DA Confusion for the 10th of January, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s 2020 DA.

33 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 10th of January, 2020

  1. Good morning all,
    Looks all is back to normal, including a difficult DA.
    Struggled this morning, but got there in the end, I didn’t give up!
    Good starts 3d, 9a, 12a, 16a and 18d.
    Last in for me was the Spoonerism, I think I have a mental block with them!
    Happy solving.

  2. Good morning Andy. I have but three so far, 3D FOI, 21 & 25A, which leaves very few choices of last word of 2D, but I’m pretty sure both are right.

  3. After nearly an hour, only eight solved. Might abandon this week’s before I get cranky.

    See you all next week.

  4. FOI 16A, LOI 22A – it and 21A were new to me. Good starters 24A, 12A, 26A.

    Timing thrown out because the SMH iPad app had a login problem this morning so had to do half of the crossie on paper, half on the app.

  5. 1D /14d was LOI from cross letters. Any help with the wordplay?
    I only see a definition in the clue?

  6. I didn’t notice at the time, Smactuary, but yes – not much that’s cryptic there apart from the wry note in the first word.

    8A and 21A new to me. FOI 19A, LOI 21A (thanks, Google). 16A is neat.

  7. I am struggling here with only 6 in. I would really like some help with 23d and 17a because they seem fairly essential.

  8. Hi Sandy,

    For 23D Changing sides is a trick DA has used a few times. Definition is the last word. A starting point would be a 4 letter word for ruckus.

    For 17a. Definition is first word. Don’t know gives 1-4 and I don’t at heart gives 5-7.

  9. FOI 3D. 11A, 26A, 23D which for me were the easy starts. LOI 6D (and very satisfying wordplay). 22A was new on me. A bit of a challenge.

  10. All in, would like help with the wordplay on 25a. Don’t understand where the silly packages fit in.

  11. AdrianW

    Read the clue as ‘against/ so called silly/ packages

    Hope this helps.

  12. 25a. Homophone for silly surrounds (packages) a single letter for against.

  13. Adrian W @ 2.19 – 25A – So-called indicates a homophone of silly which packages against!
    I started slowly but finished it in a tick under an hour, first time I’ve managed that since 1 May.

  14. Finally all out. Had a real struggle with this one today.

    FOI 11a
    LOI 13a.

    Hadn’t heard of 21a before. Got it from the wordplay.

  15. Struggling today after a very late start. However if 26A is a European airline I think I have the answer but no idea of wordplay.
    Also is the definition of 19A the first word?

  16. GeoffD
    26a is a European airline
    My reading is
    “Landed” = 1-4
    Classically “others” = 5-8

    19a the answer is the first word.

    Happy to be corrected.

  17. That was a challenge! I like DA’s penchant for contemporary phrases, but so many in the down clues with not a lot of scaffolding. The end result was a lot of fun. Had two goes at this today.
    Agree Margaret@ 5:39
    I went haywire after getting the author in 22 across and then, without fully justifying her first name at 13 across, but enough to go by, put it in and threw me right out.

  18. Yay! I can come here again safely. I haven’t even tried for a long time, and I’ve missed it.

  19. Hi everyone… I finally completed this one late last night after being stuck with only the western side done… 17 across finally clicked and everything else followed. But I can’t work out how the clue to 23 down works. I can see that the last word is the clue, but the rest of it? If anyone can help that would be great… I don’t want to die wondering.

  20. Kathy,
    “Ruckus” over = word for ruckus read upwards.
    Changing sides = “r” to “l”.
    Work = answer.

    I got the Eastern side first and stuck on the West.

  21. Thanks Smactuary, back at 1.22 yesterday. Attention to my family meant I wasn’t able to give serious attention until this morning. Finally got it out with lots of aids. Was put of a lot on 17a looking for a word whose last three letters were the heart of “I don’t”, rather than “I” and the heart of “don’t”.

  22. Struggle for me yesterday.

    Can anyone point me to where the puzzle is on the subscriber log in (new subscriber)…and is there an app such as ‘across lite’ that I used to use back when it was free?
    Any help much appreciated

  23. I’ve been at this crossword since 8am yesterday morning and I’ve still only got 3 answers. At the same time, my partner has successfully given birth to my first child. I think that says something about the relative difficulties….

  24. Olbert,
    Congratulations on the safe delivery of your baby. This week was very difficult but I would still give your partner the edge here. It took me a long time to get past 3 solved this week. I would say “keep at it” but you, probably, have more important things to do.

  25. SB @ 8:46 yesterday. You said you were safely back. Hope you haven’t suffered in the fires.
    Olbert@2:32. Happy news about your first born. Love your comment about the ‘relative difficulties’. I’ve been through a couple of operations and others have been through cancer treatment and adversity, but Trippers kept us going..

  26. If anyone’s still out there, there’s a DA and LR double whammy in Monday 13th’s SMH. Both pretty special.

  27. Thanks Gayle. Found the Omega a bit patchy, with lots of weird answers used to fill the gaps between the theme words. Then two of the highlights were wrong and there’s a mistake with the Little Women clue. The LR was ok but couldn’t really see the point of it.

  28. Yep, shame about the editing in the highlights. And LR’s thing about youknowwho not my thing either, Stig. But I did think it was a pretty good LR. One of his more challenging ones.

  29. Thank you Margaret! Just saw this as it went to my junk mail. But now I will not die wondering – much appreciated!!

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