DA Confusion for the 1st of November, 2019

Have your confusions sorted out for this new month’s DA.

44 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 1st of November, 2019

  1. Didn’t find this too difficult today. FOIs were 10a, 9d, 14a, 3d and 25a.
    All understood.
    Good luck.

  2. Just four so far for me, Andy, 10A, 13D,16D, 22A. Nothing else standing out at the moment.

  3. FOI 1D. LOI 19D (I’m still debating with myself about the wordplay). Favourite was 25A. Good starts are 1D, 5D, 9D, 10A. 23A was a new one for me.
    Glad I had the 8D to finish today.

  4. Some tough ones today, requirng a good 7a. My first one in was 10a, easy starters 5d, 9d. Favourites 25a, 6d, 15a, 16d. I expanded my vocab with 4d & 23a.

  5. Yes, about par on this one. FOI 24D, LOI 14A. Good starters perhaps are 18A, 9D, 5D.

  6. Yes all out here too. Like Margaret, puzzling over wordplay for some. Like Tim C, 23A was completely new to me. Thought of a similar word with a different starting letter, but that through me on 20D.

    10A: FOI, then 1D. Loved 15A!

  7. 13d is an old joke…..15a took me a long time: I thought the answer would never show up!

  8. I found this one pretty tough. I’m still not sure how “eccentric staff sign” relates to 14A or how the first letter of 19D is derived from “work off top”

  9. Jack for 14a, think music. For 19d, think of a cryptic crossword favourite two-letter expression for “work” — it has musical connections too.

  10. Thanks Geoff M. I thought 14A may have something to do with music, but my knowledge in that area is non-existent. As for 19D, The only 2-letter expression that come to mind is the one used with computer technology.

  11. Geoff M,
    That was my take on 14a as well, it was the one I was struggling with until I thought music. 15a was a cracker.

  12. Paul, 9d is an anagram of “the city maps”. Definition is “caring”.

  13. After several weeks holiday with no DA puzzles I’m clearly out of practice. Just two answers so far. I have an answer to 10A but don’t understand the Harvard reference. None of the suggested easy starts are helping. 21A might help. Any hints?
    Disappointed that the site still plagued by redirects.
    Where is Celia?

  14. Welcome back GeoffD !

    10: def is first word of clue. The next 3 words give letter 4, dividing the ‘divisive senator’ in the Aus parliament.

    21A: double def; 1st word for one then 2/3 words for the other. Both quite elliptical; ‘sweep’ is in the sense of ‘scope’ rather than anything to do with brooms :) . The pilot is one you might find in a kitchen appliance.

  15. AndrewT,
    I agree with what you said but there is also a set of mountains called Pilot ***** in Utah. Might be a tad obscure but I’m not entirely happy with pilot in the kitchen either.

  16. GeoffD,
    10a – Practical – Tip from Harvard divides divisive senator.
    5d is reasonably straight forward. – venerated song.
    18 a – last century – look for the anagram.
    21a – think of sweeping as more of a distance.

  17. Still wondering where Celia is. I loved 4d especially the clever misdirection of classical – I was thinking of something like Ferrari.

  18. I’m also wondering about Celia, I hope she is OK.

    There were some quite clever clues today.

  19. Geoff D I’m the same, I’ve been away 8 weeks and am well out of practice.
    I’m having another go in front of gardening Australia.
    I have only 9 clues so far…
    Any clues for 15a?
    I wish Celia would reappear

  20. Thank you all for your help. You’ve given me some new starting points.

  21. Melmel,
    15a is the name of a play. The use of “stand up” is very clever in this case. Think of various definitions of the term.

  22. Having seen the answers today I’d be grateful if someone could explain the wordplay on a few:
    8d 1-5 the rest is ok

  23. 8D 1-5. Think homophone of 4 letter word for sport (as a verb)
    22A day is 2-4 & 5-8 is a 3LA (acronym) for a type of duty
    2D. Think I know answer, but can’t fully parse (so any hints gratefully accepted) I think def’n is last word &flag gives letters4-7
    14A see above. Definition is first 4 words
    24D first two word clue 1st letter. Definition last two words
    15A. Pretty sure there is a clue or two above. The whole clue defines the answer

  24. Thanks heaps LJ
    8d understood
    22a same
    2d none the wiser I’m afraid
    14 word play not getting at all
    24d now get first letter not the rest
    15 still out on last word
    Any extra help appreciated!

  25. Paul,
    2d – think of a type of port (although I think of it more as a pad) for. 1-3,8. Flag is 4-7. Answer is capital. You need to this a little left field for both the words as they aren’t obvious. This was my last answer.
    14 a – answer “crook with fine hands”. First word “eccentric” second word “staff sign”, think music.
    24d – “essentially chimp”, centre of chimp, points = 2-4, think compass. watering hole as a slang term
    15 a – a very famous play. The point is he never turns up, hence the “stand up”.

  26. 24 D. Points are compass points
    15A the whole clue is the definition
    14A I think eccentric clues the first word. And the second word is a musical thing clued by last two words.
    2D. I don’t get. Sorry

  27. Don’t know why I struggled so yesterday; had a fresh look today and as often happens after a sleep, my brain solved the remaining clues for me. I initially entered an erroneous neologism for 23a which stymied me on the easy 20d clue for an embarrassingly long time! Thanks Kenneth for the clever hint for 15a ;) Much appreciated <3

  28. Palindromeda,
    That is how I always do these. Do some walk away, come back. I think the brain needs to refresh and change perspective. I say d’oh a lot doing cross words.

  29. I have the answer for 15A but still struggling for why it is correct. I get that the whole clue gives the answer, but isn’t there supposed to be *two* clues? I don’t get the cryptic clue?
    Thanks for any tips.

  30. Debbi,
    I don’t think there has to be two clues, per say. The cryptic part is the misdirection on stand up. In this case it is a “stand up” show because Godot never turns up. My take on it, anyway.

  31. Hi all. I haven’t posted in ages.
    LJ, re 22a what is the definition? Swimwear?

    And to bring me up to speed, what is FOI and LOI?

  32. Robskee, FOI is first one in, and LOI is last one in (last clue completed)

  33. Robskee,
    The definition for for 22a is “in”. The word play is a day duty.

  34. Hello there Trippers, due to a trip of my own (Europe (!!) ) I lack 21971, 21989 and 22001- some of which seem from these pages to have been truly challenging!

    If anyone has grids they could email to me I’d be extremely grateful- can’t find them online anywhere…

  35. Thanks Debbie, thanks Margaret.

    AlandSal, I can email you those grids. You can reach me at my name at gmailDOTcom

  36. Debbi,
    15ac is what is known as a ‘cryptic definition’. There is no second component, or wordplay, as such. The clue type is based on the given definition misleading you to think in an area quite different to the actual answer. It’s not used often as they should be very clever, otherwise it’s just a normal definition.
    One nice example I found was : Breathtaking passage beneath a bridge (7) being NOSTRIL.

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