from 1A, 9A and 11A.

  10. 23A is a bit weird in more ways than the pidgin. Actually, it’s “Laggard author’s”. You need laggard to clue letters 4-7

  11. Adam, 24A I think should have been a down clue.
    I read the breakdown as Gist of patriotism – supported by – white.

  12. 4D you have to read first up, then down. The novel is discontented, missing its middle.

  13. Alaric, Re 2d, there is a well known hospital in Sydney that is referred to by letters 5-7. It shares its longer name with a well known brand of breakfast cereal.
    8d, yes “refit” implies something in need of repair
    12d. “turn” doesn’t indicate the first letter (although it could!)

  14. Adam,, Sorry, I think you might have explained before. What is your acronym/initialisation WOF? I’m intrigued.

  15. Adam, “white” in 24a is not very accurate
    17d, turnout mean remover turn.

  16. @TimC/Gayle: ah, thanks for the hint on 24A; makes sense now.

    @ Gayle:
    – WOF = Wheel of Fortune, as in to guess the answer based on crossers. Thank-you for clearing up 4D, somehow I read the answer as including the missing letter.
    – Re: 23A, ohhhh, as in “John Smith is a laggard = is [letters 4-7]” ooof, no wonder I was having trouble haha

  17. Here is my parsing of 12D:
    Turn to list = 6-1
    Thinking snitch left = 7-11 (8 letter word then take away the first three letters)
    Betraying nothing = definition

  18. Quite interesting. And quite a challenge. FOI 15A, 7D, 1D, 5A; still missing 4A, 18A and 15D; still scratching my head over several wordplays; I quite liked quite a few, but favourite is 19D (having finally got it!)

  19. SB 4A. 1-5 supermarket. 6-9 strike (which I admit I’m only familiar with through British crosswords) Letter 9 = third of September. I didn’t know the answer but it’s interesting.

  20. 14A is a double definition, If you google pig food might get it, but more familiar in the northern hemisphere probably. Similarly, the other definition originally came from the northern hemisphere.
    What could be rigged? Think nautical.

  21. SB 15D Not real keen on this one. I think it might have worked better as an across clue.
    Letters 1-3. Reversal (countered) Article = letter 3. Letters 2 and 1, “I” = common crossword trick which I really don’t like as it’s not the same thing.
    Letters 4-9 = republic, which is not necessarily a republic.

  22. Gayle at 8.33 pm: You are so right about 2,1 of 15 D not being the same thing as ‘I’ That is why I cringe every time I hear someone say ‘between you and I’ and other similar abominations that show a lack of understanding of basic grammar.

  23. Clarifying 23A, Adam, the ‘pidgin’ confession is “1…2,3…4-7” (Also, btw, I think a difference between ‘quarantine’ and the answer (or ‘1-6-ion’) was debated here for another, quite recent, DA?)
    As a semi-serial griper, time to come – albeit grudgingly in this case, as I share your grrrrr-ness, Gayle, Jack, et al – to DA’s defence on I/me. Search ‘It is I or It is me’ on Google and you’ll find copious explanation of the correctness of both, and cryptic ‘rules’ only require words to be interchangeable in a sentence…

  24. Thanks Julian for parsing of 12D. And thanks Gayle for all your hints.
    Jack, I too bristle when people misuse “I”. Almost EVERYBODY does it, except for Stephen Fry. It makes I mad as hell. (😄😉) All the same, there are some contexts in which I’m not sure which is correct.

  25. I’m interested to know how others parsed 3D. Earlier Trippers said they got it quite quickly, as did I. And in a way I agree with Brond’s suggestion that maybe DA needn’t have bothered. It didn’t add much to the puzzle as a whole.

    But cryptic masochist me then wanted to parse it, which took me a while, as I was barking up the wrong tree initially, and I still may be. Is 14A doing double duty? Maybe that’s why DA wanted to put it in … . a little extra challenge at the end if someone wanted to take it that far.

  26. Gayle, someone (dressed) ‘1,2…3-10’ would be ‘as (a) reverend’ (is dressed) (though I think it should be …3-10s’?)

  27. Gayle,
    ‘investment’ is not doing double-duty (as no clue word should).
    The ‘banks’ of the previous three words give the answer.

  28. Oh, for goodness’ sake! I never scrolled down to 27A. Serves me right for not printing it out, but I’d rather blame DA for not telling me how many marked clues to look for.
    I thought my parse was pretty good considering :-)

    Thank you

  29. Sorry, Gayle; I misunderstood your need. My response must have seemed like a Suck Eggs tute!

  30. I appreciated your attempt to help johnno2, thankyou, but also your response was right on what I was trying to do with 3D without having 27A. I enjoyed your contribution, and I thought it might just be he knows that I know and I know that he knows. Now everyone knows! (I’m the red-faced one.)

  31. Connie’s sooo goood. And to put up with John for soo long. My husband and I have a lot of shared jokes including Manuel. I think Connie and John still did some gigs together even after they were no longer an item. Same with Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac). If you know Fawlty Towers you probably know them too

  32. I’m much more an FT type, less an FM one.
    But I presume it’s the era (‘our era’?!) you’re referring to… ;-)

  33. This site used to be a great last resort for those of us who couldn’t get that last word or wordplay, and everybody helped. Now it’s just a forum for self-absorbed whingers who blame the compiler when they can’t figure it out

  34. Posts must be at least 15 characters, apparently; all I wanted to say was


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