DA Confusion for the 9th of August, 2019

Have your confusions sorted for this week’s DA extravaganza.

38 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 9th of August, 2019

  1. I found this puzzle straightforward and I managed to complete it quickly.
    FOI 2d, 9a, 1a
    LOI 8d, 21d
    Liked 8d, 6d and 3d
    Have a good day.

  2. At first glance it looked totally impossible. Then after getting 1A and 9A it just fell out

  3. Only three so far, was Definitely Apprehensive, but the found 7D, 11A and 5D.

  4. Trying to decipher the crossword art of DA. Got excited after getting 1A. 1 hour later still only solved the 1 clue.

  5. Quickest ever DA for me — I thought perhaps it wasn’t Friday! Half an hour, less the time it takes to make a cheese omelette.

    First one in 1a, favourites 12a, 11a, 22a. Still puzzled over the wordplay in 6d, 17d & 21d, but no doubt they’ll hit me soon.

    This site appeared quickly today — hopefully last week’s issue’s been fixed …

  6. All out.
    All understood, except 6D seems to have something missing, I can’t quite get the sense of the clue.

    FOO 2D then 9A, 10A …
    LOO 16A preceded by 20A, 17D …

  7. Geoff M me too on 6D.

    For 17D first find a 6-letter synonym for “murky”.

    For 21D put your gumshoe on backwards!?


  8. Ciaran, for 2d find a word that means both the given words
    9a is an anagram apart from last 4 letters. Defn is 1st word

  9. Yep, figured out the wordplay for those three. Celia, for 6d, split “adrift” into two.

  10. Seems to be hijacked again … AAA argh! Using secure https prefix to URL seems to work okay but … ???

  11. All filled in, but need clarification on 14A and f I have correct 24A, my dictionary says ‘Medicine man’??? Maybe i have wrong answer there?

  12. Arthur C 14/15A involves a word split.
    24A that would be one synonym of its original meaning!


  13. We can’t justify our answers to 5d, 24a – pretty sure we found the cereal in 5d and the right wingers of the bolshevik era in 24a, but can’t figure out the wordplay for the remaining letters in either…

  14. All done. Had trouble with spelling for 8d, but knew what I was aiming for.

    FOI 3D LOI 8D.

  15. Scratch that, we finished 5d with the help of a local attorney. 24a still giving us hell.

  16. Boonta,
    1-2 are right wing of Bolshevik era
    3-5 are pursue, shortened
    6 – a

    I’ve heard the expression “big “.

  17. Boonta DAtrippers
    24A – so as you say “right wingers” gives 1,2. “briefly pursue” gives 3,4,5 (4 letter word, 1 short).
    6 – obvious.
    hope helps

  18. Making good progress thanks to this forum. 10 answers down. I have an answer for 4D but not sure if it’s correct or if so how it makes sense.

  19. Ciaran L — took us a while but once we fanned some things out we had the answer locked in!

  20. It’s good to be grappling with DA again after a lay-off. Even better as he has eased me back in with one of his less DamnedAbstruse puzzles. All out and accounted for except 20a, which has me completely stumped.

  21. FOI 2D quickly followed by a few others, so I even checked the initials at the top left to check that DA had swapped a day again. The rest was pretty staightforward. LOI 8D. Favourite was 6D (adrift brought a smile to the face when the penny dropped) and also 20A, 19D and 21D.

  22. Thanks all for inspiring me to keep going and Celia for the essential gumshoe (21D.
    But where do the last three letters of 23A come from? European language(s)?

  23. Mike, the European articles in 23A are at 1-2, 3-5, and the fake news follows them!

  24. Mike the last three letters of 23A are fake news.

    Agree it was one of hus easier ones

  25. Quick start like some others, but then nothing for quite a time, then steadily got there.
    I haven’t got the wordplay for 11a though.
    I can see the answer is first two words, but how does the rest work?

  26. Phil, “question from Show” gives letter 1, “audience” is the balance. Cheers!

  27. Finished after 2 sessions (8hrs) an easier DA for me.
    FOI. 1A. LOI. 8D
    Re 8D quite clever but wonder if there was a typo, “s” missing from authors ?

  28. Just realised letters 1 – 5 synonym, letters 5 – 9 author

    However letters 1 – 5 spells an author and the rafter is an author also. A sort of symmetry methinks !!

  29. IanS 8D 1-5 is a homophone of a synonym for “superior”, 6-9 is an author, yes the”rafter” is also an author but only one author was involved in the wordplay. Stop overthinking, you’ll solve the cryptics a lot faster.

  30. The ‘homophone’ for 8D 1-5 is a bit suspect for me, which is why it was my LOI. Not the best of clues IMO. Georgette’s father during WW2 changed the pronunciation (Hi Ur) to “hair” so they wouldn’t be mistaken for Germans. I’ve always pronounced it as Hay Ur.

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