DA Confusion for the 13th of September, 2019

Still confused by this Friday the 13th DA? Have things sorted out right here.

36 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 13th of September, 2019

  1. I found this DA straightforward.
    NW corner was in and completed very quick first. FOI 1d, 1a, 2d, 9a.
    Then the complete LHS followed, then SE corner and finally NE corner.
    LOI 16a.

    Good luck.

  2. All out. Agree with AndyW NW corner the place to start.

    Would appreciate help parsing 18d.
    Presumably reviewed privates gives 1-3 although not sure how 4-7 is parsed.

  3. Smactuary – 18D – I read that 4,5,6,7 comes from first 4 letters for a 7 letter word meaning dull.
    Other thoughts?

  4. Thanks Ray.
    I guessed that would be the wordplay but was looking for 5 letter words for dull.

  5. About average time for me, I got stuck on the NE corner – no crossers at all for a while there.

    FOI 1D, LOI 13D. Good starters included 1A, 27A, 18D, 2D.

    I liked to nod to the sainted 11A !

  6. Top half all done, fruitless searching through lists of Australian actresses, 98% of which were unknown to me. So, how do I find this person?

  7. FOI 2D. LOI 11A. Favourite 23D (boys are easily amused). Does anyone else think there is one too many ‘g’s in the wordplay for 11A?

  8. Tim C, re 11a: The butter is not the first four letters. The butter over is the first three letters

  9. Like everyone, I found this the easiest fir a long time. I actually checked to make sure the letters said DA.
    But i still am not sure about the two three letter clues. I have a biscuit in 3D, but and it is the middle three letters of a five letter word for what you do in the oven turned up. Is that what it is meant to be?
    As for 26d, I can’t make any sense of it, even with two of the three letters. Any hints?

  10. All out. FOI 1a and LOI 16a, mostly because I had an alternate for 6d for a while. Not too bad. I agree with Ray on 18d.

  11. SandyM, that 3 letter “butter over” is in Chambers as a definition.

    Re 3D, it’s a 4 letter word for oven with the last letter removed and turned up.

  12. Hi Sandy

    Oven gives a four letter word.
    Which is inadequate and turned up

  13. Thanks Tim C and Smactuary, I hadn’t heard of that oven.
    Tim C, I am sure Chambers would have a three letter word for something that butts.

  14. Nice to have an easier time today but I feel unhappy about the choice of “dinner” in 15D and “wardrobe” in 22D as both are in effect collective nouns (maybe there is a better term).”Dish” and “costume” would have been better IMHO.

  15. I see the answer to 24 A but can someone explain its relation to “brown syndicate”?

  16. Hi all,

    Relative newbie here – 23yo trying to nut this out alongside my mother! Got answers for all, with some help from your descriptions but can’t parse 21A,16A, 17A. Any help would be appreciated. Personal fave was 14A.

    Thanks :)

  17. Angus
    For 16a definition is missing mark. Speaker is a homophone indicator for a word meaning incentive

    17A take a 5 letter word for chaotic and uncover it which houses ‘answer’

    21a to quash gives 1-2 and 12-14 of the answer and puzzle gives 3-6, irritant gives 7-11

  18. Angus –
    23 across. First two words definition. “Quash” letters 1,2, 12,13,14. “Stifling” is a container clue. “Puzzle” letters 3 – 6. “Irritant” letters 7 – 11.
    16 across. “Speaker’s” indicates a homophone say the answer out loud.
    17 across – “uncovered chaotic” take the first letter off a synonym for chaotic. “Housing” is a container indicator for N abbreviation of answer. Definition is “thesis”

  19. Smactuary, Julienne –

    Thank you both! Got them now, will consider that the first notch of ‘semi-completed’ DAs on my belt. Fingers crossed nothing *too* difficult next week as well…

  20. I have to agree this was the first DA in a long time that I solved quickly and without consulting DA trippers. FOI 1d LOI 5d
    Liked 2d and 18d was misdirected with 11a for a while thinking cook was an anagram indicator rather than the definition.

    Like some contributors in recent weeks had a virus scare when trying to login to DA trippers today when I couldn’t find my regular Thursday email and accessed site via the web, I think it was an attempt by Macafee to sell me scan software.

  21. Wee Willie Winnie ran through the town.
    Upstairs, downstairs in his dressing gown.

    Not nightgown (Friday 13/9/19 Quick Crossword – 1 across).

    Although I’m 51 and often forget where I’ve parked my car, I can still faithfully remember my nursery rhymes.

    Keep up the great work !

  22. Lara Gallagher – are you sure? My reference says as follows –

    The original text of 1841 in Scots, and a paraphrased version for English-language readers (from 1844) are below:

    Wee Willie Winkie rins through the toon,
    Up stairs an’ doon stairs in his nicht-gown,
    Tirlin’ at the window, crying at the lock,
    “Are the weans in their bed, for it’s now ten o’clock?”

    Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town,
    Up stairs and down stairs in his night-gown,
    Tapping at the window, crying at the lock,
    Are the children in their bed, for it’s past ten o’clock?

  23. In spite of all help above I am still unsure of 15D’s wordplay please?!

    Also 25A if possible but it’ll be one I see as soon as I post I’m thinking!

  24. 15d. First three letters dinner is a type of **** boycotted by one letter (a). My understanding is that the remaining letters are the name of a hero in a movie.
    25a. First two letters a sport. 3,4 sides of bind. 567 another word for have.

  25. Very good and thank you, Netty.

    I had a fixation that the movie hero was 1-3 !

    25A of course, should have got that one!

  26. How does 6D work, please? It looks like “trick” provides 1-3 and “meeting place” provides 4-11? So “…but for one” provides the definition?? (My understanding of the use of ellipses is just to provide ‘grammar’ across the linked clues and there is no definition / wordplay link, Or have I got that wrong?)

  27. johnno2, ‘but’ is given as an example of a conjunction and so the first three words of the clue make the definition…!

  28. If you’re still there, Robin, thanks! Another “D’oh!” results; I have a collection?

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