DA Confusion for the 20th of March, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA extravaganza. What a boredom beater!

39 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 20th of March, 2020

  1. Happy solving, fellow trippers, but please beware the CORONA VIRUS, apparently it’s CARNIVOROUS!

    Thanks to Arthur C for the anagram!

  2. Others probably saw it before, Celia. As for today, have about nine so far, though it took me some time to see the ‘Canadian population’ in my 24A,8D.

  3. About normal time this week, good steady progress to the end.

    FOI 7A and 13A, LOI 6D and 15A. Particularly liked 19A, mentioning one of my favourite characters in literature!

  4. Struggled at the end as well. FOI 7A, 10A, 7D. LOI 11A, 16A. Favourite 27A because of the ‘top’ misdirection and 4D for the definition. Annoyed (or 26Aed) that it took me so long to get 20D.

  5. Another good one today, several clever clues – 7A, 24/8, 27A, 4D. Not happy about 9A, though, where to me both definition and wordplay are a bit off.

  6. A couple of newies for me. 16A and 18D. Like Andrew I was tickled by 19A. 10A FOI . Great image.
    Also enjoyed DA’s bent for contemporary phrases here again today, and the odd sleight of hand in wordplay .
    I’m not confident of my entries for the intersecting 3D and 9A, or if they’re right, I haven’t fully parsed them.
    Love the CARNIVOROUS anagram Arthur.

  7. SB re 27A, last two words and maybe the question mark. Pretend you’re a Director on set …

  8. Hmm, I think DA playing tricks with this one, it’s a famous children’s book character, one of the stuffed toys, but I don’t dare whisper more than that …

  9. I have an answer to 27A (as a result of Celia’s earlier hint) but can’t get the wordplay.
    What is the definition for 24A/8D please?
    Has anyone else had trouble accessing the site today?

  10. Hi GeoffD

    24A/8D: Def last 3 words (one means singular).

    Like you have 27A (this Celia) but can’t fully parse

  11. Xmgjim, I beg to differ re 24A/8D, “one” refers to the 3rd- last letter (following the “rights”), the def is “Chinese treasure”. Otherwise that 3rd-last letter is missing from the wordplay. Do either of you need a full parse? Difficult at present because system running at a snail’s pace. “my” is “COR” btw.

    GeofdD 27A is a fairly simple parse, the “gig” is @ 1, 8-10, the “top” 2-4, the horror movie 5-7.


  12. All out, with caveat. Can see what 9A probably is (a negative homophone), but, as mentioned above, not at all convinced by definition or wordplay. Thoughts welcome.

  13. IanF,
    I see “twisted” as a reversal indicator giving “tins” as the “metals”.

  14. IanF, I’m not sure you understand the concept of homophones. They are words that are spelled differently but sound the same e.g. draft/draught.

    9A is a reversal of a common metal pluralised! Or the chemical symbols of two metals “twisted”.

  15. Found time at last but cannot parse either 2D or 11D.

    As always – see 27A as discussed above – the bits I may have translated correctly could be illusions.

    Best of luck with crosswords and avoiding the virus.

  16. 3 left can I please get confirmation that definitions for 1a is declared, 16a joke and 18d wildflower ?

    FOI 7a Liked 4d and 21a

  17. Thanks all. Celia, I do understand. I had erroneously thought 9A was “knot” – we all get blind spots sometimes. Now I can see it isn’t.

  18. Ian S You seem to want straight answers – not hints.
    1A is not decleared and 16A is not a joke. 18d is a flower but not a wildflower in Australia as far as I know.

  19. Thanks Mike I tried replying earlier but was having access problems. Guess I was showing my frustration with being so close to the finish line yet so far.
    I’m a veteran cryptic xword solver but I still have trouble identifying definitions in DA’s clues.
    I also have to discipline myself to read each individual word rather than phrases to get the wordplay.
    I generally start late Friday afternoon and refrain from joining DA trippers until I’m well down the track I enjoy the comments and have improved greatly since discovering the post 2 years ago.
    Have cracked 1a now 16a and 18d to go which from earlier comments have unusual words for answers.

  20. Ian S Yes – go through each individual word don’t forget that you have to read each word in various ways – is it a noun or verb etc – and sometimes he splits words as in one of your remaining clues.

  21. Am I the only one who thinks that 4D should have (in English transcription) another “e” in the middle of the first word? I think DA’s spelling is simply wrong.

  22. You’re right GM with the umlaut and the usual English transcription for that. The ‘e’ less form seems to have become the new norm.

  23. All the English versions of my physics books spell the gentleman’s name with an umlaut over the “o” which in German in indicates a change in the pronunciation by adding an “e”. Google umlaut definition.
    My interpretation is that it is a phonetic indicator not a spelling change DA has simply kept to the accepted spelling in scientific circles sans umlaut

  24. Oder ohne Umlaut? :-) I tried googling and most came up with the ‘accepted’ spelling as you say IanS. And there may be other reasons. Too many letters in a 15×15 grid? Or that the typesetting for the SMH/Age (and other English language publications) doesn’t recognise the umlaut. I’m sure DA is aware of this. He’s done quite a few German language clues. It’s his homophones I often quibble with. But there are so many other more important things happening at the moment. I’m just grateful for the distraction. Stay well Trippers.

  25. I had to have significant help with 19A but other than that got them all out. I’m still not sure I understand all of 25A though.

  26. Can no Trippers help me with my queries above re wordplays for 2D and 11D?

    Olbert in 25A “for dictator” is, here, a homophone indicator. Little Y is a Dickens character. Add a K to her name and you get a ring.

  27. kraDen Re 2D Many thanks but how does “bills” relate to the answer?

    Sorry I meant 14D, not 11D. I can get “Sold…..on” but in between does not relate to “migrant one’s regularly”?

  28. Re 2D Loud implies homophone
    Re 14D Definition is “to perservere”
    sure of Answer but can’r fully justify it.
    pressed. 5,7-9
    convinced = 1-4.
    no idea how “by migrant one’s reguarly” gives 6

  29. Mike and KraDen,
    convinced by = 1-4
    5-9 are every second letter from mIgRaNt OnE’s, pressed (anagram)

  30. It seems like everyone’s coping? I hope so, and good to see if so. We are lucky ones to have cryptic crosswords in our lives in these isolating times. And ‘Trippers’ is a cachou (NOT an atch-oo!) on that cake :-)
    Came on this time to fill in gaps in my wordplay understanding for a handful and now got them from the foregoing, thank you all. Last one was 14d, and reinforced why I “love” DA; I wonder how long he had the 5,7-9/pressed misdirection sitting in his houseful of clues, waiting to pounce?

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