DA Confusion for the 19th of July, 2019

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

51 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 19th of July, 2019

  1. Wow! Where is everybody?
    Already some faves … 1A, 3D, 10A … and a ❓[big question mark] over 25A … has DA fluffed the anagram? Seems to be one too many i’s and one too few e’s.

  2. Hmmm we dont have 25a as an anagram….although we dont yet have 23d/16d or 21d so probably safe to ignore us :-).

  3. Is anyone there?
    I’m finding it difficult today, only 4d and 11a so far
    Off to tennis I think…

  4. In response to “Where is everybody?” and “Is anyone there?”, I confess that in winter I seldom rise before 8, and by the time I’ve had breakfast, perambulated and abluted, DA usually is begun late morning.

    Just sayin’ …

  5. Ex Fairfax, under new management, “today’s paper” seems to arrive five minutes before delivery of the print edition, so the early bird cruciverbalists sleep in instead, perhaps?

    Just sayin’ … #2

  6. Really struggled with this one, nearly double my normal time. Couldn’t be anything to do with the big night we had last night, of course …. I had more trouble with the 3 letter answers than many of the longer ones.

    FOI 1A, LOI 29A. Good starters I thought were 18A, 22A, 19A, 5D (needed google help with the spelling on this one though), 4D, 16D.

  7. Looked hopeless at first, finally a few came through, still only six, but I thought 25A a perfect clue, Celia. But a long long way to go,.

  8. Spooner might say it’s a stit of a blinker. All out longer than usual. Faves 1a & 19 a

  9. All done. I got the bottom half first then worked my way up. 8d would have to be the hardest clue I’ve seen in a while — unless I’m missing something. It was my last one in, and wouldn’t have been possible without all the cross clues. 12a was first. All wordplays understood (which doesn’t often happen). No real favourites today. 11a is not a word I’d use, and not to mean this.

    So that’s why you haven’t been joining us till later, Celia!

  10. FOI 1D, closely followed by 1A. LOI 21D. Favourites 18A (great clue) and 29A (for the entendre).
    2D/15D was an unfamiliar phrase and the word for pebble in 24A was also unfamiliar. The definition in 3D was the usual DA dodgy.

    Fairly 17D today

  11. Geoff M, no I try to get most of it out of the way before signing in.

    Finally solved all …
    FOO 27A/23D
    LOO 8D … in hindsight, easier than it appeared to be at first.

    Loved the possibly misdirecting definitions in 3D, 8D, 19A, & 20D

    Faves Across 1, 10, 14, 19, 29
    Faves Down 3, 6, 20

    Happy solving ?

  12. Didn’t like it today…need more coffee. All out but need help parsing:

  13. scalpd
    5D “picked up” indicates homophone
    13D the “old car component” is at 4-6, balance is anagram.
    19A alternative definition of “lower” is used here, suggest you check dictionary for verb “low”. Very clever clue!

  14. Hi all, never commented here and have only today come back to attempting DA after a years break. I must be rusty. For 6d i have p-t-t—. I have an anwer in mind for 15a but can’t parse it. Any hints?

  15. Greg, 6D involves reversing the two clue components, “notices” and “end”.
    15A involves a double nesting, the “point”at letter 5, and the “produce” at 1-3, 10, 11. The “jabber” is what’s left.

  16. Greg … you’re right, accidentally incorrectly absorbed the definition … ?

  17. Thanks Celia, ah, that jabber… as for 6d i must have seen that clued similarly a dozen times.

  18. My worst effort ever. Two hours of pondering and not a single answer!! I have ideas for 1D and 19A but can’t make the wordplay fit. Help!!

  19. 1D: def is first word of clue. “As” clues letters 1-3, “nourished” letters 4, 6, 7, with “feast’s entree” giving letter 5.

    19A: def is first three words of clue (a tricky meaning of ‘lower’ is employed). “Left oddly” gives letters 3,4 and ‘around” letters 1,2, moved in front.

    Others you might find useful, GeoffD:
    27A is an anagram, “dancing’ being the anagrind.

    1A also an anagram, ‘broadcast’ being the anagrind.

  20. Thanks AndrewT. It seems my answers to 1D and 19A were correct though I still don’t see how ‘as’ gives the first three letters of 1D.

  21. Thanks Tim C. Latin is one of the many subjects about which I know nothing!

  22. Totally stuck on 13, 1a, 10
    Any assistance gratefully received…

    Thanks for all the previous assistance everyone, I found it heavy going today

  23. Melanie, re 10a …

    “Brown comically left out” refers to letters 1-4 & 10-11. “Prettier” corresponds to letters 5-9.

    1a is an anagram of qadorkmeu.

    13d: the definition is “old”. 4-6 are the car part. “Wheels” is one of Mr Astle’s less orthodox qnagrinds!

    Btw Celia, it turns out that a single dot in Morse code represents the letter ‘e’, hence
    dot e!

  25. Can I ask DA to stop use oxygen as a synonym for that three letter word? It just ain’t. Sorry to nitpick.

  26. This site is not DA’s, PeterW. He has a website! Also Twitter @dontattempt

  27. I can’t parse 6A
    I see writer gives letters 3-5
    But can’t see how letters 1&2 arise do they come from words 1&2 or just 1st word ?

  28. For the life of me I cannot understand the wordplay behind 1A. Can anyone help me see the light?

  29. Thanks Geoff M

    Hi KS,
    Definiton for 1A is the last word the word play is an anagram whose letters are compiled from the 2 letters in first “word” (ie ignore symbol) plus letters in 2nd word add letters in 4th word and finally a homophone of you. Rearrange these letters to obtain a group who calls it members friends and are known as the “letters 1-6 of the answer and letters 7-9 replace the usual 7th letter “s”
    I hope that’s not to cryptic. this is my first try at providing advice.

  30. Had trouble with this week’s. As a retired maths teacher I’m a bit ashamed it took me so long to get 3D. Have still got 29A to get, and for the life of me can’t think what it is. If anyone is still our there, hints please??

  31. It’s a cricket term, Viv. Your grid should be L×G|×L×N× E, where “×” is a letter in the answer.

  32. Hi Viv – think of a 4-letter word meaning “drive on”, and put a bishop inside it – answer is what food does when it’s left for too long. Sorry I can’t quote the original clue, but completed it on the day and now don’t have a copy in front of me – just remember the structure and something about a bishop.

  33. And yes, Alice set me right – I miscounted. It is a cricket term – a type of shot, off the edge of the bat – with a double entendre implied by its literal meaning.

  34. If anyone’s still around, I got this slightly off-beat one out ok, but still can’t see where the middle “e” of 25 across comes from. Trainee gives INTERN and film gives CINE. What am I missing?

  35. R and R,
    in·terne (ĭn′tûrn′, ĭn-tûrn′)
    n. & v.
    Variant of intern.
    Hope that helps. :-)

  36. An extremely challenging crossword. Very enjoyable and finally very satisfying.

  37. Thanks benadem.
    Your 5:31 comment is quite apposite for this week’s crossword!

  38. Hi trippers, I came across the answers to this particular one July 26 without seeing the clues and decided to do my own. Sent to a few friends who dabble and they could hardly get any. It’s not DA by any stretch but wondering if anyone is interested in having a go if I post it?

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