DA for the 6th of August, 2021

Report about your fun with the DA this week — which DA himself claims is bizarro!

8 thoughts on “DA for the 6th of August, 2021

  1. 😩 fun you say? Torturous I say.
    This will take a while 😖.
    But I am determined to conquer!

  2. For Sue Tracy

    22a… Definition is the first word. “spray” is the anagrind for “corroding face”, i.e. ‘c’+’ukheard’
    23a… “calm”=reassure. “first to advance from” removes the ‘a’ and “apple hub” i.e. ‘p’ is added to the start.

  3. Thanks Tim C we got everything but could never justify 22a – the C word indeed!

  4. Hi aw from the Confusion thread
    You’ve got 8D as the instruction.
    I would start with 7A and 18D as they’re short and not a lot going on in those two, except for the double letter. Find the double, and subtract it.

    Some of the clues are not quite so obvious and a few of us had difficulties. Some had more than one double and you had to work out which one to subtract. Beware of the trap with 16A. It’s not themed. There are explanations for some of the trickier clues earlier in the Confusion thread.

    And to make things more complex, DA used a few of his other tricks as well, eg punctuation and capitalisation, or not, eg in 8A and 9A. in 8A the key word shouldn’t have a capital, and a word in the definition for 9A should.

    Hope that helps.

  5. And remember what DA Junkie said:

    “And just as an aside, the puzzle has 26 clues in total.
    17 are themed.
    That leaves 9 clues.
    Of those 9, 8 have the structure that could also fit the theme, so can easily lead to misdirection.”

  6. Thank you! I’ve never finished a DA – by comparison, marathons are easy. I should have twigged the application of 8D. Doh! But I learn a bit each week with help from all of you.

  7. “22a… Definition is the first word”

    It’s my last unparsed bit and despite all my googling cannot work out how either the first word or its themed counterpart could mean the answer – any slightly more explicit help is appreciated!

  8. Yes, Vincent, the definition is the first word, once it’s been “processed”. It’s a noun, in fact it’s a person, and the whole caboodle is an anagram of “c” (corroding face) and “UK heard”.

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