DA Confusion for the 20th of September, 2019

Get your confusions sorted out before the prelim finals. Carn the Tigers!

74 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 20th of September, 2019

  1. All done, but only have 19 of the 21! A bit tricky to start off. FOI 22A, LOI 18D.
    I have a feeling that I’ve seen this gimmick before, but not as many in one puzzle.
    Good luck.

  2. Only three thus far, I find the word in 13D clue very offensive. 22A, 26a, 18D easy.

  3. Arthur C, in the same vein, I once knew someone who’d never call anyone an “old sod” for similar (but biblical) reasons!

    I have a few out, haven’t twigged the gimmick yet. Is 18D a place name?

  4. Celia – 18D – no, I do not think so in the way you mean – thought it is a place / thing.

  5. Thanks Ray, sorted it. DA less devious there than I thought, read “allowed” as a homophone for a homophone and came up with a Sydney suburb 😕

    Damn spam redirects still here too 😡

  6. Credit to the early Trippers for getting this out. I’m having enough trouble with the non gimmicky ones which I thought might give me a lead into the 21, but not as yet. My FOI was also 22A then others in the southern third of the grid. Will ponder Ray’s hint above.

  7. DA is really losing the plot with cryptic crosswords, these “gimmicked” ones are downright stupid. At least Monday to Thursday editions give you a chance to solve their crosswords. This one today relies on a gimmick, at least give us a hint of the so called gimmick.

  8. HINT – 1A is gimmicked. Defn is “double”.
    Maybe that will be a start.

    And in truth, it is a very clever gimmick, and would take a lot to design, IMHO.

  9. Ray it probably is a good gimmick, but at least asterisk the 21 clues that contain the gimmick, maybe that could help the not so clever solvers of DA’s so called cryptic crosswords.

  10. Thirteen to go, only a faqint inkling of the theme as yet. Oops, make that twelve, just saw 7D. So, must press on. Sorry if my comment above (0734) bothered anyone.

  11. I’m with Terry. After last week’s breezy effort, I’m staring at a fairly blank grid. At least the Mon-Thurs are consistent with their difficulty levels.

  12. There’s no doubt this is a much more difficult puzzle than even ‘normal’ DAs. Even with the gimmick revealed, it still takes some doing. I wrote a lot of marginalia.
    One clue has two cryptic elements that result in the answer so the definition is not clearly expressed. A bit of a hiccough in a pretty solid puzzle.

  13. Wow! Really enjoyed that one!
    Don’t understand definition of 13 A (I’m assuming it’s gimmicked) or wordplay of 8 down other than the last letter. And even if 13 A is themed, I still have only 20. Is 8 D themed?

  14. Julienne –
    13A is gimmicked. It is also the one I think Neanderthal says:
    “One clue has two cryptic elements that result in the answer so the definition is not clearly expressed”.
    “Disheartened” is the key word.
    8D is themed. Use that to get construct of wordplay.

  15. Aah! So I didn’t understand the last letter of 8 D! Thanks Ray – the penny now has dropped for both answers.

  16. Julian: Use your gimmick to find the letter which answers to “essentially” and then combine with “argue” and “a” to form the seven letter answer for “feral revolutionary”.


  17. Hi Julian,
    feral is an anagrind. Without giving too much away ‘essentially’ is the key

  18. Julian; I should have said the definition was “revolutionary”. As Smactuary has pointed out “feral” is the anagrind.

  19. I must have been anaesthetised but suddenly my NW corner answers make sense. The penny has dropped. Thought the revolutionary was obvious though but just couldn’t parse it until now, Very clever DA, but frustrating until the gimmick is discovered. How do I love DA crosswords? Let me count the ways …

  20. FOI 19A, 27A ,20D. Got the theme early on but have still struggled today. Still missing one wordplay and only count 20 themed clues (although the missing wordplay is probably one).

  21. hi guys, haven’t been on for a while because of the spam. Have that I can access blog sans spam on a computer as opposed to phone. This one is a doozy – just figured out the gimmick- I think he’s used this gimmick before?

  22. Managed to get this one out having no idea what the “gimmick” was. Will be interested to see the answers tomorrow!

  23. I have an answer to each clue, but still can’t work out the gimmick. Could some-one provide an answer tomorrow, please.

  24. Will do Ann, if I remember, but in the meantime try reading the whole of the clue using words. ;) 1A is a good start.

  25. Evennwith itb all filled in (and cheating to get last few), I still have not a clue on what the gimmick is. I thought I had seen something earlier, but if 7,8D are included,, I am no further advanced.

  26. Hello ArthurC

    I’m like you and a lot of others – completely clueless but completely correct.

    Pity about the Cats

  27. Thanks to the hint from Tim C yesterday the penny dropped when I read 1A out loud for the tenth time! For anyone not there yet, try doing the same with 16, 17 and 19…!

    I have all answers now and only 20 special clues so far, so 1 to go…!

    I agree with Ray, setting this one is quite an achievement !

  28. Had to come here to get a hint about the gimmick but now I’m all out and parsed except wordplay for 26a.

    Also don’t get the hint above about the definition for 13a.

    Would appreciate a subtle hint or two. Thanks.

  29. Jason L – 26A. New = 1. Then an unusual meaning of ‘pots’ – something associated with middle age in men. Then ‘fail to open’.

  30. Jason L for 13a it is a disheartened gimmick which gives a 4 letter word for the definition

  31. To be more explicit (spoiler alert) now it’s Saturday, and for those who may still not get the gimmick, include the number as part of the clue.

  32. Tim C, you could put spoilers in the report space and a pointer to their existence there here. Next time maybe?

  33. My 21st is now found at 23D, one I had missed.

    Help with wordplay on 24A and 18D would be appreciated thanks anyone…!

  34. Robin, 18d is one of the few I’ve got! 1-4 are an archaic term for a reddish pigment, 5-7 are a word for allowed, giving a word for a mere.

    8d – if I’m right, I’ve got near and the gimmick in this exotic fruit, but I can’t account for the missing H? What does pulling mulch mean?

  35. Thanks, Mud, I have 8D. Try pulling mulch back …!

    Thanks for 18D!

    Any thoughts on 24A?

  36. RobinH, 24 hours briefly gives 1,2,5, adelaide gives 3,4 (yes I know).

    Mud, pulling means remove and mulch back is the “h”.

  37. Has anyone mentioned 14d? (Why are my sticking-points so often ones that nobody else seems to have a problem with?) I assume it’s a gimmick, and have the answer, but can’t see how it works.

  38. Not one of the 21, Mary. Vent gives 1, 2, 3, 9 and the rest should be easy from there!

  39. Thanks Tim C and that’s where I got to but still don’t get how 24 hours briefly becomes that! A blind spot I think.

  40. Thanks, Tim C and Robin H. I now don’t have 21 gimmicks. (I was trying to see where the rest of fourteen was, with six of its letters in the answer!)

  41. I prefer DAs sans theme, because often once the theme is cracked it’s a guessing game rather than having to work the clue, but I enjoyed this one because you still had to isolate the wordplay from the definition and then piece together the wordplay fragments. I thoroughly dislike the themed crosswords where DA elides certain letters or phrases from the wordplay, like the ow-and-ouch gimmick from earlier this year. I’ve been doing crosswords for 20 years and I’m a smart cookie (if not a very stable genius) so I like that there is at least one actually hard crossword each week in the Nine papers. Saturday is also good, Monday (both cruciverbalists) and Wednesday are fun if too easy, but Tuesday is dreadful and Thursday a disgrace.

  42. Hi all, long time reader, first time poster. I thought the theme was difficult but really enjoyable. If anyone could five a bit more explanation on 11a it would be greatly appreciated – a small hint was given earlier but I still haven’t got a clue!

  43. Like ArthurC I’m struggling with some of the gimmick clues, Understand the gimmick which is quite clever but can’t see how it applies to 11A,12A,13A, 27A,28A & 8D
    eg can’t see how 3,4 & 5 of 11A are derived
    It would be great to be enlightened when it is judged late enough for spoilers

  44. Have all the answers (looked up the last few) but still not totally sure about the gimmick. Can someone please explain it?

  45. In spite of earlier help yesterday I had trouble with 11A myself. However, having now twigged the gimmick, if you read the clue as “eleven, the Parisian folding, etc” the penny may drop…!

  46. IanS, 12A relates to the Beaufort Scale.
    13A is covered by others earlier.
    The gimmick doesn’t apply to 27A or 28A.
    In Clue eight, E, I, G and T are required to complete the answer.
    Hoping this helps…?

  47. John, for 11A the cryptic clue is that “the” in French is taken away from ELEVEN. This gives EVEN which is a synonym for the answer. I hope this helps.

  48. Solved and understand the gimmick but still trying to parse 13D. Any clues (or at this stage, direct solutions…!)

  49. James It is a themed clue with an anagram of 13 plus the NATO (RAF) letter that is pronounced as 17A.

  50. me three, Mike, giving credit where credit is due …
    I’d been scratching my bal d head wondering about that 1 2 😀

  51. I’m not convinced of the reasoning given here for 20a wordplay. Where is Poirot for the real chain of events.

  52. Sorry, I meant 24A . No one has explained that to my liking.
    And I’m with Neanderthal and Ray on 13A – the definition is contrived. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t like DAs work here. It was fun to do, but seems to stray from the accepted conventions.

  53. I think 24A is
    ’24 hours briefly’ -> Sunday, briefly -> SUN,
    Adelaide -> South Australia -> SA
    leaving us with a girl’s name.
    Not sure if the SA part is fair without any signal (unless DA is assuming we all fill in the answers in CAPITAL letters…..), but I can’t see another way to explain it.

  54. Oh, I see I’m just repeating TimC’s explanation. (I had searched ’24a’ and not found anything.) Consider my contribution the half-serious suggestion that it works if we assume answers are written in capital letters, then.

  55. Thanks Matt, I agree that your explanation appears the best fit. But it’s obvious that everybody including myself has really just done a ‘retrofit’. The girls name was a lay down misere once surroundings answers were in. If 24 hours = day then well and good. But if = Sunday, then it could also be 6 other possible days, or show day or birthday, etc. And does Melbourne = VIC? I guess my point is that whole clue doesn’t seem to stand on its own. Unless……Poirot

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