DA Confusion for the 30th of June, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA, lockdown be damned.

45 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 30th of June, 2020

  1. A good, typical DA today.
    NW corner was first in, then 4a. Last in was 8d.
    Happy solving.

  2. Nice one today. Easy starters 27a, 1d, 2d, 7d, 15d, 20d. I’d never heard of 5d (and will be surprised if anyone else has!). I learnt a new meaning for Ralph — does he share the odium recently assigned to Karen? I thought the definition in 3d was fairly loose.

  3. The only ones I don’t understand are 13a & 12d, if anyone would care to give me a nudge?

  4. Geoff M – 13A – I struggled to understand as kept misinterpreting “wheels” It is not letters 1,2 (as I thought). It means reverse, which applies to a synonym of “nestle” – which is “minus a rim”.
    12D – really hard IMO. “Periodical” applies to “for TV at once” for letters 5,4,3,2,1.

  5. Thanks, DAjunkie. 13a still hasn’t hit me, but at least I know now to change my thinking, as I’d been barking up the wrong tree. Any moment …

    And yes, 12d is a tough one, thanks for the tip. That’s an unusual use of “spread”, methinks.

  6. For 12D, I think Texans might refer to their spread, but they would come up with a different word for the answer!

  7. OOPS! I only had four in, and that was one of them. So a long long way to go.

  8. First ones 2D,24D,26A,20D,28A. LOI 9A/22D and I’m not sure of the wordplay but no hints yet please.
    Favourites 26A for the misdirection in ‘batswoman’, 19A for the okkerism and 11A/10A for a succinct clue for a long answer.

  9. Tim, you worried me when you described 19a as an okkerism, as, as I stated above, I hadn’t come across it. Oxford online says it’s North American, but I admit I lead a sheltered life …

  10. Arthur C, I think you have the right answer, but the wrong way of getting it.

  11. I am just about finished, but struggling with 24d and 28a to complete. Would appreciate any hints.

  12. Geoff M – I knew 5D, but I first learned of it from references in the “Magic: the Gathering” card game. I think the answer is Japanese in origin.

  13. A nice one today. Thanks DAJunkie for wordplay on 13A (nice misdirection) and 12D.
    All done except for 9A (although I have 22D) and 3D

  14. I have an answer to 9A/22D but can only relate the last word to the wordplay which makes me think at least part of my answer is wrong. I realise it’s too early for substantial hints but perhaps someone could explain later.

  15. GeoffD – 9A/22D – all 3 words are “Broadcast” – “last” “terror” “tangle”.

  16. Geoff M @ 11:44, I though it was Australian along with 2 other names for the same thing that wouldn’t be out of place in Bazza McKenzie. I reckon Australian English would have more terms than any other language for 19A.

  17. 9A/22D was my LOI because of the wordplay. Having got back from a few hours away the penny dropped almost immediately. Kicking myself a bit. Funny how you just get a block like that.

  18. Could I please get a tip on the wordplay for 9d? I have the answer but unsure how to get there!

  19. LCSM – 16D – “block” gives a 6 letter word – with last letter removed (“Chopping”) for letters 1,2,3,8,9. And hopefully you see the rest.

  20. DA junkie – Thank you!

    Could I possibly get a tip on the word play for 1a? Once again, derived the answer from the definition but no clue on the wordplay.

  21. All out in pretty good time for me but I had more trouble with wordplay than usual. Thanks for tips on 1A, 13A, 12D and 16D.

    Matthew – for 28A I think an abbreviation for “close to” gets you 1 and “hairpin turn” gets 2-5. But I also found that one hard.

  22. Actually, thinking about 28A some more, I think “close to hairpin” gets 1, and “turn” gets 2-5

  23. Finished in the day, so I still have a brain, apparently. But I can’t see how the wordplay for 16D works….

  24. Hello Mick. For 16d …

    “Block”, after chopping (i.e. removing final letter) gives 1,2,3,8,9.
    “One” gives 4-7.

  25. Nice one today, foi 8d, had 25a wrong for a while which slowed things down. I can’t work out letter 3 for 24d; and hints?

  26. Mister D’oh! here: I can’t see that anyone else has wondered, so I’m SURE it’s obvious, but what is the wordplay for 14a, please ?

  27. Johnno2; first two words give you letters 2, 4, and 10, next two words give you the other letters. It’s an exclamation mark clue, so definition also contributes to wordplay

  28. Ah yes – thanks, Victor; the final word does indeed have the two functions. 2,4, 6, 8 and 10 being in “Brief clue a” had me on the right track going in the wrong direction! I’m inclined to think DA is aware of – and rubs his hands over – such misdirections! ;-)
    Indeed it’s an exclamation mark AND question mark clue, for which DA has used the combined symbol (an ‘interrobang’) in the past :-)

  29. Victor, I think “boy” gives letters 3 and 4 for 24D. I see where you’ve gone but I suspect ‘heels’ is a bit of a misdirection.

  30. Best I could think of was that either “Over Heels boy” somehow wordplayed to “OH boy!” or that “boy” clued “OH 3,4”, of which 3,4 were the “heels”. It’s unlike DA to use more words than necessary or purely for misdirection [insert interrobang ;-) ]

  31. Came to trippers with 5 to solve
    Thanks to Adam for 28A TimC for 19A new to me as well as was 5D to VictorR and johnno2 for 14A initially thought it was a straight anagram of first 3 words I like the term interrobang I’ll file for futures reference.
    Got misdirected for quite a while with 20D
    Cheers everyone stay safe and well
    Liked 11A10A and 17D21A which both took me some time to crack

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