DA Confusion for the 6th of August, 2021

Have your confusions sorted out for this combined lockdown!

Be warned: DA has described this week’s crossword as bizarro.

66 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 6th of August, 2021

  1. OK – wow – what a doozy.
    Got 8D almost immediately. But then what!!!
    Stuck for about an hour, getting the odd normal clue.
    Finally got a themed (as these were all I had left – all 17).
    Penny started to drop.
    But them still difficult to solve, as clues very tricky.
    For example, I was completely misdirected on 23A for a long time.
    Anyway, now all out.
    Very clever I think.
    Well done DA.

  2. DAJunkie,
    You’ve made me nervous…I often check with trippers before I look at DA…I think after your comments, I should put the kettle on, have another caffeine shot, and look for any weeds to pull out in the yard. Have a good week.

  3. Yes, I got 8D first off too … but I didn’t ‘get’ the theme until near the end. 23A definitely the pick of them!

    FOI 8D, 11A; LOI 23A, 1D.

  4. Came here as progress has slowed after about a dozen clues, and I’m now thinking of joining happy chappy in the garden. 8d wasn’t difficult, but I haven’t worked out its relevance yet. On the other hand, I nominate 19a as DA’s easiest ever cryptic clue.

    Might see youse all later … but more likely, next week.

  5. Morning
    Got 8D right away and 6 non themed clues then 23A off the first 7 words but can’t see how it’s defined by last word via the theme

  6. Yes! I’ve figured out how to apply 8d! A few clues I’d already solved make more sense now, and it looks like this could be quite an enjoyable experience. Forget the garden. Just thought you might like to know …

  7. And just as an aside, the puzzle has 26 clues in total.
    17 are themed.
    That leaves 9 clues.
    Of those 9, 8 have the structure that could also fit the theme, so can easily lead to misdirection.

  8. DAJunkie

    Thanks the penny dropped earlier after I posted when I got 15 across which is a good easy one to start with

  9. Note to self: next time DAJunkie warns of fire and brimstone, stay the course!

    I had a great time today; my perseverance proved very 12a. I wonder what it’s like to be there when our master gets an idea for a new “twist”? “Go back to sleep, darling, it’s three o-clock in the morning …”

    I haven’t worked out how the pageboy relates to 15d. Still scratching my head re 16a & 22a. Lots of big smiles today, and even a little chuckle at 1d, my favourite.

    Come back from the garden, hc!

  10. Graham M,
    15D – “pageboy” = 5,6
    16A (my last in) – involves a 13 letter word with 5 letters removed.
    22A – can’t hint without giving away too much I think.

  11. DAJ, letters 5 & 6 are the only ones in 15d I hadn’t accounted for, but I don’t see how they relate to a pageboy. Is it some literary connection? Might have to wait and see what Zinzan says. The other two still haven’t hit me either. Might be time to gopher a walk.

  12. So, I am recuperating after hospital. I have the day to myself to conquer DA. And then this! I too got 8d straight away. I also got 19a. I have a tentative shop for 11a, and a possible wordplay to go with it, but with no confidence. And that’s it. No idea of anything from there. I’d love to join the fun if anyone can give me something to hold onto.

  13. FOI 8d (seems to be common) and it seemed clear reading the clues what was needed. First pass through yielded 11a,19a,24a,13d and then it was a bit of a struggle. LOI 16a.
    Favourite 1d (yes, Graham M it made me smile as well.
    I wondered about 2d. Putting “of” in front of a noun to indicate an adjective just seems a bit forced.

    Look at a dictionary definition of pageboy Graham M and 5,6 in 15d should become clear.

  14. Sandy, read the last 2 words of 8d back to front and then apply that to most of the clues.

  15. We are a couple of average DA solvers who normally get a lot of pleasure from Friday’s paper. Today however in the middle of lockdown it became a grind and a lot of WTF moments. Perhaps in happier times we would have enjoyed it more.

  16. All done.
    Got 8d as first but it was still a struggle to find all of them. Some good ones today.

    Graham M,
    Pageboy in an example of a 5,6.

  17. Thanks Tim C. I had been thinking it may be something along those lines. Got a couple of themed clues now. But still a long way to go.

  18. Like many others 8d was first in. I found the requirement through solving 9a on the wordplay, wondering if there was a special particular geographic feature in the answer (I’m not a denizen) and then the penny dropped. As well as 1d, I enjoyed 8a and 13d. Thanks DA for filling in a few hours of lockdown ennui.

  19. I also got 8D early and quickly saw how the theme worked. However, there were still some tough ones. I thought 16A was the toughest (probably because I thought at first that it was themed). I had not heard of 18D.

  20. Thanks to those who assisted me with “pageboy”. I wasn’t aware of its second meaning. I even starred as a pageboy in a G&S production in the sixties (my dad was musical director). Now that’s going back a bit …

  21. And the reason I got so stuck with 16a was that I thought it was a themed clue and was trying to think of obstacles on the piste. Oh dear.

  22. I think a few of us fell for the 16a trap. I still think the wording is a touch clunky but, I think, I’ve got the wordplay right. It fits with DAJunkie’s hint.

    I wonder how many of the, younger, set would have heard of 20d.

  23. Margaret,
    re 16A – yes – “put in skipping” removes the first 5 letters of the 13 LW.
    And 20D, I completely agree. Though maybe the old joke about “friendship” vs “help” may have kept it alive. But then on more reflection, maybe not as even the joke is obviously old.

  24. Margaret,
    I might be kidding myself to think I’m still in the ‘younger set’, but 20d was quite familiar to me (although with an air force engineer for a father, I might have had an advantage).

    I was about to request more advice on the wordplay for 16A, but DAJunkie’s last tip has put me right, thanks!

  25. DAJunkie,
    Yeah, that agrees with my view on 16a.

    With 20d – I wonder if you could do a “friends with benefits” word play, with this. Might be a rabbit hole too far.

  26. Graham M,
    It must just be me today…I became acquainted with the weeds…saw how well they were doing, and I left them to it.
    Looked again at DA, and decided that I’d leave it till you trippers explained it all.
    See you next week.

  27. Internet died yesterday and no paper. Looking forward to the revelations.

  28. DAJunkie, re 20D, I didn’t know the ‘Friendship’ vs ‘help’ joke ( had to look it up – and I’m old-ish) but 20D is also part of a great Aussie quote of an airline employee telling a disappointed traveller that there’s no seats left on a regional flight. Probably a bit soon to be more specific.

  29. Loads of fun today, just over an hour working as a duo on zoom. Great diversion for lockdown.

  30. This is the hardest DA I think I’ve ever attempted. Why now? On the other hand, I think we could all do with a DAstraction.

  31. Unlike everyone else I’ve failed to work out 8D (as usually happens with themed puzzles) so very little progress. I’ve given up and will wait for the answers tomorrow.
    Too cold for gardening in Melbourne today!!

  32. I got the theme in seconds. Have solved a few clues but have no idea of the connection.
    Might have to give up.

  33. That was a bit of a head-spin, just right for the post-work wrestle.

    I went down the wrong path with Hopper for 18d, but got back on track after working on the theme.

    But I can’t work out why 23a is what it is. Any hints?

    Have a good weekend, all.

  34. 23a… definition is “commerce” (after the theme is applied). Take an 8 letter word meaning “calm” (verb), then remove (“from”) “first to advance”(1 letter) and then put “apple hub” (1 letter) at the start.

  35. I got sidetracked for a while with that clue by wrongly applying the theme to the first word of the clue. :)

  36. Lots of great and amusing clues today – I’m yet to completely finish, – but am pausing to point out, as I’m a pedant, that strictly speaking, 5d is an output issue. ( Meeoow ! )

  37. Julie. . 5d. I would disagree, as its my profession . int an intake issue but we use output as a measurement

  38. Scott – intake issues cause stridor, and output issues cause wheeze. (and air trapping). 5d causes wheeze. Granted , it’s hard to do both, AFTER the wheeze and air trapping.

  39. Also went the way of an alpine sport in 16A. Thanks for help DAJ, and agree Margaret, it’s a bit clunky. A lot of this week’s GK would be a bit dated for some, even 13A these days.
    Twigged to the device early in 8D, but took a while to see where to apply it. Enjoyed the hunt, and the misdirections. 8A and 22A last ones to parse. There was so much packed into those two.

  40. I just learned a new word from Julia Baird – freudenfreude. It’s a much nicer word than it’s bizarro twin. Thanks Julia for teaching me a new word, as does DA most weeks!

  41. I am defeated. For example Could some please explain fully how 22a and 23a work.? In a side panel perhaps so as those who don’t need as much help as me won’t see it.

  42. 8d and the theme’s application came quickly thanks to 7a, 24a and 13d. Smooth sailing up until the last four, which I’ve been stuck on for a while. 2d, 6d, 16a and 14d. One must be themed, which I suspect is 16a but could be 2d or 14d. Will keep trying, but not expecting much success. Also don’t understand 4d, which I know is themed, but wordplay made the answer obvious. Amazing effort by DA to fit 17 themed clues plus a signpost phrase into one crossword.

  43. The definition in 4d is just a random male name common in a certain country unless I’ve misunderstood David S

  44. Thanks Tim C, I thought I was missing a specific reference. All out now. I didn’t really like 16a, but it didn’t help that I thought it would be a themed clue.

  45. After a brief flirtation with the 8A direction being something to do with ‘posteriors’ (13A and 6,7,8 of 9A homophonically) its true purpose dawned, when that other DA came to my rescue in 13D! I do like the ‘aha!’ frisson from finally getting a ‘big’ DA theme!
    I’ve got a couple of quibbles (again…oh dear). It’s probably churlish to disturb the freudenfreude of this thread (have I used that new word correctly here?) Can someone recommend an appropriate quibblebox somewhere else on this very excellent site?

  46. I’d just quibble here johnno2. One of my minor ones is “weekends” in 20d, which to me means ‘wk’ or ‘ek’.

  47. I wondered whether DA might have compiled this week’s crossie in January 2020 from the juxtaposition of 9A (with its definition) and 10A.

  48. Tim C, David S, it seems that 4d refers to a city (didn’t know that either until I check zinzan).

    Liked today’s overall; doable with a bit of challenge. 6d is an excellent word; came up somewhere in the last week, though I didn’t get it till quite late.

  49. Yes Victor, Leon as a family name in Spain comes from the town in the NW of the country, which is different to the first name use which is Greek (for Lion). I had to check as well that Leon’s lass would be a 4d.

    I hadn’t seen 6d for a long time, but I agree it’s a great word. It always makes a synaptic connection to Fagin when I hear it. :)

  50. I actually did OK on this. Only took 36 hours. But not completed because don’t understand how solved 12A – help?

  51. Damien, 1-5 and 9-10 clothes 6-8 (I hope that’s not too much too early, Trippers!)
    Thanks Tim. DA helped me a lot with my own puzzle making so I feel like I’m ‘biting the hand’…
    But anyway, my quibbles were (and I stand to be admonished and/or corrected!):
    * Your one – should have been, say, ‘Two weekends…’
    * 2A – Should be ‘…rubberING’ (with other changes as necessary to retain a grammatical surface)
    * Themed-down definition is a British construct that has 5-8 in it but not 1-8 (the latter is Austro-Hungarian, as in supposed trigger for The Great War)

  52. Flummoxed. 8D no problem, and a few others, but no eureka. Depressing. I was hoping someone would explain on the other site.

  53. Hi Aw
    I’ve posted on the other thread.
    Sing out if you need more, but most of the tricky clues have been explained earlier here in the Confusion thread.

  54. I’d give yourself a chance to recover after the marathon before you start another one :-)

  55. I told you I stood to be corrected and I’m upright now! Cleverly spotted, 9A 1-6, and thankyou! :-)

  56. HandM, welcome aboard. I’m guessing you’re new here. You seem to have come here with a lovely arms open approach. Perfectly civil. But I’m not sure you quite understand how this site works.
    I think you’re supposed to either:
    a) get the earliest possible time stamp on your post, regardless of its content, or
    b) critique Mozart’s choice of notes, or
    c) ask for help on something that you couldn’t possibly have had any real time to think about because you were too busy with the site rather than the crossword

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