DA Confusion for the 23rd of April, 2021

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA special.

44 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 23rd of April, 2021

  1. A bit early in the morning for today’s crossie, but light and entertaining.
    6A went straight in and guessed the theme so then 1A and 2D. Slowed down a bit after that.
    Didn’t know the partnership but liked the clue. Favourites (clues, that is) were 19D, 15D and 10A.
    30A made me laugh in the context, although it’s the wrong time of year.
    26D Liked the surface and def, but really? Is that a word?
    And I have the bits of 16A and 21D but not the grammar. They just look plain wrong …. well, maybe I need to sleep it off and come back to it.

  2. OK – done.
    It may be just me, but I am a little tired of what I think is becoming DA’s favourite trick of using “reduced” words (either truncated or extracted – but particularly truncated). It is used a lot.

    Gayle – re 16A – I agree. Then looked it up and actually found that meaning – so learnt something.
    And for 21D, it is one of the above and, as read, is a substitution / replacement of four for one (or more specifically five minus one for one).

  3. @DAJ, I’m still perplexed.
    A Is ‘carry’ used as an adjective, or a noun and not a verb?
    B Is the answer used as a verb, or is off doing double duty?
    C none of the above

    Had another look at 21D. I thought the components needed a switch/contrary indicator in my first reading.
    My second take is:
    Letters 4-7 (originally 4-8 with the last letter deleted) pinches/steals/deletes the last letter of the originally 4 letter word above it. I still think there needs to be some indication of direction.
    This would be much easier to illustrate if I could use a kind of Venn diagram set on the vertical plane. Am I getting warmer?

  4. 21D – that’s how I read. “Joy nearly” gives 4,5,6,7 – and it “pinched” letter 4 of other 1,2,3,4 word.

    And for 16A – I have found a defn of the answer that says:
    “carried on or transported by means of …”
    As said, did not know – and may be wrong.

  5. Thanks DAJunkie. I suppose that ‘carry’ + ‘off’ or ‘on’ will do in the sense of transport (verb). but it has to be ‘off’ for the wordplay.

  6. Gayle and DAJunkie,
    I was about to ask you both to please speak slowly and distinctly, until WHAM! your discussion of 21d confirmed what I thought the W clue was referring to, and have decided to keep having a go.
    Thank you both.

  7. Wow, hc, if you worked out 21D from our dishcussion, you’re going to breeze through the rest. I’d make a start with 6A and 1A, Enjoy!

  8. Gayle,
    Lovely to get your confidence boost!
    Do you think you could keep discussing the rest of it with DAJunkie so that I have some hope with the rest of it?
    I’ve done about a quarter of it, but keep thinking of your encouraging words, and will therefore continue to muddle through.
    I have 1a, and would like to make a start with 6a, verrrrry much, however…

  9. Picked the wrong word for W after my FOI which set me back for quite a while … eventually done in a bit over normal time.

    FOI 6A, 7D; LOI 20A, 21D.

  10. And beware the traps for young players, eg punctuation. and the W has to be seen in the context of the rest of the clue.

  11. DAJunkie.
    Oh yes. I was unloading the wrong bit. I’m sure you can see my mistake. Thanks.

  12. Ohhh! Thanks Brond. Have to rephrase my comment on punctuation,…… but pay close attention when it’s a question mark at the end!!

  13. Gayle and DAJunkie
    Good to have it all without resorting to 6a/1a.
    Thanks for your help.

  14. This puzzle would make an ideal accompaniment to Monty Python’s cheese shop sketch, yes? Some of the ‘W’s are almost as obscure as some of the cheeses, methinks.

    After about an hour I was nowhere near finished, and had had few smiles, so once again I gave up and looked at the solution. I have a long “Huh?” list, but who cares? It’s a beautiful day here and I’m about to embark on my second walk over Muttonbird Island.

  15. The definition in 16A reminds me of the classic riddle: “What’s brown and sticky?”

  16. DA for 30 April.
    Found the solving pretty straightforward but lots to like eg 1A, 11A, 17A, 19A, 20A, 22A, 26A, 28A, 30A, 2D, 4D, 8D, 14D and18/3D.
    Favourites 18/3d and 30A.

    Still two to parse, 7D and 29A. Hopefully someone will drop in, now that we’re up and running again.

  17. I think 29A is a double definition.
    I also can’t parse 7D.
    And yet to get 30A, 9D/21D or 25D

  18. Hi LJ. Thankyou for 29A! Didn’t occur to me to look it up as I thought it was part of a tricky wordplay. Learned something new.

    1-3 issue (abbreviated publication)
    4-6 reversal (‘raised’ in a down clue) of a synonym for dismiss or reject
    7- 9 drawing (‘on’ top of in a down clue) A (letter 10)

  19. 25D is an abbreviation. ‘March’ in the sense of a protest. And ‘sample’ as a noun, I imagine, I think is a bit iffy.

  20. Before I get on to 30 April, I’m not sure how 26D of the April 23 comes out. I got the answer from the wordplay, but is ‘flat ‘ the definition? Seems a bit lame.
    I’ve finished 30 April, but need someone to explain parsing for the following:
    5A, 7D.
    With 7D, ‘positive bit possibly’ is the definition I think, but ‘to pass from fire’ doesn’t help me.
    Thanks LJ for 29A explanation. It is indeed a double definition. Read no further if you don’t want hints with your ‘yet to gets’.
    30A twaddle 1,2,8 signify 3-6 billions 7 Current government might not like this definition.
    9D/21D issue 1-3, to dismiss raised 4-6 drawing 7-9
    25D double definition
    I hope this is not too much too early. The whole thread has been put out of whack by the running out of bandwidth last week.

  21. 30A the definition and surface made me laugh, although the parsing came late and is a bit awkward.
    I read it as:
    3,4,5,6 signify
    7 billions

    all inside (entered) 1,2,8 twaddle

  22. Hi Viv, 26D in 23rd April. I thought both the def and the wordplay were a bit off.
    I get flat (as definition, with a bit of a smile) but haven’t seen the wordplay written that way.

  23. Viv, I read 5A in 30 April as double definition Word 1, and Words 2&3. Although the word has a special meaning in the racehorses context, the meaning is not very dissimilar. I suppose the cryptic thing is that ‘run’ in the answer could be either a noun or a verb , and in the wordplay it’s a verb.

  24. I believe there are two possibilities for the definition in 26D of 23 April, i.e. a specific unit number or ‘one-dimensional.’

    Regarding 7D of 30 April, add the word ‘pass’ to the final answer, and you will find your ‘fire.’

  25. I’m really stuck on 7D in 30 April.
    I was trying to work on a word for ‘fire’ as in one’s belly, and delete that bit. But can’t explain the possibly.

  26. Thanks Jack for 7D. I had the right sense of fire but the wrong word., that ‘bit’ was confusing.

  27. Is there some reason for there being no separate entity for 30 April, instead of being tacked onto 23 April? I was unable to get into the site at all last week or yesterday, so I expect there are still some issues.

    This week, it seemed to take me ages to solve the SE corner, even though 28A was my FOI.

  28. Thanks, Gayle. I love his description of ‘some nefarious entity.’ DA should try to use that as a clue some time.

    Incidentally, I spent ages chasing dinosaurs, as I had not heard of T.Rex in the context of 23,12. Putting W.A. Spooner in the same clue doubly confused me. I sure hope DA doesn’t set a crossword about rappers, as I abhor such ‘entertainment.’

  29. Thanks Jack for parsing 7D (& Doh!)
    I think the reason for tacking onto last week’s Confusion was they couldn’t create a separate thread until today/new month.
    See comment now there about bandwidth issues.

    Thanks Gayle & Viv all now sorted.

    I cannot believe I couldn’t get 30A (it & its “issues” has been a major focus of my work for 3+ years) – my only defence is that I had 25D wrong.

  30. Thanks Gayle, 5A hit me only moments later. I was looking at ‘run’ as a verb. Also 7D. Was thinking of ‘fire’ as in the physical object. The ‘possibly’ is because the the subject of the solution could be negative and not positive.
    Jack, thankyou! I can’t believe that I didn’t think of ‘one-dimensional’. In that case, it is very clever.

  31. And thanks Jack for the extra meaning for 26D of 23 April. I now appreciate the clue much more and can hear DA chuckling to himself over that one.

    Enjoyed your comments about the triple whammy in the Spoonerised T-Rex answer. I’m often amazed as to how much DA knows about ‘popular’ ‘culture’ across decades, although he may just decide on a word to clue and consults www like the rest of us.

    And a postcsript, maybe ‘iffy’ wasn’t fair re the ‘sample’ definition in 25 D in 30 April. It’s there in the context of ‘sample’ tape (recording) and any number of things I haven’t thought of.

  32. @richard, if you’ve come here from the Bandwidth thread:
    8D Letters 1- 4, ‘Quaint measure’ is an old-fashioned one, although it depends on your age. It’s one that’s familiar to me. Minus ‘on’ (deducted).
    And then another ‘quaint measure’. Letters 5-9.
    ‘Calculus’ suggest you look up. The answer is painfully familiar to me.

  33. Good to see the site back. I was late starting last week so the site was down before I got on.
    Agree about 1-4 of 8d Gayle. I have a few vessels of 1 xxxxon size (UK not US) as they conveniently produce 6 standard bottles of home made wine.
    Otherwise, pretty straightforward. Would it be a safe 15d that we’re due a curly one soon?

  34. Good to see you all back here.

    I’d been wanting to say since Apr 23 that on that day I bought a unit in a street with the same name as 7D. Austral. A neat coincidence.

  35. Unlikely to be anyone still here, so my numbskullness probably won’t be noticed, but, unlike most over on the failed 30th thread and in this thread, I found this one quite hard – a couple of Danword visits, several Crosswordsolver and Thesaurus visits, and Mr Google for ‘one half’ of the 29A DD. And I still need some parsing, please: 10A, 4th letter in16A, 14D.
    And seeing as there’s no-one there, I’ll indulge myself in a couple of beefs:
    * I believe the cross in Greek is Chi, not Tau
    * Robodebt, bad though it was, was not money-MAKING, it was (very wrongful) money-RECOVERING

  36. johnno2, I’m still here! Just finished and also came in search of parsing help.
    10a – answer is a double definition – a “brown” you’d find in the library (i.e. an author), and also “brown” in a judo school is a belt colour/level (answer is another word for level)

    16a – I believe the fourth letter comes from “close to office” but I’m not completely sure

    14d – first word is a synonym for “dope” (slang meaning gossip), second word is another word for “subsequent” that fails to finish (i.e. missing the last letter)

    On your first beef, I would agree that 28a’s answer isn’t the most cross-like of the Greek characters, but perhaps it is more so in certain typefaces/handwritings? On your second beef, isn’t “recovering” money from people who don’t owe you any technically “making” money off them?

  37. Thanks, eemia, and welcome to After School Care!
    10A – I had DUN, being a sort of brown! D’oh!
    16A – makes sense, but then it annoys me that ‘close’ has to apply to both ‘car’, for the R, and ‘office’ for the E. I don’t think that ‘double duty’ follows the rules; ‘car’ and ‘office’ should be next to each other, with or without a conjunction, either before or after ‘close (to)’
    14D – I was trying to find the other T, thinking LATE was being clued but, of course. it was LATTER! D’oh! again!
    Thanks, too, for your beef thoughts. Mr Google has confirmed ‘Greek letter for cross’ gives TAU. Somewhere else (I now can’t find) connected CHI and ‘cross’! I’m a bit tau…
    It’s a scary thought that a government might think it could ‘make’ (i.e. keep for itself and not redistribute to taxpayers) money…

  38. johnno,
    in 16ac, ‘after start, car’ is not the A of ‘after’. It means ‘car’, after it’s start which is C, leaving AR.
    The ‘close to office’ is then just E, inside TRIES.

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