DA Confusion for the 2nd of October, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s October DA.

67 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 2nd of October, 2020

  1. All done.

    FOI – 12a
    LOI – 6d

    I did like this crossword; there were some fun clues.

    Still thinking about a couple of clues with the wordplay. Will have another look in the morning with fresh eyes.

    Have fun.

  2. My, you are a night owl, Margaret!

    Only about halfway through, myself — will continue after my morning constitutional. Easy starters: 12a, 16a, 22a, 25d.
    28a/1a made me smile.

  3. Agree , fun crossword. 24 a last one in from crossers. Made me laugh. Should have been a wake-up to that. But it seems to me there’s a superfluous word in there. I mean I can see why it’s there but I think the clue works without it. SE corner in first.

    Yet to parse 7d. The grammar seems off, and not sure what’s missing.

  4. Gayle – do not now if you want help with 7D or not. So will only say it is to do with HP.

  5. All understood now.
    Some quite interesting word play today.
    I did like 24a as well and 20d.

    DAJunkie, maybe a tad early for that hint.

  6. All done. Quite enjoyable and satisfying today. My “Huh?” list is 24a, 19a, 7d, but don’t help me too early! Learnt a new meaning for 5d.

  7. Making a late start, 8A and 2D good beginning, no genius required..

  8. Not too hard, apart from one clue with a Potter reference. Enjoyed 15A.
    But what synonym for ‘peevish” is needed in 26A?1

  9. Mike, have you, like me, fallen into the trap of thinking “left” clues 3?…
    Meanwhile, at some suitable time, could someone give me the wordplay for 11A, 24A and 28A (don’t leave it too long; I might go mad(der)!)

  10. 28A/1A – hard to explain without giving a way. You need to figure out the rest.

  11. Well I must not be firing on all cylinders today as I struggled a bit especially toward the end, unlike others it seems. Still pondering 2 wordplays.
    First ones 12A,22A,26A,13D,25D. Last ones 11A,21A. Favourite has to be 24A (I don’t think there’s a superfluous word Gayle), with 28A/1A a close second.
    Thought the definition for 2D was not specific enough, and showing is a bit strange in 27A/6A

  12. Johnno2, 28a/1a is clever, but it doesn’t contain a definition. A definition might be “I’m always busy”. (I hope I haven’t given too much away …)

  13. Mike, after some guesswork I too now understand that clue with the Potter reference. No wonder it took me a while.

  14. Graham M,
    IMHO for 28a/1a the entire clue is the definition. It is just a statement.

  15. Thanks Junkie and Graham. I went and mowed the ‘lawn’ and came back fresh.
    24A qualifies as a D’oh! The Master of The Mislead strikes again…
    Re 28A, though, I’m more forgiving of myself. I did get it, and I don’t think there should be the gap between the last of the three missing letters and “PER” (no such gap in 4D); I read PER as a separate word, clueing 7,8,9, then was trying to work out how the clue worked for the 6-letter ‘objective’ of the 9-letter personage intended by the clueing!
    Re the 28A no / definition controversy, my two penn’orth is to observe that the whole 4D clue is the definition, so I expect DA intended that for 28A too. Though I can’t quite see how…

  16. My LOI was 24A, but it turned out to be my favourite. The wizard clue was not bad either. All in all, a most enjoyable DA.

  17. quite fun – but I’m stuck on NE corner – 27/6, 10A, 12A (even though it’s FOI for some), 6D, 7D, 8D. And not sure of wordplay for a few including 28/1, 11A, 19A. (BTW my ‘peevish’ for 26A is a 7 letter word)

  18. 12A is an old measure. One of two presidents is 1-4.
    19A start with a 7 letter word for slimmest.
    Word for peevish in 26A I had as a 5 letter word.

  19. 17D meat is 2-5, four out of five is 1,6, salt is 7
    11A Hollywood star is 4-8, host is 3,2,1

    My only wordplay I can’t get is 21A. Any subtle hints?

  20. 6D, gun is 5,4,3, Saharan is 1,2,6,7 (a bit obscure but I remember this being used before)
    8D wings side-to-side is 1,7, puzzle is 2-6.

  21. 10A near is 1-5, sat is 6-11. I don’t think the definition is the best for this clue

  22. Tim C – 21A – yeah easy to be misled. So as a start, “first mate” “back” for last 4 letters.

  23. OK, that makes sense, but for 1,2 “this setter” doesn’t result in a possessive pronoun , or am I being misled here as well?

  24. Thanks Tim C. All out and understood.
    (Your peevish word is more apt than mine which starts with C)
    FOI 25D, 16A, 2D, 9A, 18D. LOI 8D,27/6, and 10A
    Very enjoyable

  25. SB – you could say to complete being “peevish” you need Sandy.

  26. The word I initially thought of in relation to 26a has eight letters. But there’s a five-letter one that probably does the job too. Who knows which one our master was thinking of?

  27. Yes DAJunkie, much more apt than chandish :)
    Graham M, I’m sure Tim C’s Sandy is most likely.

  28. All out. All understood, except 20D. With all cross letters, the answer is obvious. But I’m not even close to parsing it.

  29. Benjamin Smith, the def is kid, and the composer might be an American composer b. Germany (5 letters), with some letters replaced – who knows.

  30. Benjamin Smith – yep I agree. My last to understand. You need a 9 letter word, with 5 replaced by 3.

  31. … If I’m on the right track, then one letter of the composer is replaced by 3. But it’s very convoluted

  32. Benjamin, think of a 9 letter word for Nomad, and replace a composer with eccentric.

  33. Although I have 28/1A, I can’t make the same logic work for 4D. Obviously not thinking of the right word.

  34. Geoff, when the dashes are filled (not with OK, as I initially thought!) the word means the first (five-letter) word of the answer.

  35. Good easy one done before my afternoon nap. 10A is a bit political! 2D I admit I looked up! 28A is a beauty, as is 4D, love that sort of clue.

  36. Slower than usual for me. Held up by the space between the dashes and ‘PER’ in 28/1A (kidney?) like johnno2, by ignorance of the works of an author often used by DA, by not being a Sydneysider (London would have been better?) and by 10A (agree with Tim C and Mick). Some “D’oh” moments, but more “Gee that’s clever” ones today.

  37. FOI 9A. 5 to go in NW corner
    1D where I have a possible answer, 2D, 5D,
    11A & 15A
    Certainly easier than last Friday
    I have to agree with Margaret 28A1A and 4D are complete in themselves you have to read between the words and join the dots.
    I enjoyed 24A,26A and those referenced above. My thanks to SB for 20D and TimC for 17D
    Back to the drawing board

  38. Ian, I have nothing against the clue for 28a/1a. As I said, it’s clever and I had a good smile when I got it. It’s probably my favourite clue. But as far as I can see, it doesn’t contain a definition. “I’m always busy” would be a suitable definition, if DA had chosen to give one.

  39. Thanks DA Junkie at 7:46. That occurred to me as DA uses HP references so often, something I know nothing about, but didn’t look to check. I’m still troubled with the grammar that no-one else seems to have mentioned. The surface should have been crone escapes, no? That’s what threw me. Was it an error and was I supposed to be looking for crones or crone depending on escape or escapes?
    First day back at workplace today after months of WFH. More new techonology. Brain totally fried.

  40. Yes GrahamM, I agree that there is no definition. It’s pure cryptic but as you say, no less enjoyable for that.

  41. Gayle, I’m not a Harry Potter fan, and when I saw DAJunkie’s use of “HP” my thoughts turned to hire purchase. It took me a while too.

    I see the clue this way. “Shed” is the definition. The giant gamekeeper is six letters, and the crone has escaped from it.

    Am I missing something?

  42. Gayle, I’m not sure I understand. In the SMH (printed edition) the clue reads “Shed where crone escapes giant gamekeeper”. So the surface is “crone escapes” which makes sense. Can you explain further?

  43. Ah! Thanks Graham M and Tim C.
    Online says ‘crone escape’. ( No more thump on my footpath in the morning. Reliant on the online version). I can sleep now after a horror day.

  44. Hope things are better tomorrow Gayle. It’s good to know that this oldie who relies on the thump on the footpath has resolved this for you.

  45. Thanks TimC for 5D it makes sense as a double definition. You also helped me with 1A where I was on the wrong track thinking of Rip van Winkle and so was having problems with 1D & 2D.
    GrahamM my apologies for sounding pedantic which is not in the spirit of the posts on Trippers. The 2 clues in question are discussed as rebuses in Ch 28 of DA’s book Puzzled where he proposes they have no definition. A bit of trivia I purchased his book at the Sydney Writers Festival and had him sign the flyleaf. I have to admit Friday’s DA is always a challenge but since discovering Trippers 2years ago I’ve improved and I always enjoy the cryptic banter.

  46. Thanks, Ian. I’d forgotten what a rebus is (and my spell checker has never heard of it!), so I consulted another of our master’s books, Rewording the Brain. I quote: “Notably, most rebus clues … don’t accompany a definition …”

    I’ve enjoyed our little argy bargy (which on this site I’m sure would never descend into open warfare as it often does in some of the other fora I frequent — we’re too civilised!), and I’m sure we can still be friends.


  47. Thanks Graham M for your help yesterday with 4D. Took me a long time to get this. Like you I tried to make something of ‘OK’ (and then ‘IL’).
    Also like you the references to ‘HP’ had me thinking of hire purchase! Had to wait for the solution this morning for this one.

  48. Graham M, re. 28a. In your post at 5:03 pm you proffered that the definition of 4 down could be the the first word in the answer. That logic also works for 28a where the definition could be either the last word or the 2 last words in the answer. However the rebus (no definition necessarily required) explanation probably ties it down neatly. Either way I’m happy with the challenge these type of clues present.

    I was less impressed with the stretch that finds a synonym for ‘Saharan’ in 6 down. It’s bad enough working the synonym in reverse. But it’s nIce to know that DA has used this one before. Well it’s nice to know now that I learnt it here.

  49. “Who uses this..” indeed.
    In 24a these 3 words do not represent a question.
    But I ask them now as a question of this site.
    Have we had multiple incarnations of a few 14 downs?
    Has Rupert really gone off to get another gig on Survivor?

  50. Late posting, no internet for a few weeks.
    Re: the rebusus –
    The definitions are in there: a kidnapper is a wicked person (perhaps this clue could have had !? instead of just ?); and smite defines the answer.

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