DA Confusion for the 28th of August, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s glorious DA.

56 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 28th of August, 2020

  1. You know it will be a quick solve when 1a and 3a jumps out at you. Good starts, with 2-5d, 9a.
    Quite enjoyed today, must be on DA’s wavelength.
    I liked 23a, 15a and 12a.
    Happy solving.

  2. Missed last Friday, taken to hospital for five days. looking forward to today, but crozzle not here yet.

  3. All done.
    FOI = 1a
    LOI = 8d

    I’d add 6d to the like list.

    My “sleep on it technique“ cleaned up the few left over this morning.

    Have fun everyone.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Hope you’re feeling better soon Arthur
    My brains a bit rusty from Grandbabysitting for three days and nights
    Thanks for all your your helpful starters AndyW
    Onward and upward!

  5. Much like others today. My starters were 1A,14A,25A,5D/2D and 16D. LOI 8D (not sure I’d call the answer a 26A though). Favourites 12A and 23A. 15A also good.

  6. Nothing too difficult today. When 1a came so easily I thought perhaps it wasn’t Friday. A couple of new Americanisms for me as usual — thank you, David — involving 22a & 1d.

    I note that they’re using the Macquarie dictionary now for the Target (in the Herald at least). But they’ve changed the targets — I always managed very good or excellent, now it’s a struggle to get past “average”.

  7. I think my fastest DA ever, half my usual time. Not just me judging by those above!

    FOI 1A 3A, LOI 16D 1D.

  8. Graham M, yes Target has got much harder because of the use of the full Macquarie Dictionary. Most word games like this use concise dictionaries to avoid all those obscure entries that you can’t know.

  9. Had to check the initials on this one. So, who is this really, and what have you done with DA??

  10. Here’s something to confound me!
    I started online and the clue for 5d did not match the numbers. When the paper arrived 5d had a completely different clue.

  11. Sorry to the real fan boys of DA (I’m a fan of all styles), but this was more like a real cryptic should be

  12. Re 8D: Having got the three intersecting across answers, the solution can be only one person, but I can’t see how to derive it. Hope I’m not overlooking something obvious!

  13. Alaric, “detail” “vivid” and imagine you’re in Rome. I thought this was clever!

  14. Alaric,
    10d, 18a Think about the way “details” is used in a cryptic crossword and look at what you have left.

    8d. Say the name as two syllables.

  15. Oh, and in 8d, “related” is a homophone indicator. Well-known computer brand.

  16. “Tim C says:
    28 Aug 2020 at 8:41 am
    LOI 8D (not sure I’d call the answer a 26A though). ”

    Most definitely a 26A

    Enjoyable DA

  17. Re it being a bit different.
    Note the puzzle number 1012, I was expecting 22264.
    Maybe one of his earlier works.

  18. Arthur C I hope you’re being well cared for!
    I found this easier than usual – and quite enjoyable – don’t understand wordplay for 23A; and missing 26A. I suppose def is movie; and I suppose 1-3 is first 3 words of clue.

  19. SB,
    23a – Look at the first word as two words.
    26a – you have it the wrong way around.

  20. kraDen,
    it looks like they’ve switched to having the number of puzzle created by each setter. I’d say today is DA’s 1012th. We’ll know for sure with the next LR.

  21. Well spotted kraDen. the last ‘in sequence’ crossword was Monday’s (24th Aug) LR (22266 Cryptic and 14281 Quick). This was followed by:
    25th Aug DH 1084
    26th Aug DP 1453
    27th Aug NS 1551
    28th Aug DA 1012
    The crossword number for the last 4 applies to both cryptic and quick, so there must have been no quick crossword for a lot of years.

    I think you may well be correct Neanderthal. That means that DA has been doing the crossword for about 20 years.

  22. There was an overhaul of the puzzles page on Tuesday. In addition to the abovementioned alterations to the Target puzzle’s targets, interestingly the newly minted instructions don’t specify a requirement of a nine-letter word. And the fonts and graphics of several puzzles have been tweaked.

  23. Speaking of 26a, I’ve never known that five letter word to lose its final two letters. Perhaps I move in the wrong circles …

  24. Easy one today though still not sure of 8d and 11a. Hate the new layout of this page and the Targets are ridiculous – only 8 words different between average and excellent. We use Collins Scrabble so always get way over excellent. No 9-letter word required and still no ban on verbs ending in -s. Font for clues is too big, and grid has shrunk, it seems. At least Zits is back!

  25. Still wondering re 8d and 11a. If 8a is defined by computer, I can’t see how the homophone to 26a works, even saying it as 2 words.If it does work, it makes 11a ridiculous….

  26. Graham M/SB – it appears in a few dictionaries as an abbreviation.
    It is also considered a valid word in Scrabble, apparently.

    8d – 26a is the answer
    First letter “a”. 2-5 are a homophone (related) of a type of computer.

    11a – Dull,
    “Count” dropping back. Is a pretty straight indicator.

  27. Mick, 8d is a 26a. The homophone doesn’t come into it. The homophone is the type of computer. Very well-known brand. I just bought one, to replace a seven-year-old one of the same brand.

    In 11a, think of “count” as in “it doesn’t count”. A slightly loose synonym.

  28. And 11a is 5 letters? Still no idea! Nothing in my solver has the 3 letters I have so far. I get the early paper so maybe there’s an error…

  29. Mick, the synonym of “count” is six letters. You need to “drop its back”. The five-letter word for “dull” can also be spelt without its final letter.

  30. Thanks very helpful re 11a and 8d.
    Still can’t get 26a though and the wordplay for 17 escapes me.

  31. Tess,
    17d – Look at all the words in the clue and “discover” them.

  32. Finally finished. 24 was very clever, have to get the sound right
    8 d also took me ages

  33. Thank you to Margaret & Melanie for enquiry about my health. I am left with a permanent mild headache and balance problem, diagnosis of mastoiditis.

  34. I might be improving, or this was an easy one. I could actually say ‘fairly straightforward one today’ etc. My biggest hurdle was trying to relate 8d to 23a – I misread the clue!
    And best wishes to you Arthur.

  35. Arthur C,
    I had to look that one up, it sounds nasty. I hope your issues do reduce over time.

  36. A late Thank you to Phil & Margaret. No treatment other than Panadol has been suggested for the perpetual headache, it is mildish, just a bit annoying. Balance is a problem, I’ve taken to using a walker.

  37. Hey, the solution to yesterday’s Wordwit missed “baobab” and “karaoke”. Just sayin’ …

  38. Melanie aside, I seem to be alone in having struggled with this one. Failed 6D. Re 1D (a completely new meaning of the word to me), to my mind ‘guru’ and 1-4 aren’t the same thing: one is recognised by others in their field as being pre-eminent whereas the other may ‘just’ be very knowledgeable. And in 4D, can’t fit ‘salt’ into answer.

  39. SlowA, in 4d, “bother” gives 6, 4, 3, and “salt” gives 5. A fairly convoluted clue.

  40. I took me a while to convince myself of “5 for ‘salt'” in 4D, but the I thought of some condiment containers.

  41. …and thanks to Tim C too (sorry, forgot to refresh) – ‘S’ for ‘salt’ sounds fair enough.

  42. Arthur, I hope you get well soon. I always look forward to your comments. For various reasons I usually don’t get time for the Friday DA till the evening. And sometimes not till Saturday – am in the middle of selling the house, and was cleaning the kitchen cupboards today. It was good to sit down and crack this week’s. I don’t buy the Sat papers, so it’s as much fun, if delayed.

    Anyway, hope you are feeling better, Arthur.

  43. Nice easier DA this week after a few harder ones lately!

    15A was my favourite clue.

  44. Can someone who has access to The Sunday Age tell me what crossword number has been assigned to RJ, the compiler of the cryptic? It’s the same crossword in the SMH, but it’s nameless and numberless.



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