DA Confusion for the 23rd of August, 2019

Get your DA Confusions sorted out while I fumble with Japanese and Okinawan in Naha, Okinawa.

51 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 23rd of August, 2019

  1. Normal service has been resumed (after last week’s nightmare, from which I bailed out). Only halfway through at this early stage (after ten minutes), but finding it very enjoyable. My first one in was 12a, but there are plenty of other easy starters — 25a/9a, 4d, 6d, 17d.

    16d and 27a brought a smile to my face.

  2. All out, all understood, fave clues 18A for its beaut red herring, 1D for its beaut definition – “alabaster quarry”, indeed!!! – and 4D for its alliterative &lit.edness!

    As Geoff M says, plenty of easy starters … my first half doz … 10A, 25A/9A, 17D, 6D, 27A, 5D …
    … and last … 22D, 18A, 15D, 26A, 19D/7D, and 13A (d’oh!).

    Happy ? easy solving everyone!

  3. Busy morning, apothecary then ALDI. FOI of course 12A, which gives 11D. Only two or three others at this stage though. Fiddling with 18A.

  4. re 4d : if it’s &lit, how does ‘person to’ contribute to the wordplay ? Only ‘plant plea for reviewing’ is the wordplay.
    &lit . . . . the whole clue is both wordplay and definition.

  5. All done, and good fun today. I hope DA never gets out of the wrong side of the bed again, like last week! I’d have finished today’s a little more quickly if I hadn’t initially put “spider” (a US children’s magazine, I believe?) for 20d.

  6. Neanderthal, I never claimed 4D was an &lit. that’s why the “-edness” tailpiece. But the whole clue is the definition, is it not?, so we’re halfway there at least! Any other learned opinions out there feel like contributing their 2¢ worth?

  7. Glad you all found it so easy, I struggled today for some reason.

    FOI 12A, LOI 24A. Good starters include 8D, 4D, 6D, 17D, 16D, 21A, 26A.

    Fav was probably 25a.

  8. Thanks Geoff! Turns out due to bad spelling I had the wrong first letter, hence my confusion.

  9. A relief after last week. I liked 14A and 22D.

    I may have missed something, but don’t see ‘pound’ in 6D. I also found ‘spot job’ in 15D pretty obscure.

    On the whole it was 16D.

  10. Tim C, 15D uses DA’s trick of occasional usages. Spot of (say) chilli on your taco; and 6-9 of work.

    6D: pound as in spices, an uncommon English regionalism. Apparently.

  11. Celia, there is no such thing as an almost &lit: it either is or it isn’t. However, some setters use the term semi-&lit, referring to a clue where something extra is added to the wordplay to form a definition that makes up the whole clue, as is done here. Not all setters use this clue-type as there’s no indication to the solver of what’s happening and all only becomes clear in hindsight. Notice the clue ends with a “?”, not an “!”, which is the convention for &lits.

    David Stickley
    The Stickler

  12. The Stickler (well named!)
    You’re Saturday, aren’t you? I enjoy your puzzles, but I never said 4D was an &lit, though its definition was the whole clue. As for the !” or “?”, I often wonder why those are there, and neither seem to enjoy kosher usage regarding signposting an &lit. – or otherwise. Thanks for the info though. “Semi-&lit. I like!

  13. Thanks AG. I got the two meanings, but just thought they were too obscure, but then it is DA!

    In 6D, that word is defined as a snuffbox in Chambers (very good on Scottish words), but not the action of pounding.

  14. PMc … the railway’s where the gondolas should be, in … (1-2,5-8). Anyone with a better explanation, feel free to elucidate …

  15. PMc: 16D: Def is the last word of clue. Take a place famous for word 3 of clue and insert an abbreviation for word 1 of clue as letters 2-3 init.

  16. Celia,
    I’m not in The Age or SMH on a Saturday, but you will find me in The Australian Financial Review (since 1996). My website has 270 free cryptics written in The Times style (without the Englishisms) with clue help and written solutions. Many crossword groups and those learning how to solve cryptics in U3A around the country download and use these.

    David Stickley
    The Stickler

  17. PMc – 16D – to put “Trains” where “gondolas” are. So put ?? (2 letters for Trains) in ??????

  18. Tim C – for what it is worth, from Collins:
    3. verb
    If you pulverize something, you make it into a powder by crushing it.
    Using a pestle and mortar, pulverise the bran to a coarse powder. [VERB noun]
    The fries are made from pellets of pulverised potato. [VERB-ed]
    Synonyms: crush, POUND, grind, mill

  19. This is certainly better than last week.
    But I haven’t found 12A as obvious most others seem to have. Any hints please?
    (Had difficulty accessing the site again for about an hour this afternoon)

  20. GeoffD, check your cross letters for 12A, it’s so obvious if all those are correct. Defn is the last two words. “Frozen recycled” gives 4,3,2,1.

  21. On and off since lunch. Enjoying.
    FOI (I found a good starter) was 10A I thought. Yet to finish NE & SW corners

  22. Thank you Celia. As I sometimes do, I’d wrongly identified the definition!

  23. Moose, for 27a. Definition is “fair”. Start with a six-letter word for “obsession”.

  24. Is anyone else getting redirects when they visit this website? Seems to be ‘deloplen’ ads in particular, then lottery wins etc. I’ve tried a range of phones and laptops and computers, my own and others, so it would appear to be malware on this website rather than on my devices.
    Have a good weekend.

  25. Yep, Clare McGrath. Been bugging this site for a few weeks. Makes posting painful when needing to fight the redirects. If clicking on “reply” in the email post if I immediately then click “open in Chrome” (my preferred browser) it becomes easier to kill the popups or redirect pages almost immediately they appear. They’re a damn nuisance, wish someone would do something about them!

  26. @Celia, David Stickley,, erstwhile Telegraph setter who was unceremoniously DepoSed, but a great intro to me to cryptic solving, is not the same as DS (David Sutton) on Saturdays in Farifax. There’s a history there, if anyone wants to look them up. Why the Stickler was dropped, and why DA was on Saturdays, and then relegated to Fridays. With the Stickler I think they got a robot replacement.. With DA and DS, some of it was (then) Victorian and NSW publication times. And some of it was the prize, a Macquarie dictionary which is no longer on offer. (Wish I’d done it while I could have.) David Sutton is a bit of an enigma. He seems to be quite happy to compile without needing feedback (Australian Crossword Club DEEF :-)

  27. Gayle, I got that! Initially confused. Won three or four Big Macs (and five Oz Oxfords all up I think from the Oz’s Sunday Times on print)

  28. I love The Stickler’s puzzles – they are challenging but doable with a bit of persistence. I also thought the DS puzzle on saturdays was him.

  29. Hi Clare. Yes I’ve been experiencing the same redirect problems as you and others.

  30. Agree. Appreciate the Stickler and DS.. But i have to say, not being able to do DA for a long time, I really enjoyed today’s, despite being sleep-deprived and miles from home. Very clever, do-able, fun, and interesting surfaces.

  31. Just started getting the redirect problems today for the first time. If they persist I won’t come back. Meanwhile, I’d like some gentle hints for 1D and 19/7D. That should help me with my other missing answers.
    I very much enjoyed 4A, 18A and 16D

  32. All done. Better than last week.

    1d – think of alabaster as a colour. Quarry as prey.

    19d/7d – French writer. Happy to expand if you want more.

  33. Wordplay for 3,4,5,6,7,8 in 2D please? is it a word, missing something [ first letter? ‘R’? ] that could be a synonym of 11D?
    Could someone elucidate a bit more on the link between “pound” and 1,2,3,4 of 6D, please? They appear to have ‘tobacco’ in common [ of the naughty kind in 1,2,3,4 ;-) ] but not quite synonymously.
    For my education, does 14A qualify as an &lit?
    Re redirects, I started getting one last week, too. Mine appears to be to a movie [ nothing I’ve done to prompt it! ;-) ] Manageable, but do they just go away eventually?
    My Big Mac is from Letters & Numbers. Everyone got one; I wouldn’t have been able to win one at the DA crossword level! (though I did win a much more modest dictionary in Canberra Times crosswording decades ago)

  34. Thanks Margaret. All done and dusted after posting :)
    Still getting those redirects. Hope it’s not a virus.

  35. Johnno2, for 2d, think of a seven-letter synonym for 11d and remove its first letter.

    I won’t offer an opinion on &lits — look at the trouble Celia got intol

  36. … and for your “pound” query, see AG’s post from 11:49 yesterday.

  37. Thanks, Geoff. I presume it IS ‘R’ then, per my post? ? to their synonymity – Big Mac and Thesaurus.com don’t link them… But maybe we can say there’s synonym-edness or semi-synonymity or they’re synonym-ish?? (I was on Celia’s – and Ray’s – side, you see: even ‘Himself’ doesn’t mind an occasional “-ish” in or from clueing, including last week, I think?)
    Saw AG’s post but couldn’t find more on the spices/regionality angle (except maybe multi-spiced mulled wine, which one of our local cafes welcomes winter with – mmm…). The tobacco angle was best I could come up with. Tim C’s 1:40 yesterday was in this realm, too. Just curious for anything more.

  38. Yes, johnno, re the “r”, as per your previous post. I agree it’s a fairly loose synonym. I guess we need to be a little — um — flexible?!

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