DA Confusion for 7th of May, 2021

Get your confusions resolved now that we’re back up. Again, sorry for the interruptions, but we’re back in the saddle and ready to resolve!

46 thoughts on “DA Confusion for 7th of May, 2021

  1. OK – done.
    FOI 1A. Then 1D.
    LOI 6A.
    Took me ages to get 21A,2D,18A.11A. Once in, rest came pretty easy.
    Having said that, don’t have wordplay for 9A.
    And have a 1 letter discrepancy for 8D wordplay.

  2. DAJ, 9A is a word meaning “dropped” with all but the last letter.

  3. Easy today, though still trying to parse 8D.
    Great to have this forum back online!

  4. Brond, think I have figured 8D. “revolutionary” is not 4,5,6 (as I was thinking) – instead “revolutionary over” is 7,6,5,4. This gives me the letter was missing – and the rest sorts itself out.

  5. A bit trickier today I thought. First pass only gave 1D and 15D. LOI 24D.
    13D was clever and I smiled at ‘Noble bashes’ in 4D.
    Took a bit longer than 23A today.

  6. An enjoyable experience today with plenty of smiles. My favourite was 13d. The standard test for popularity was new to me. Still haven’t parsed 14d, nor fully understood 8d.

  7. Graham M – 14D – “call, after one rose” gives 6,5,7,8,9. Hope helps.

  8. Thanks DA Junkie – well nutted out! Methinks this clue is inelegant. Perhaps it’s sour grapes………

  9. Ah, yes, thank you DAJunkie.

    By the way, much as I liked the standard test for popularity, that clue’s not really cryptic, is it?

  10. Thank you too, Tim. And I just spotted the cryptic element of that clue!

  11. I think I get 8d. It produced a groan, rather than a smile. I had thought the cropped image gave 1-3 and couldn’t explain 9. All a bit convoluted, methinks.

    Time to go for a walk.

  12. Great to have this forum back!!!! I don’t sign in often, but I follow it every week, and missed it.
    I too enjoyed 13D, also 6A, and others.
    Missing 4D, 24D (though I can probably guess) and 26A, and would welcome a nudge.

  13. Glad to get trippers back! I enjoyed this. But still can’t get 6a or 7d. Any hints?

  14. Thanks Sandy Mc. Still unclear about 4D (and 1st word of 10A) – will think about it.
    6A is a new word for me – v clever clue I thought – it breaks up into 3, 2
    And 7D def is a very familiar item. It’s there in front of you in the clue.

  15. And than you SB. I had worked out 7d (unnecessarily convoluted IMHO). But would never have got 6a without your hint and a word finder. Never heard the word before.

  16. There is a classic movie from 1957, titled ’12 Angry Men,’ in which Juror 12 actually uses that popularity expression in today’s crossword; Juror 12 is an advertising executive, the industry from which the expression derives.

  17. Anyone got today’s grid to share? Been away from them for a while. Thanks!

  18. Still going. Agree with other posters – 13D was a corker!

    4D was new to me too.

  19. Maybe it’s obvious but I’m mystified by 12A which nobody has mentioned. Any hints please?

  20. Utter is a homophone indicator for ‘ratbag’ at 1-4 (rude word warning for the tenderer souls amongst us). 5-7 is a 4 letter word for ‘volume’ (think tomes) reduced by one letter (minimised?) and the definition is “source of anxiety”. Not a common word. Minimised is a bit iffy as a truncation indicator.

  21. Yes, “paper” in 6d refers to things such as the Daily Telegraph, Trish. ;)

  22. All done. Been a busy day. I did like the “standard test” clue.
    Learnt a few more words.

  23. Thanks for the couple of parades I needed you for, folks. 8D was one – I, too, couldn’t see the clueing for 9. Isn’t it scary that DA probably planned the cropped image misdirect!

  24. I don’t know Johnno2, I think we all ‘parade’ our skills on this site from time to time!

  25. Nice thought melanie, but wouldn’t that be “Like garden, at an angle”?

    I’ve been entering the Azed competition in the Grauniad for the last few months where one clue is just a definition and you have to supply a clue for it as the tiebreaker. It’s made me appreciate how difficult writing a really good clue is, especially when I see the winning entries compared to my poor efforts.

  26. Mostly enjoyable.
    4D. Why is “noble here” – “bashes” is an adequate definition? Is it to mislead one into thinking that “bashes” is a verb? 14D. I wouldn’t use cunning as synonym for 1-4, but Chambers has it, so fair enough.

  27. Not sure I understand your question about 4d richard. Yes, I think the misdirection is in suggesting bashes to be a verb where it is a noun meaning parties. I think the noble bit suggests that they are finer occasions than bog standard parties.

  28. Wow Melanie, I’m glad that answer didn’t occur to me, as I wouldn’t have been able to let go of it! Perfect fit.

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