See Me Outside the NGV

There’s a radio tell-a-thon involving me and cryptics outside the NGV to promote the Melbourne Art Book Fair this Sunday at 10:30am.

Come on down to hear about how cryptics work. I’ll be explaining how cryptics work and having a jolly good time about it all. It’ll be far too basic for any of you here, but you might know people who’d like to learn more, and this might be where to start.

Here’s the blurb about the cryptic session of the radio show:

Settle in for an hour of cryptic crossword instruction live on air with Antonios Sarhanis, solver extraordinaire. Cryptic crosswords and instructions sheet provided!

Need one-on-one advice? Make a donation and take a question to our Tell-a-thon panel. They’ll be ready to tell you about clue types, solving strategies, and tips for beginners. Any and all crossword conundrums welcome!

One thought on “See Me Outside the NGV

  1. Hi AS
    I attended your NGV session a couple of years ago and, as a beginner, found it very helpful.
    I haven’t quite got to the DA level but am improving as I solve more cryptics.

    Could you please explain a clue from a recent cryptic in another paper which has got me completely stumped.

    “Never branched out? – Haven’t a clue” I know the answer is “Swaggered” but for the life of me I can’t see why. It is really bugging me.

    Kind Regards


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