DA Confusion for the 13th of March, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s glorious DA.

20 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 13th of March, 2020

  1. Have only four, possibly five, in SW corner. If my ‘big vegetarian’ is correct, I can only relate first three letters to clue, but it fits my acrosses. Puzzled!

  2. @ Arthur. The big vegetarian is my last one to parse. The only way I can make sense of it is an abbreviation for spot at 4,5,8.

  3. Sorry, spelt it wrongly, had ‘big’ in the wordplay. Spot is not an abbreviation.

  4. Struggling pretty much all over at the moment. Any hints for either 2d or 30a in particular would be helpful, I think.

    I enjoyed 14d, though. Arthur, if your first three fit, then I suspect you’re on the right track. I take the rest to be a slightly odd, 2-letter word for “to satisfy” nested inside a 5-letter word for “spot”

  5. Typically, moments after posting it all came tumbling out. Still a couple to go, but I think I’ve broken its back now. Some great, fun clues today! 26a probably gave me the biggest chuckle so far

  6. Thank you Gayle and Luke. It certainly is the only leaf-muncher that fits. I only have about a dozen or so at this stage. Just saw 22A, obvious really, but held me up.

  7. All out and all understood. I’d add 10a to those already mentioned as my favourites for the day. Happy solving all!

  8. All done.
    Got held up with 3D and 14D.
    I agree with Luke on 14d. I had spot as a two letter word and couldn’t sort out the rest. That answer makes sense.

    I did like 10a and 26a.

    FOI 1d
    LOI 14d

  9. All out in decent time today. FOI 29A or 16A (I forget!), LOI 5D. Good starters might be 24D, 25D, 29A, 6D, 20A.

    Happy solving all!

  10. Yes, that was fun. Like others, I thought 26A was a classic. First in was 20A, last in 3D (which I think DA used before, not long back).

    I felt 30A was weirdly spelled, but I was wrong according to Google’s Ngram server (which I recommend for such purposes) when I tried it out against the alternatives.

    Would appreciate the gen on 18A.

  11. I’m puzzled – I bought the Age today, it has 48 pages and not one of them has any of the cartoons or puzzles! For those of you happily doing DA, what page is it on?

  12. Don’t know about The Age but in the SMH it’s on the last page of The Shortlist (page 7).

    I struggled a bit today. FOI 27D. LOI 18A (it took me a long time to get the wordplay). AG find a 5 letter word for slowly, kick the tail and it sounds like (in the air) Inclined.

    Favourites 10A and 26A.

    Also found it hard to get on this website today.

  13. Ah, bellissimo, Tim C, thanks. I too had some server-response issues from the site.

  14. Mary, in The Age on Fridays the puzzles page is usually (and is today) at the back of the EG section.

  15. Stuck on 1d and 9a/28a. I’m assuming the latter requires some local knowledge?

    Gentle hints much appreciated.


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