DA Confusion for the 24th of April, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s lockdown DA.

56 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 24th of April, 2020

  1. Wow, whipped this out in 50 minutes. Once I’d 6D’d 12A that gave me 23D/21D which led to 20A and it was plain sailing after that. Happy solving everyone!

  2. Not plain sailing for me Celia. I thought I’d have a go at DA before logging on to working from home. Wish I hadn’t. Need to go back to bed now. Not familiar with the theme so that didn’t help. But the parsing of the long’uns and the great reveal of some DA mischief only came right at the end. Worth it though, I think.

  3. Hi all,
    Agree with Celia, not too difficult, lots of typical DA homonyns. Found the NW corner a good starting point. 2d, 9a FOI
    Happy Iso solving.

  4. Well, NW corner some nice easy ones, so have seven answers, but then a dead stop. Nothing standing out at this stage. Have a 7.6 km scooter ride to do later (Mrs C is in Nursing Home), so better conserve energy (and hope the batteries will deliver 15.2 km!).

  5. And suddenly, about thirteen. I keep forgetting that other meaning of 3D!

  6. I learnt a new beach and a new herb today. Only one “Huh?” — 24a — any clues? Favourite today? Probably 18a.

  7. Geoff M, 24a: 1-5 is a homonym for wrongdoer, 6-7 is a hollow man. I’m stuck on 6a and 7d – can anyone help?

  8. Geoff M 24A “vocal” is a homophone indicator for “wrongdoer” giving the first five letters – one of them a “y” – and “hollow man” a synonym for “man” with its guts removed. Balance is definition!

    Amazingly while keying this, someone on the radio used the word

  9. I must be old … I remember the “7D Beach murders”

    Kathy, 7D “awesome staff” gives 1-4 (rife at Hogwarts!)

    re 6A rarely used expression, “… back to ××××” but what you do to a fly buzzing round your head might help!

  10. Thank you Celia – those are the answers I had, but didn’t understand them. Duh!

  11. I got just one clue in the first 10 minutes, started thinking it was time to check into a nursing home … but they started to come, ended up done in about the usual time. 23/21D had me going for a while, I was looking for a different medium of surrealism.

    FOI 1D, 4D. LOI 15A, 16/19D. Other good starters might be 17D, 18A, 10A, 1A.

  12. 5d – do I have my mind in the gutter? The only herb I can think of suggests that ‘scythed flower’ must be clued by ‘lost virginity’, although that might not be anatomically correct for the flower…

  13. Thank you, Celia. And there was me reading about the Hollow Man film on Wikipedia …

  14. AC: 15A is indeed a herb, although not one I’d come across before. Basically you take the name of a well-known flower, scythe the top off it, add “time” to it to get the herb.

  15. Thanks Andrew, good to have thyme ruled out. Yes not one I’d come across either!

  16. Late start, but all out and understood in fairly solid time (I’m enjoying having the timer on the digital version, although part of me still prefers my old “measuring time by number of coffees drunk” system). Didn’t think there was anything too diabolical but also not many stand-out clues today (and some, especially 22d, which felt a tad overworked). As others have said, NW corner is a good starting place, especially the down clues to give a head start on the long 11a, which was a new phrase to me (quite a few learning opportunities today: I didn’t know the beach, the herb, or that particular definition of 6a). Favourite clues were probably the mini-themed ones, especially 23,21d. Happy solving to all!

  17. Thanks all . I’ve run out of time to sweat longer over this as I didn’t know 23D/21D or 7D.

    Help please with parsing 23D/21D although I can see “keenly” .
    And what is the definition for 6A?

  18. Mike,
    in 23d, the e(nergy) component of a Hollywood Dame (there aren’t many) is supplanted by ‘keenly’.
    In 6a, the Big Macquarie has a colloquial term relating to marbles and the restarting of a game thereof.

  19. Nice lazy solving over a slow lockdown lunch.
    For me, too many clues solved by either the letters already in the grid or a good guess from the definition and then working out the cryptic part afterwards.
    DA has too many NSW placenames for this Victorian.
    Enjoyable though. Thank you DA.

  20. David T, DA gets in for his fair share of Victorian place names. I recall one replete with Victorian place names. The NSW beach was well known Australia wide for some mid-teen children brutally murdered there in 1965, still unsolved. Unfair comment on your part!

  21. Completed but need help with:
    13D – Grass gives 1-3 but does stream give 4-7 and off banks astride 8-9? There must be a less clumsy (ie more correct) parsing.
    22D: There is only one song which fits with the 3 across letters but how is it derived?

  22. Alaric, correct re 13d, but it’s “grit off banks” for 8,9.

    In 22d, think of a synonym for “soothe”. Take its opening duo and move them to the end, then uplift them.

    (And thanks Kathy, from 9 am.)

  23. First ones 2D, 25A, 17D, 24A. Last ones 6A, 10A. Favourite was 8D for the use of ‘Sandy’ (I keep forgetting that trick of DA’s).

    I didn’t know the definition of 6A and had to read the comments on here to confirm it (it’s not in Chambers). Also the wordplay for 10A eludes me. Otherwise it came out pretty easily.

  24. Tim, my take on 10a. “Match” is 1-5, then a three-letter word for a bench (in a church) has its veneer (first letter) removed. I hope this explanation is wrong, because if it’s right it’s not DA’s best work.

  25. Thanks for all the hints everyone
    It all just fell into place….eventually

  26. Tim C
    My take on the wordplay for
    10A – Match veneer from bench, hardly used (4,3)
    Definition is last two words.
    A five-letter word for Match = letters 1-5
    The veneer (first and last letter) from a four letter word for bench (sat on in church)= letters 6 and 7.

  27. GeoffM. I think you’re right with 10A, unfortunately.

    Cokes… unless you’re talking about the single.

  28. There isn’t a 2a Margaret. Do you mean the 2nd across (ie 6a)?

    What does 1971 love-song mean? When it appeared on an LP album (remember those), when it appeared as a single, when it topped the charts (which charts… UK US AUS Poland Japan ?). I think DA has enough leeway on this. He could equally have said 1992 love-song.

  29. Sorry, I did mean 6a. I was getting a tad frustrated with that one.

    Wiki has the song released, on album, in 1970. It was mentioned in review in 1970 as the best song of the year. It was released as a cut down single in 1971.

    I do remember albums. My mother had 78s; if you can remember them. She had one with Slim Whitman doing “Indian Love Call”; if you wonder what it sounds like, it was the song they used to blow the Martians heads off in “Mars Attacks”. My mother never lived that down.

  30. The first word which came to mind when trying to fill in 8D was SWANKY.
    I thought: Christ, DA has been in lockdown too long!
    Maybe I have.

  31. Brian,
    Maybe we all have. Although, perhaps, “palmistry” might’ve been a better clue for that.
    Here’s to hoping we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

  32. Have always considered DA obscure to the point of not worth the trouble. However, lock-down has changed a lot of things, including my attitude to DA. I managed to get a number of these clues out yesterday and have understood the rest when I saw the solution this morning – with one exception. 23/21d – would appreciate insight if anyone can help. Thanks.

  33. Brian, the Hollywood dame is an Englishwoman who starred in “As time goes by”, among hundreds of other things. Remove energy (“e”) from her surname and replace it with a six-letter synonym for “keenly”.

    See, DAs are addictive!

  34. Chifley, for 3d think of an illegal tenant in an abandoned building. But you’ll need to think of another meaning for the same word to do 11a.

  35. Heck, it’s Saturday afternoon, so time to be more specific with 11a …

    “Way” 1,5
    “Minor” 2-4
    “Follower” 6-8
    “Any stumbling” 9-11
    “Blocks” 12-15

  36. Thanks Geoff M – doubt I would have ever figured it out though without help.

  37. Just finished after late start and many short bursts to finish. I was stuck on 3D to complete. Thanks to GeoffM who confirmed my guess. I’d solved 11A but it was GeoffM’s final comment that the link with 3D came to mind as in ‘diddly ——-‘
    Agree with all previous comments
    FOI 5D

  38. What constitutes a Hollywood actress? I know she’s been in a few Hollywood things, but I’d call her an English actress.

    (And a polite request to Brian and Margaret… could we not?)

  39. Carol,
    I do agree with you on the “Hollywood Actress” comment, I think of her more as English as well. In relation to our banter, it is late in the thread and it is fairly innocuous by “modern” standards.

    If we shadows have offended,
     Think but this, and all is mended—
     That you have but slumbered here
     While these visions did appear.
     And this weak and idle theme,
     No more yielding but a dream,
     Gentles, do not reprehend.
     If you pardon, we will mend.
     And, as I am an honest Puck,
     If we have unearnèd luck
     Now to ’scape the serpent’s tongue,
     We will make amends ere long.
     Else the Puck a liar call.
     So good night unto you all.
     Give me your hands if we be friends,
     And Robin shall restore amends.

  40. Margaret, that’s from one of my favourites! (And goodness knows, he could be pretty ripe.)

  41. Carol,
    My fourth form teacher took great delight in pointing out the dirty bits in Shakespeare; it was a bit of a different time back then.

    Glad you liked the quote. May I suggest you, also,investigate Tom Stoppard; if you haven’t found him already.

  42. Hello, I’ve completed the grid but not “finished” until I understand the wordplay. Can you help with 20A, 5D, and in 8D how do you get letters 1,6? Thank you.

  43. Damianmc66

    Add a “d” to your 5D answer for the dispossession. The “chiefly suggests such removal.
    8D from first word of clue, a common DA trick! “…and…”

  44. Damianmc66,
    Australian Painter,
    Take last letter off second word in “dispossessed” e.g. No lan(d).

    See this as “s”and”y”.

  45. Finished last night by filling in 6A and 7D from word play only. Looked up 6A meaning in my concise Oxford but no help apart from it’s singular meaning in marbles. I hadn’t heard the expression ‘back to —-, but makes sense now.
    Damainc66, Celia is right. This is a common DA trick and I get caught out by it a lot.
    Eg. Dandy can really mean the letters D and Y.

  46. Thank you Celia, Margaret, and Viv. I like S and Y. Annoyed I didn’t get it myself.
    Oh well.
    I thought of No Lan(d) but thought “surely not”! Oh well.
    The other I will check when find the scrap of paper with the xword on it
    Thanks again

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