DA Confusion for the 22nd of May, 2020

Get your confusions sorted for this week’s almost-winter DA.

38 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 22nd of May, 2020

  1. Good morning all. I found this to be of typical DA difficulty.
    FOIs 9a, 10a, 20d. LOI 7d
    Liked 22a, 17a, and 25a-12a. All understood.
    Happy solving.

  2. I’ll have to wait and see.

    Around here (Manly) there are no Fairfax papers for the 2nd day in a row

  3. Not too bad today. FOI 10A, 21D, 9A. LOI 26D, 28A.
    Pretty sure the last letter (d) of the clue for 18D is a typo and should be ignored.

  4. Most enjoyable today, nothing too obscure. My first one in 9a. I hadn’t encountered the type of wordplay in 23a before. Don’t understand 17a (if I’ve got it right), nor 24d. Are letters 1,3,4,5 in 4d supposed to be a synonym for “swallowing”?

  5. Geoff M…re 17a, think of a London Eastender (Whitechapel) might call a journo, and duplicate. We also don’t understand the wordplay for 24d. 4d your letters are a synonym for “in”, not “swallowing”.
    Agree with Dom, that the last letter (d) in the clue for 18D shouldn’t be there.

  6. Thank you, Steve & Di. My knowledge of London suburbia has been found wanting. And yes, that makes more sense with 4d.

  7. Thanks Neanderthal! We originally thought it may have been the name of a Pope shortened, but then looked at nicknames and found it.

  8. First ones 9A,10A,6D,4D. LOI 3D/14D (got it early but struggled with the wordplay and left it to the end). Favourites: 23A (I seem to remember that style of wordplay before GeoffM but it’s rare), 24D and 7D.

    Agree that 18D should be ‘structure’. I don’t find the anagrind convincing/fair in 29A.

    1A the hardest crossword but good fun.

  9. Thank you Neanderthal. I didn’t know the Papa connection. When I typed 24d in, my word auto-complete brought him up, so I didn’t even need Google!

  10. I’m only halfway complete after 30 min, but at least I’ve learned a new word in part of 15A.
    For 19A, letters 1-7 make sense but how does 8 relate to the wordplay?
    Thanks for the 19A hint Steve&Di.

  11. Clark, “split” gives 1,2 (of 14d). After the “peak” is a five-letter word roughly meaning “rates” missing its first letter.

  12. Very good one today, lots of terrific clues. That part of 15A was new to me too.

  13. Decent going today, FOI 1a, 6a, 9a, but then had a bit of a stumble. I liked 22a and 23a for its wordplay (it feels like a while since DA, or anyone else for that matter, has used it).

    I still can’t fully parse 1d, although I thought the definition was quite fun.

  14. Luke, think of a five-letter word for ‘limits’ and remove the last letter, then place it after the abbreviation for ‘bishop’

    I knew that the word of interest in 15A existed, but I never before knew what it meant.

  15. Well, there’s my ‘smack the forehead’ moment for the day too! Thanks, Jack

  16. 22A: Spent over 30 yrs in labs and never came across this particular spelling; have only ever seen it spelt with an “i”. Googled to see if it was an alternative I was unaware of and came up with an Aussie burlesque dancer by that name and it was certainly more interesting than the lab!!!!

  17. alaric, if you did not come up with an ‘i’ you must have 18D incorrect

  18. Jack, thanks for pointing this out.
    re 22A: I thought that “cherished” gave letters 1-3 and “vegetable” gave 4-9 but I must be wrong, because the only vegetable I could think of with the last 4 letters had “a” as the second letter.
    18D is one of three I haven’t solved – no wonder because I have an “a” there instead of an “i”.

  19. Neanderthal, Thanks. I actually realised this just before I saw your post. Perhaps I should borrow your pen-name!

  20. All done – not too thorny today but I am struggling with the wordplay for 23A. A bit of a nudge towards my “smack the forehead” moment would be appreciated!

  21. trishq – first word is definition, then think about the significance of “progressively”. Note that there are 5 words between the definition and progressively.

  22. As so often happens the light globe went on after I’d posted – I’d forgotten about “progressively”. As several people have said it’s been a while since that has been used.

  23. Watched Babylon Berlin (with subtitles) so 15A jumped out. TS Eliot uses the last 4 letters as a word in The Wasteland.

    Liked 10A and 22A: very topical

  24. Many thanks all for the help with two of my queries, leaving these two:

    – in 16D is “where” redundant? A film reference/
    – what is the wordplay for 2D.? The “?!” at the end of the clue warns that it could be quirky – or even kinky.

  25. Mike: My take on the word play for 2D: It is an anagram (quirky) with the first word being replaced by a 3 letter equivalent. I think the “where” is just a link word. I don’t see anything kinky!

  26. Thanks trishq
    That parsing of 2D makes sense in a DAish way. I don’t know enough about finance to tell if “margin racket” is the definition (?! :-)

  27. My take on 2D is ‘margin’ is 4-6, ‘racket in’ quirky is 1-3,7-10 and cases is an inclusion indicator. The definition (Margin-racket?) does double for the wordplay, hence the ‘?!’ possibly. A very clever clue.

  28. Yeah – 2D is a pretty ordinary clue. The whole thing is the definition, but it’s all a bit laboured.

  29. I guess that’s DA Geoff. A clever clue for me and a bit of a laboured clue for you. He can be contentious at times.

  30. I have finished but could someone please explain the wordplay of 1 down?

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